Oh hello,

Late again, but what’s new. 

So this week for most part I was in Italy for my friends wedding. To my surprise wifi is not a thing there, hence why I couldn’t do my entry sooner.

A lot has happened this week, but the bottom line is, that I saw my childhood/teenhood friend get married and it is a wonderful yet pretty bizzare feeling. My adulthood seems to strike me as a surprise every time. I also noticed that for some time when someone would ask me about my brother (who I love very much as you know) I would say that he is a late bloomer and is only now going through the puberty, it’s a sort of joke of course, he is 28 and by puberty I mean that he seems like he is finally discovering how exciting the life can be. So anyway, that’s my brother and then it hit me, that perhaps I am just like him and my puberty has hit me late too. So in a way it is no surprise that I don’t feel old enough to be getting married.

Life is interesting like that, there is no blueprint of how things should be and that is my favourite thing about it. Regardless of what anyone might say, you never know. I did this cheesy fashion quiz the other day and I got my style description as edgy, that’s not important, but I liked the quote which went along side it, can’t remember the exact wording, but it meant that you shouldn’t copy or blend in, because you might actually be setting up the trend. You know that’s really not about the fashion for me, but the lifestyle. Why follow somebody else’s pattern if it doesn’t feel right.

OK enough of my existential thoughts. Hope you are all well and healthy!



Monday. 8am Pilates. 10.30am manicure. Quick stop for breakfast. Finally got the eggs Benedict I was dreaming about. 2.30pm laser capillaries removal from my face. Yea sounds painful, but was actually decent. I noticed that I keep saying these days that my job is not adding me any health and beauty. I think I should stop saying that before I actually believe it and turn into a dried up raisin.

Tuesday. 7.30am Pilates, nice long walk home, bit of research what to get my friend for her wedding and horse riding at 3pm. My riding buddy is this 9 year old girl Alisa. She will go a long way I think if she keeps it up. Her mom gave me a lift back to town after our class. I also think that her mom is about my age, kinda strange in this respect, cause I am friends with her 9 year old daughter?? Hmm… age is a strange concept.

Wednesday. Had a super restless night, woke up with a fever, canceled my horse riding and honestly thought that I will have to pass on my trip to Italy. BUT, I did a rapid Covid test to myself, which was negative, phew and then bought a load of vitamins and other medication to get me out of this fluey situation and after a long nap I woke up feeling better. Just finished filling out all the forms needed for the flight and Tadahh!. Im a little worried that I will be denied entry, just because I do not have a formal PCR negative test, but everywhere I looked it said that the letter of recovery is enough, so lets hope for the best. I got myself few doughnuts to help with my recovery, cannot wait to eat them..mmm.. Ah yes finally my contract with the Norwegian job has been approved. Yay! I am going to Norway!

Thursday. Woke early after a rather restless sleep and nightmares that my room service bill racked up to 20k euro. Not sure why the number was so specific, but well, I was not happy about it. Weird. Popped some pills finished packing and went to the airport. Made a friend while waiting in the line to check in. Also my suitcase was 8kg overweight, my packing skill were disastrous, I blame fever,  but luckily when all was reshuffled and paid up I passed the security met up with my new friend and we had a nice little moment before the flight. Everyone seemed so happy on the flight, it was beautiful to watch. We were met by my friend and her fiancé, also I ran into my friends mom and our party of 4 drove for another hour and a half to the house they were staying.

Friday. So as I was staying with my friend the bride I was helping her out or more like tagging along when she was doing her last minute preparations. Her fiancée is a very lovely and incredible calm man. A lot happened during the day it seems, but it was all ready in the end. His Italian family gave me and her mom the warmest welcome with food, A LOT of food and even though I don’t speak Italian through the sole energy of love and friendliness we understood each other just fine. It was really lovely.

Saturday. The wedding day started early! I had a coffee in the morning with the groom while the wife to be was getting her hair and make up done. Well the coffee didn’t take that long, but we had a little walk by the coast of the lake. By the way the location was fantastic! If I ever get married this might be the place. It’c called Ispra by the lake Maggiore in north west of Italy. It had everything I love, mountains, greenery, lake, cosy little towns and sunshine. Anyway so I was glad I had a chance to get to know my friends husband a little more and it was cute to see how he was getting seemingly more nervous before the wedding. Ah love is beautiful. Oh and the wedding was just like you would see in romantic movies. Food, music, Champagne. Ahh.. 

Sunday. Even though the wedding did not go into the early hours of Sunday, we slept in today. I was kinda tired, but I think it’s also my little flu and the whole Morocco experience still kicking me down. In the afternoon we went for the Italian family lunch. After we drove to the lake again and had a little dip. Oh yes there were few more people I have met at the wedding who I ended up hanging out. There was a couple who were my friends friends when she lived in the UK and another girl who I knew from when we were 16 back at school in Lithuania. Anyway so on Sunday evening we drove that friend back to Milan so she could get on a flight home next morning. I won’t be leaving Italy until Tuesday late afternoon. Oh and yes, I started working on the Norwegian job, so had a zoom call on Friday and will have one tomorrow, which I actually need to prepare for.


  • Italian wedding, the location, the atmosphere, the people, everything!!
  • Traveling for fun and not work.
  • Norwegian job confirmed.

Cheers with a glass of unmarried elephant!