Hello friends!

So this post is a little bit of a lie as it has been sitting in my notes for almost a week. Honestly I do not know what to got in a way, tiredness, laziness or my mind hasn’t touched the surface of the land just yet.. Yea I am a little bit dramatic, but mostly because my past 6 months feel like a dream now. OK so, I wrote this few days ago and it should have been posted then. 


Welcome to Lithuania! I won’t be here for long, but non the less I am excited, I haven’t been back for a year pretty much.

At the moment of writing I am feeling tired and honestly all I want is a little nap. So will keep the intro short and sweet. 

The sun is shining outside my window, I just had a lovely call with a new potential work partner as well as my doctor just before that, so yea my mind is at ease. I am about to go horse riding, so I really do need to power nap. OK no time for nap, but all my love to you guys!

Hope you are all well wherever you are!



Monday. I am having weird dreams sleeping on the couch. I decided to book myself into a hotel from tomorrow, just to get some more personal space and actually do things instead of just sitting at home feeling tired. I do feel very tired though. Also still very weird, that my job has finished and eager to get back to work.. I have an addiction I think… In the evening my sister came over to drop off the keys to moms car she borrowed for her holiday with the bf. So me and my brother drove them back home and ended up having a bit of a cruse through town on the way back. It was very cool. I love spending time with my brother. This week is supposed to rain all the time.. I do kinda like it as I haven’t seen or felt rain in a long time, but ahhh, I want summer too!

Tuesday. Today I am moving back into the city. Sleeping on a couch is not for me, not in the long term that’s for sure. But, before I could leave we did some chores as a family together. It was basically unloading a bunch of chopped wood and storing it nicely in the garage. It is for the winter, to heat up the house as there is no central heating, it’s a proper country home. After that was done I packed and took a taxi to my new home, which is this slightly fancy hotel in the city and is literally the same building as my pilates studio. I am so looking forward to all the exercise, I cannot wait!! Also after I settled in I met up with my mom, her husband and my brother for a little shopping trip, to get my mom a new phone. That is our birthday present to mom. We spend so much time FaceTiming it’s about time she gets a decent phone to do it with. After all that we had a dinner and I went to meet up with my sister and her boyfriend one final time. I bumped into few people on the street while walking to see her and I love this city for that, it’s small enough to run into people, have a little chat and run off. Also it creates opportunities to be spontaneous!

Wednesday. So I had my first pilates class since Mexico. Ah it felt good, but also painful!! I spent the rest of the day organising things for the upcoming week, booking various appointments for the doctors, beauty things and activities. I have booked myself for a horse riding class tomorrow and I am so excited!! Eek! In the evening the friend who I bumped into last night invited me out for some cocktails. So we both dressed up and he came to pick me up from the hotel. That was rather sweet and he also got me some flowers. Basically he treated our friendly reunion as a date and it was kinda nice to be treated in a special way, but was also a bit strange, because we go back to so many years and our friendship has a lot of history. One of my closest girlfriends now was his girlfriend only two years ago. So yea, you get it why this is a bit awkward. Anyway, the evening was cute and just after midnight I left for my hotel. I love it here by the way. Was such good decision.

Thursday. Pilates at 9am. I couldn’t sleep at night, my body was so sore after yesterday! Todays session was also intense in a very good way. It was a group class so the pace felt so much faster. I like mixing it up with different instructors as they have very different styles and it just makes things more exciting. After the class I met up with my mom and brother for lunch at one of my favourite restaurants. I ate so much and took photos with my moms new iPhone, the quality is just something else in comparison to my old 5SE. Anyway.. After that they dropped me off at my first ever horse riding class and it was BOMB. I loved it and I am definitely doing it again. Also I am a bit proud as the instructor said she was surprised it was my first time on the horse. I told her it wasn’t, because remember I did that beach ride in Morocco few weeks ago, but she said it doesn’t count. So yea I was rather psyched. It is such a great work out and making that connection with a horse is so so nice as well. I am basically fulfilling my childhood dreams. It does feel very very good. In the evening I went to see my friend who suffered an injury on her thigh and is bed bound. We had some wine and cheese at her place watching the 2nd season of Too hot to handle. My guilty pleasure. They actually do show some great examples of avoidant vs anxious relationships and how this whole acting out works. Rather educational, so maybe I shouldn’t feel that guilty.

Friday. Beauty day which started with another 9am pilates class. I managed to fall over on a step on the way to the class and now have a massive bruise on my left knee. I joke that I am getting all the sympathy trauma to match my friends. The rest of the day was rather fancy actually, I went to get my eyebrows and eyelashes done, then I bought a dress for the wedding and my new favourite perfume. Went to get a haircut and got some nice loose leaf tea from my favourite store. Spent the late afternoon having the pimped up room service (I supplemented my chicken Cezar with some herring from the store I got yesterday, trying to go back to keto here) I finished watching too hot to handle and talked to my injured friend about love and money for the next 2 and a half hours. A very productive day. yes.

Saturday. Pilates at midday, so I had a lay in and I needed it. Afterwards I went for a massage, had a little stroll and then an early night in. Talked to my mama on the phone and did some writing. Taking it easy. 

Sunday. We had plans with my mom and grandpa, but it got canceled and I ended up having a little walk and then meeting up with my brother. We did few things for my sister, visited my grandmas grave and then drove across the country to this auto-moto park to check it out. My brother is very much into competitive drive these days, so it was pretty nice to see, since I don’t have much knowledge in it. SO yea the day was good, but I am tired! AH yes I also booked my flights to Italy next week.


  • Summer rain! The feel the smell. Love it.
  • Greenery! Lithuania is so so green, again. Love it!
  • Horse riding.
  • Walks. Unsupervised walks that is. No one is watching where I am going and what I am doing. Bliss.
  • All the beauty treatments and exercise. I feel clean and healthy now.

Cheers with a glass full of elephant at home.