Hello Friends!

It is Sunday and my post is ready? What?? How can this be, I am on time? 

Well actually I haven’t left my room much this weekend so I suppose that is part of the reason. Also I am just so eager to start the new week, finish it, start the next one, finish it and see if I am going to Morocco or not. Yes it is that close. I can feel it like a sea breeze!

So earlier in a week as I was prepping before going out onto the battle field of a set for the night, someone has left the aircon on the fan mode blasting the warm air and I swear when I was sitting there with my eyes closed and my nose pointed towards the warm gush of air coming from that machine I felt like I was almost there. Almost.

OK, so in other news my sister is getting better, physically that is, after few trips to ER and a lot of drugs. My mom was there for her and so was our Lithuanian health system, it ain’t bad and also it’s free, for most part. It put my mind at ease knowing she is ok and the rest I can cope with.

Hope you all are doing well!

Hugs and kisses from the UK.

P.S. some of the photos here I have taken a week before, but did not have any soul energy left to edit before.


Monday. Today we were shooting the continuity scene which followed from the interior we did last week and now is taking place in he garden. The garden which is supposed to be in Cairo aka warm place. Obviously actors and sas are dressed for the summery evening in their flowey dresses and suits. It could not have been further from the truth though. It is a very very cold night here tonight. My saving grace is a hot water bottle. Sadly for the cast they were also made to suck on ice cubes to help with the visible vaporous breath when they spoke. A bit extreme if you ask me, but such is this business, only glamorous on the red carpet. Anyway. At the end of the day or night more like it, we drove home in our frosty car, I put down the curtains on my massive window and made it look like night as the sun was already out and sat down in my bed. Next thing I knew it was 1pm. 

Tuesday. As I sit down to write it, I am not even sure if it is Tuesday. I had to check my Apple Watch just to be sure. Yes it is. Also it’s 7.15 pm and I have just started our night shift. Today’s location is at that airfield place where few weeks ago we destroyed a private plane. Hopefully no more accidents like that this time around. On our agenda today is another military raid. There are 4 of those in this episode alone and it is the second one. I am glad to find out today that visually it is also looking different than the ones we have done so far and it even has a cabin, where we will be able to hide from the cold. April is surprisingly chilly this year. Well! To infinity and beyond!

Wednesday. By this point in the week I have reached the zombie state. A rather positive zombie though, because somehow seeing other people reaching their last breath gave me energy to try and lift their spirits up. I am genuinely concerned about the safety of some of our crew who have to drive for almost 2 hours home from the nights of work life this. What is wrong with this industry in this country! Sweden makes it all perfectly doable with 8 hours of work a day… One can only dream or the dream is where it all begins. Would be nice to have some life and energy left after work.

Thursday. So today I have turned into a zombie. The long and cold night is just not doing it for me anymore. I got into a messaging argument with my Mexican friend and I could probably blame my tiredness for this one. Honestly my body was just loosing its will to live and my mind wasn’t that far behind. Yea work related depression is always lurking around the corner of tiredness. The helpful thing is that I know my apathy is due to being exhausted and few days of rest will do wonders. On a flip side I was extremely overtaken by joy when we wrapped for a week at 5.30 am on Friday morning.

Friday. I spent the whole day in bed. Booked few appointments for the next day, ate and slept.

Saturday. So I woke up rather early, feeling jet lagged, but slightly more alive. Went to get a facial done, because all those beauty places are open now and my face looks as if I am going through puberty again. Stress spots? It is a thing google tells me. Anyway after that I had a massage booked and perhaps I have a rather high expectations when it comes to those things, but it was ok, lets leave it there. I did a little stroll through the local park afterwards and tired to have a phone conversation with a friend and could barely make any decent sentences, because.. you guessed it, still tired and haven’t regained my gift of speech.

Sunday. Fast forward to today and I am much better. To the point that I am regretting arguing with the Mexican friend, but such is life one makes mistakes and has to own up to them. Also the new speaker I have ordered the night before has arrived and I can finally listen to some music! I have been battling with Alexa dot for the past couple of weeks trying to get it to work in the hotel room and long story short, I gave up and decided that smart speakers are not for me.


  • I made it through 2 weeks of night. That is the biggest highlight for sure.
  • My new speaker.
  • Family.

Cheers with a glass full of resilient elephant!