I am coming to you after the whole day of work, few phone calls and just before I am about to embark on a rather short night of sleep. For the later reason I will keep my intro brief.

Viktor Frankl, who I do tend to quote a lot said that in order to be happy the life has to have a meaning, whatever it may be… at the moment I really do feel like I might have just rediscovered mine and it makes me happy… I know we have just crossed the year one threshold of this whole pandemic, but still the life carries on. The time didn’t stop, even if at some point it felt like it did. The clock keeps ticking and the days and months in the calendar keep scrolling past. What doesn’t change though is that even if it doesn’t feel like it, but we are in control of ourselves and our future. Circumstances are just obstacles which are meant to be overtaken. Sometimes it is a small slow car in the motorway and sometimes it is a huge lorry which doesn’t let you see the road clearly. But at the end of the day it is up to us to get on the clear path… Anyway, with this deep driving metaphor of life I will leave you today.. 

Hugs and kisses from yours truly (still not driving and not even practicing, due to the lockdown)


Monday. A very good start of the week. The location was beautiful, castle like. Days like these make me reconfirm how much I enjoy this work. If it wouldn’t be for it, I would have no business being here and it really did feel special. The sunshine, the green fields and semi pointy rooftops. I only had two of the cast today and they did amazingly well. Continuity on point, petty much, they forgot just enough of their lines for me to remind them and feel useful, but not to overwhelming and inconsistent, so I’d have to be making tons of notes. The guys did good. Also we had a military boot camp for a bunch of guys who will be going with us to Morocco. It was fun to watch them too, when I had a little break. On our drive home we stopped for petrol at one of the fancy M&S petrol stations and I filled up a tank for the first time in my life. Also we got two scratch cards and won 12 pounds. It resulted in us reinvesting into another 12 scratch cards and so we scratched and reinvested while the shop ran out of 1 pound cards. It was a lot of fun and we ended up walking away with 11 pounds anyway. Now it will be our new tradition – scratch cards, every time we have to refill the car.

Tuesday. Airfield day. VFX and so on. Slow for me as there are literally 3 lines in todays scenes, but a lot of various puzzle piece elements to make it look like the plane was really flying. Pretty cool, but slow. Well, actually, at the end of the day it wasn’t slow at all, the sun came out and the day was pretty nice and new camera set ups came quickly. Had some good laughs with my colleagues today, completed the most important parts of the callsheet and arrived home to my amazon packages. So instead of buying a new iPad I decided to renew my keyboard and to change the screen protector. Doing it after work in half dark room was a bit intense, but glad I got it done. Off to pop some sleeping pills, put some eyedrops and spray my bed with Levander mist. Ah adulting!

Wednesday. Another day pretending that we are in the desert. This time around we didn’t take a wrong exit on the motorway so got to work with a nice amount of time to spear. Starting to like having some quiet time before all the regular busyness. 

Thursday. Showered and in bed after a long, yet exciting day at work. We had pretty much all of the main cast in today as well as around 20 background and 10 bare arms guys, who will be going to Morocco with us for continuity. It was a lot to handle, but I enjoyed today. To be honest, I have been enjoying every day so far on this job and I couldn’t be happier. It’s such a polar opposite of my experience in Manchester. Also it took me completely by surprise and now I know, not to be making any judgments before hand, since I was so wrong. Oh also, we ended today with the shot of the plane flying into the sunset. As I was watching my monitors, I thought.. wau.. I am actually watching a plane do circles in the sky for us to film for a tv show. I have never filmed anything like that before. Blessed is too weak of a word. Anyway. That is me for today. Love and peace!

Friday. Big day at work which concluded one of the biggest weeks not just on this job, but on any job for me ever. Pretty exciting. Also the British weather caught up with us and it was pouring down the rainforest type of shower and yes I of course did not bring my waterproof trousers today. Mental note, not to do that again, because concentrating on all the continuity is so much harder when your ass is all wet. Anyway, we still managed to get few beautiful shots of fighter planes flying into the sunset and we felt victorious. Also something pretty crazy happened… So you know how I mentioned filming in the airfield and stuff, so the place also had a plane parked up which was not used on our production. Well, one of the riggers who was moving a green screen for us, somehow managed to hit one of the parked up planes and literally took the whole tail of the plane off. When I first heard the news I could not believe it, but well shockingly it is exactly what it looked like. I do not even want to imagine what producers are feeling right now. Crazy crazy crazy!

Saturday. I had a lay in and went off to meet my LA friend for a walk in London. We had a very nice time exploring Notting Hill, not the walk I had planned for us, but actually it ended up being so much better as we were both seeing things together for the first time. Also the amount of people on the street said nothing about the pandemic being around and I know I should be reasonable and responsible, but damn it felt so good to feel a bit normal again. We ended up coming back to my hotel and having mimosas and brainstorming various creative ideas. It has been so long I had someone to do that with. It was so so so nice.

Sunday. I pretty much spent the day in bed rewatching how “I met your mother” feeling all sorts of inspired and romantic. Life feels full of creative possibilities, dreams and hope. I am going to bed excited. I haven’t felt this way in a while and love to all is what I want to wish on everyone right now. Besitos!


  • Tubing mascara, courtesy of my amazon delivery. Loving it! Especially when wearing a mask all day, no more smudges and panda eyes!
  • Filming the planes!
  • Work, film industry and creative ideas!
  • Inspiring friends, walks and my rekindled love for London.

Cheers with a glass full of creative elephant!