OK, so I was super eager to post this. I know it is still part of the London diary, but guess what. I am no longer in London and have not been since Thursday. Actually In a way it feels much longer than only few days, but then again time is a weird concept.

So I just wanted to say my final farewells to the London diary for now and thank you those who stuck with me through what felt like a lot of downs and my rather sporadic writing. I promise to be better in the next chapter which is Morocco! My second time shooting here actually, so very excited to see if it’s gonna be the same, better or simply different.

First things I must note, that wifi is incredibly slow or non existent here at the edge of the dessert and for some reason WordPress is being blocked? I had to purchase a VPN subscription to be able to access my page. Crazy right?

Anyway, more on Morocco next week for now, big love from the desert.


Monday. Still no idea if we are going to Morocco. But production still organised for the crew to get tests done over the next couple of days. I went in today to get mine done and after that with few of the colleagues we had a pub lunch. For the first time in a long long time. I was underdressed for sure. Funny how for work outside I layer up in 4 different shells and carry a hot water bottle, but for the few ours outside I just wore my leather jacket and a hoodie. I was cold, but oh well. Can’t believe those might be my last days in London.

Tuesday. So we had a production meeting on zoom today and we were told that we are FLYING!! What, can’t believe it. Also so little time to get ready. I postponed buying warm weather clothes and things as I was 90% sure that we were not gonna go on Thursday. By Thursday, yes I mean this week Thursday, as in 2 days from now Thursday!!! So much to do!!!

Wednesday. So yesterday I repacked my suitcases and sent off a big bag of laundry for the overnight service. I have used them before and it takes about 24 hours to get it back. BUT. While I was shopping at Westfield for the few bits like sunglasses and sweatpants I got a message from the laundry that they won’t be able to deliver it today. Yes.. Not what I needed to hear at all in all the manic packing state. So that started a quest for my laundry. I won’t go into details as it was not pretty, but bottom line they promised to deliver it to the airport the next morning. Yes, airport, hopefully in time for my flight.

Thursday. Haze of everything. Bye bye Hyatt Place, taxi, Stansted airport, check ins, people people people, quest for the laundry bag, the flight which felt like a school trip, drinks with the actors on the plane, one of them throwing up, cause motion sickness. Heat! Desert! Literally middle of nowhere. Rooms with no wifi, welcome lunch at the hotel, production phones from the 90s aka Nokia 3310. I mean we had it all. Bottom line we made it and I passed out at 5pm after all this, my body just couldn’t take it anymore.

Friday. I woke up in Morocco. We are about an hour drive from Erfoud, which is on the boarder with Algeria. There is nothing outside our hotel, just dunes. Crazy! Ah yes my laundry bag is in London and will be put on the next prop truck setting off to us on Monday so I should get it in a week. At the moment I am still in a bit of disbelief. Also it was directors birthday today so we stayed out with few of the crew drinking complimentary red wine. It’s not cheap here I am telling you. A big bottle of water costs 2 pounds, same as beer, so yes, I’ll be taking any free stuff I can get here. Oh yes, I haven’t mentioned the best news yet. We only start filming in 2 weeks, so technically I have all this time off to prepare and relax. I cannot believe my luck, but also should be way more grateful. So yes, thank you film production gods!

Saturday. I spent the day by the pool. Can’t believe I am writing that. For the sunset we went to the dunes which are literally outside our hotel, it was a bit cloudy, but beautiful non the less. Will be doing that again for sure.

Sunday. I am finally catching up with all the sleep and better diet. It is nice to feel slightly more human again. As this week is coming to the close I am a bit overwhelmed. So much happened in such a short space of time and I have been neglecting some people in the process, so now that I am a bit more settled its time to deal with some real life stuff and not just work. To infinity and beyond!


  • Morocco!!
  • Stansted airport all to ourselves.
  • Private charter flight.
  • The warmth and the dunes.
  • Desert!
  • Pool, sun and the time off.
  • Sleep and a bit of exercise.

Cheers with the glass full of London elephant!