OK, so this double feature has been sitting and waiting to be uploaded for few days now, but finding the energy to do it was proving difficult.

At the moment of writing few things are clearer about my future, which were not in those past two weeks. So it seems that Morocco trip is happening after all. Still can’t quite believe it. As my agent likes to say, you are not on a job until you are in the breakfast queue.

In real life news, I have no idea what is happening in the world. We are still in the pandemic right? People are getting vaccinated in this country, other countries are shutting boarders again and UK seems to be reopening. Wonder how that will change while I will be out of Europe..

Love wise, I got nothing, I am on a shut down, rather bizarre feeling actually as I feel like I have no interest in any of this. Hopefully that will change. I am so looking forward to having some time to work on my own things and I do need feelings for that.

Well, ok, with the hope that you will read the whole post I am keeping the intro brief.

Love and strength to you all!


Monday. Super sunny and beautiful day. Huge change after those two weeks of darkness. I felt like a new woman today. Miracle of sleep. Also we got a bunch of new French actors today and the atmosphere was fun and lively. Also they are super professional. Happy.

Tuesday. It’s Tuesday right? I am not even sure all seems a bit of a blur. Today was a good day though. We finished this massive scene we started yesterday. It had it all, emotional conversation, playing live music, a little party, a fight, grief, stunts and some sfx for guns fired. Also I am loving the energy the new French cast brings in, such a nice balance with all the British guys. Good day for sure. Also to top it all off I received a fantastic service from this skin and laser beauty clinic which happens to sell the skin products which saved my face at the end of summer. I have run out of them around Christmas and struggled to find those products anywhere and honestly purely by chance I googled them today and found a local distributor who is literally 20 min drive from me. The lovely woman dropped them off at my hotel definitely way after hours and even gave me a little consultation. So so grateful!

Wednesday. Today is one of those days, when I think that my job is pretty cool. As I am sitting in front o my monitors in the dark studio everything is being set up. By everything  I mean a part of the military Dakota plane on this massive animatronic rig which will essentially shake the plane to mimic the flight and the turbulence. It is easy in this line of work to get wrapped up in all the tiredness and busyness of it all and stop appreciating the fact that what we actually do is entertainment as well as it is entertaining. Anyway so on this crazy day I am reminded of how bizarre yet fulfilling my day to day can be. Let’s keep this thought for next week, when once again we will be submerged into the cold, dark nights.

Thursday. 35 naked buts. 34 too many at one time for me to look at. BUT, on the positive note the studio was finally heated to my standard and I as even able to take my winter jacket off when shooting indoors. In the end, the day went well and by the end of it we set up in preparation for tomorrow. Ah also we have been having a lot of discussions about masculinity as we had a writer visiting who is working on a book about male sexuality, masculinity and British military. Very interesting. I was glad to hear that for most part my colleagues, who are mostly male agreed that there shouldn’t be jobs just for “men” or “women”. 

Friday. SO. There was a half way mini wrap party after work today. We were shown a teaser trailer of our show and had some bbq and drinks set up outside. It was sunny still after wrap and people didn’t wear masks. Funny but that made me feel like I did not know who half of our crew was. I am so used to seeing just the eyes and the top of the head. Crazy. 

Saturday. Shooting in London today. Sunny beautiful day and a 10 minute scene full of dialogues and one big ass monologue. I was tired, but pleased when the day was over. Also still no idea if we are going to Morocco.

Sunday. Day off in bed. Sleep sleep sleep.


Monday. Starting the last week. Also last daytime day in the airfield. Camera guys took my go pro to play around with it. Haven’t checked the photos yet, but I am hoping for some good behind the scenes. Will miss those guys. I got them a small water bottle each to remember me by. 

Tuesday. 3 nights left. First of the nights. Quarry instead of Moroccan desert. Yea good enough. No one’s gonna know.

Wednesday. Long cold and damp night.

Thursday. Night shoot. Last call. Last day of UK shoot.

Friday. We had few drinks in the early hours of Friday morning with few people from the team. Strange knowing that I won’t see those people again, maybe ever. In the afternoon on our drive back we did a little trip to Malmesbury. It was a perfect day in every aspect. The weather, the surroundings, the food and the company. See photos. I was just in awe of the UK as I didn’t expect to find such small charming town in this country. I really should explore this country more.

Saturday. Sleep sleep sleep. I feel so jet lagged. Mind and body is catching up with everything I have put it through. Also went to get a facial and sort out some supplies for Morocco. No idea if we are going, but better to be prepared.

Sunday. More sleep and a bit of junk food. Finally was able to catch up with my mom and sister on the phone, so happy for that!


  • End of UK shoot. Moving to Morocco for the next 2 and a half months.
  • Laundry. It brings me joy to finally be able to wash everything and reorganise my suitcases for the next chapter.
  • Facial supplies! 

Cheers with the ever changing glass of elephant!