Hi Guys!

Another week has gone and brought in some sunshine. Vilnius is beautiful in the summer months. Everything is so green and sparkly, kinda like the new manicure I had done today, only minus the green. I realised as I sat down to edit the photos for the last week that I haven’t taken many at all although I felt like I have done so much… well, I will catch up next week.

So, my mini holiday at home soon will come to an end and I will go off to film again. In a way I am looking forward to that a lot and I feel it is because I miss people I haven’t met yet. Strange concept I know, but I cannot explain this feeling. I did have some nice catch ups with my actual friends this week, I have spent time with my mama and brother, I did all the health tests and attended all of my exercise practices. I have been productive and you know I was thinking that last year before Christmas I wrote in my diary that all I really want for this year was to have readily available vaccines for everyone so we could start getting our lives back. My wish kinda did come true and now, although I am not yet vaccinated (not allowed, since I had Covid not long ago) I feel rather pleased about our travel opportunities at least in Europe. We had some political troubles here, because of that, I won’t go into details, but I think it is in human nature to question things and during the unprecedented times it is normal to have split opinions. Basically, if whatever is happening is giving yo anxiety and is stressing you out. Well it is a rather normal reaction to rather normal actions. Yea don’t follow me I am lost too, unless we go and get lost together.

OK. Love to you all guys. 

Ah, P.S. the theme of last week for me was: “take the first step, you don’t need to see the rest of the journey, just take the first step” Basically that’s me dropping knowledge on my already smart friends, but some things should be repeated. Like a vaccine. 


Monday. 8am Pilates. Shower and blood tests at the hospital. Pedicure appointment after. Quick stop at the shop to get myself a new toothbrush. Decided to switch from Braun to Philips. Let my teeth be an example. So far it feels much nicer. At 4.30pm had a climbing lesson booked. It was fun. I managed to reach the top of the wall at 11m. I am afraid of heights by the way, so I felt proud. After that I met up with an old school friend. We had a walk around town and talked about people we remember and what we do. It was nice and a bit odd at the same time. I have noticed that people seem to have some sort of idea of me based on my social media and whatever else and I wouldn’t say that they are intimidated by me, but they definitely act in a some sort of “presenting” way. Don’t know. And it wasn’t something specific he did, but I just had an off feeling about it all. Anyway, at the end of the day I told him that I never want to have children or settle down, so I think he won’t be texting me again.

Tuesday. 7.30am Pilates at the studio further away. I walked home which took me about an hour. I was feeling slightly down over the blood tests I had done yesterday. Also I think my body and mind is exhausted. I am not dealing with my separation from work anxiety that well it seems. I know that what I am doing with all those activities in a way is just a form of avoiding. A friend of mine last night told me that my horse riding lessons are equivalent to some men buying convertibles during the middle age crisis. Cloud be true, won’t argue with that. Anyway at noon I had a call with my doctor, who basically said that my body is in a starvation mode and needs minerals, salts and vitamins, because well I spent a lot of time in the desert and had Covid on top of that. Makes sense. After that I had a call with a new friend who might help me write, then at 3pm had a horse riding lesson and after that went to meet another friend who asked me if I could give her an interview about my work for her thesis. Busy day.

Wednesday. 8am Pilates. Quick shower and I went to for a sports massage. It was so painful, but I needed it. On my way there the taxi driver started chatting to me and for some reason he thought that just because I am a woman who exercises I should think that men who cry is a disgusting sight. So, yes I got in a full blown argument with him as he claimed to have read an article by some scientist who says that people only cry when they feel sorry for themselves. Basically according to him, crying is a choice of self pity. I mean people and their “scientific articles” these days. Honestly, check your sources and stop spreading information as a scientific fact if you are basing this on your own personal experience. Also just no. In the evening I went for a walk with my childhood friend and her dog. 

Thursday. 10am Pilates. Lunch with mama and horse riding lesson at 3pm. A bit of shopping with my mom and a long walk around the area to see all the building sites where we were looking at various flats to buy. It seems that they are building the whole new area so it might be a good time to buy. Let’s see. After mama left me around 10pm a friend who lives rather close by came over to the hotel and we had few drinks. Yes, I actually drank some alcohol. Oh well.

Friday. 10am pilates. Meeting with my brother to do some go karting. Now I am on my bed writing and my brother is having his quarter evaluation work meeting over zoom. I have this strange feeling like I am forgetting something. I’ve been living rather intense since coming back from Morocco, but this feeling that I must do something and I forgot about it just doesn’t leave me. Weird. 

Saturday. I went to a very spontaneous rather underground party last night. Got home around 7 am, woke up just after midday and rushed off to see my mom and grandpa. Honestly I was too tired to be social enough and kinda fell asleep on my moms couch. Next thing I knew it was Sunday. I had no intention to stay over but there you have it. My mom was super happy about it though and that’s what matters the most really. 

Sunday. I woke up on my moms couch, had breakfast with my brother. Well actually I made breakfast and it was the first time I used a kitchen since moving out from my temporary Manchester apartment. Wild right?? The rest of the day was hanging out in my childhood hood with my childhood friend. In the evening my brother drove me home and that’s always a fun activity.


  • Friends.
  • Facing fears.
  • Creative brainstorming.
  • Taking the very first step.
  • Upcoming job in Norway.
  • My friends wedding in Italy.
  • Unsupervised walks. We didn’t have that freedom while working away, everything had to be monitored.

Cheers with a glass of healthy elephant!