Hello friends!

Hope all is well with you!

As for me.. same old same, kinda. Work is going well. I resettled in London and it is kinda nice. Sort of in a comfortable routine at the moment.

Had a rather inspiring weekend and would like to keep it going. Who know maybe I’ll finally do something of my own and not just write about it.

A bit tired and under exercised. I miss pilates! But at least my Keto is on point again and I could not feel better. Carbs are definitely my killers.

Should really check some news as I hear rumours that the next wave of Covid is hitting Europe again. Hope that’s not true, but then again, I am a little too afraid to check and find out that it is true. Blissful ignorance. Don’t judge me.

Love to you all!


Monday. After a good weekend, a good start of the day. A bit tired, but overall, good. Today was dubbed as a “Magic Monday” due to the amount of work we had to do and the additional hour of overtime we had scheduled. We still didn’t manage to achieve everything from our call sheet, but you know what. At least what we are filming looks good. And it was so much fun! I literally spent good few hours by the stage watching performers dance and the band play. It’s as close to being at a concert as I will get any time soon I am sure. Our job does have its perks. Blessed to the max.

Tuesday. Today was day 7 of the shoot. It feels like we have been on the job for so much longer. This industry has a magical effect on time morphing. The job can feel like the whole lifetime and literally like a blink of an eye too. Tomorrow is our last day at this location and we will be going back to London. Pretty excited about that!

Wednesday. Checked out of the premier inn home with a non existent Wifi. Back to London! 

Thursday. Today our base was just next to the Hyde Park. One of the few most Central London locations out of this whole London shoot. Funny, but actually if you film in London, you technically are never there. It is just way too expensive. In other news my friend colleague and I have rented a car to travel to work together. This gives me proper vibes for my future driving. Cannot wait for the driving schools to open up again!

Friday. Work work work. Kinda tired, not gonna lie. Also having a bit of insomnia issues. Concentrating on details, props and dialogues is a bit hard on few hours of sleep I can tell you. But in the end we did it and I was super happy about the prospect of a weekend. However a week a go when I wasn’t so tired I have promised this producer friend to help out with a pick up day shoot on Saturday, so it isn’t really a weekend for me yet.

Saturday. My call time was at 11 am so technically I had a lay in. Also production agreed to sort out my transport, which meant I could take a taxi to work and save tons of time. Yay. The shoot went very well and was pretty fun. New faces new people, all that. Also after almost 4 years I saw my LA friend again. After the wrap we spent the night chatting about life, numbers, circles and some creative brainstorming. Good night which ended at 6 am of Sunday morning. Wilde haha.

Sunday. So for most part I spent the day sleeping and recovering from the longest week. Happy though. Life is kinda good and days are just flying by! Crazy! It’s been a month already!


  • Work work work. 
  • Spring and everything it may bring.
  • Reunions and inspiring conversations.
  • Beautiful shooting locations.
  • Fun people around me.
  • My new London home aka my self isolation hotel.
  • Roadtrips to work.

Cheers with a glass of inspired elephant!