This is my last entry for Lithuania this time. Not sure when exactly and how long for I would be going back to Lithuania again this year.. Short and sweet. Also I have realised that I didn’t take many photos of back home at all. Weirdly, it seems that it was always grey and unphotogenic so I didn’t do much. A bit upset about that now… but I have discovered IG stories, so in a way that’s how I document it these days.

So guess where I am now! 




Norway. Well you should have known as I have mentioned it before, but yes anything can happen to jeopardise the plan, but this time it did not. Back to work I go, so there is hope that my diary entries will become a bit more exciting and involve my activities while earning money and not spending it. (I am very much in: “I want to buy a flat” mentality right now haha)

OK, so thank you for sticking out with me through my mini break, which well was a month, but feels like a week. Concept of time is crazy doing this type of work. Love to you all!

See you in Norway!


Monday. Still in Italy. Woke up early as I had to prepare for my zoom call with the Norwegian team at 10 am. They were late again, but it only gave me extra time. There was a lot to do, the script is pretty long. After the meeting I felt pretty excited to start shooting, but also I was so tired I just fell asleep, I think my flu is catching up with me again. Ah yes also I started looking into flats again and even sent out some inquiries. Might go and view few places once I am back in Vilnius. This wedding made me think of adult things again. 

Tuesday. Morning started with a beautiful stroll through the traveling market in Laveno in Italy. It is so beautiful there I just cannot. After we had a rather quick lunch with the Italian family and then drove to the airport and caught a flight back to Lithuania. It is so strange to be traveling for fun actually. Nice feeling. Got home to my hotel around 10 pm and was offered a room upgrade at the discounted price. I took it as I know I won’t be seeing much luxury for the next almost 2 months of being nowhere in Norway. So yea now my room has a very beautiful view of the capital. So so pretty, so so happy.

Wednesday. 9am Pilates. Went to view a flat around where I am currently staying. The building is still being built, but the flat I was shown was semi done. Pretty impressive, also my first time at a building site. So. I loved the view through the window and I cannot believe that I am actually considering making an offer. My brother and I drove around few other places today to look at other newly builds, but this one has really made an impression. I like the area and I love the view onto the street, its a very pretty street. It has been featured in my blogs in the past, because I used to walk from my pilates studio home via it. Never thought I could be living there one day. Anyway, so in the evening we went to moms house and I actually filled out the application with the bank. See what they say.

Thursday. 7.30am Pilates private class followed by Pilates group class. Went to view blueprints for this other flat project. Originally I liked this one the most, but now I realise that its location is a bit too family oriented than I want. I mentioned few too many times that I don’t want young families living around me, I wonder what that sales guy thought. At 3pm I had a horse riding lesson with my little friend Alisa. She said she missed me while I was away in Italy. That was very sweet. The lesson was good and I am finally learning to control and gallop with the horse more comfortably. Fun fun fun. In the evening I went for a meeting with two of my guy friends from uni. One of them has just finished directing his first tv series. So proud of him. Also it was really cool to be chatting about work again creatively. I really do like our industry and I love my film friends. They do make me feel a little bit more normal. Ah yes, I had a call from the bank about my application for the mortgage. They still need a bit more info, but I cannot believe I am actually considering buying property. I am an adult!

Friday. Wasn’t feeling 100% today again and decided to give my body a rest and skip pilates. Weirdly a lot of my friends have similar type of flu going. No it is not Covid, but it feels like everyone is a bit more susceptible to cold these days, I wonder can that be, due to the fact that we wore masks for over a year and our immune systems became less robust to simple things in the air? Does that make sense? Kinda like those groups of people who live so remote they don’t encounter viruses which are more common in dense areas and once they get out they they catch those viruses straight away. Anyway, that’s just me speculating. Today my brother helped me pack up my sisters bicycle to send it over to Spain. She was so happy when we told her, was worth every effort. I was so exhausted today I am surprised I managed to stay out of bed today at all.

Saturday. Day in bed. Was not feeling too good, so decided to do absolutely nothing, just eat and sleep. That was actually so great.

Sunday. Woke up early. Uni friend came over for tea in the morning, after that I unpacked and went off to do some laundry. Went to visit my mom, met up with another few friends for the goodbye drink, just minus the drink for me. I went back home and packed my clean clothes into the suitcases. Now it is super late and I should be sleeping, so NIGHT!


  • Breakfast in Italy, dinner in Lithuania. Flying for fun is great. Has been a while.
  • Italy! That area was so beautiful.
  • Looking at my first property. Maybe buying it. Mad.
  • Friends!
  • So in order for the bank to asses my financial situation I had to write a little essay describing what I do. After doing that I just though that was, it looks great on paper. Kinda fluffed my own tail, but started to feel a bit proud.
  • Family!
  • Being able to say that I’ll see everyone in a month. Last time I left for work I had no idea when I will be back and it took me a year. So now to know that my job will end in a month is actually exciting.

Cheers with the last Lithuanian glass of elephant!