Hello from the forests of Norway.

It’s a rather warm Monday morning here and since I was in no mental and physical state to edit last night my week 4 post comes today. Week 4, wau it has gone so quick, but also feels like it has been way more than that. 

So the week was very productive we have shot 65 minutes of the movie already and have about 35 more to go. It feels like everyone is a little bit more settled within themselves on set so things go smoother. I am definitely feeling so much better and no it is not just because I am taking morphine shots in the form of a cough syrup before bed. I have restarted my gratitude journal so overall I feel positive.

In real life news this week, I was recommended for a job in Finland for the end of October, same designer there as I have here on the job. Coincidence. Also a friend is a 1st AD on that, he is the one recommending me. Would be very nice to work with him again.

Oh yes, the biggest news is that my sister is pregnant again. So I will become an aunt after all.

Hope all is well with you! Stay healthy and sane.


Monday. New location. Pretty much by the side of the road, but still, mountains and fjords where ever you turn your head to. Today we were doing all the scenes with this one actress who arrived from Iceland few days ago just for this one day. She was super lovely and the very first thing she told me was that, her mother is a script supervisor so she has a personal attachment to my profession. That was very very sweet and not just because it was nice to know that she respects what I do, but also, that a fellow script supervisor had a daughter. OK so, after work I went to the shop and got a bunch of stuff, because I was hungry. Ended up making a chia pudding for the next day for desert. Excited about that and went to bed, oh yes took my morphine shot and then passed out. 

Tuesday. Woke up once again rested. The cough medicine really works like a switch on me. Which is an interesting change. I dreamt of buying flowers, then receiving some flowers when I was heavily pregnant. Felt happy though. Also today we had a massive change in our schedule due to extreme weather conditions. Apparently massive storm is due to hit this part of Norway these days and our all exterior wood cabin days had to be pushed for safety. I felt a little smug, because well, I have seen sand storms this year, would be very interesting to see some other type of storms too. We wrapped earlier today and I went to have a long and restful sleep and my homemade very keto chia pudding before that.

Wednesday. So, today a massive storm is supposed to hit this part of Norway where we are. We got greeted by gushes of strong winds and another beautiful sunrise. The last rays of sun for today I imagine. Also my new iPhone is meant to arrive today. I ordered the case for it only yesterday, because did not expect it to come so quickly. Oh well. Also I had another vivid dream, but this time it was less lovey and more filled with arguments of my friend saying that I am seducing her husband away from her. Followed by my mom telling me, that’s why I will never have girlfriends. That was pretty brutal, but also I know that the thing itself we dream about doesn’t mean it at all and that’s just the mind telling me something else, but taking what I know and feel to show an example.

Thursday. Is it Thursday already? I am glad in a way, as weeks are so long. My special cough syrup is helping me sleep, so for the past 2 nights I was getting 7+ hours of uninterrupted sleep. That’s some kind of record for me while working. Today we are shooting another domestic abuse scene and it is a little heavy on my mind. Imagine listening and watching that carefully all day long.. No wonder I need help with sleep. In other news my agent put me forward for the job in Hungary, November to June, that would be a long one and big one could be interesting, also never been to Hungary before.

Friday. We saw a double rainbow after work yesterday. I was so mesmerised I forgot to take a photo with my GoPro. Today we are supposed to wrap this one location we were at the whole week. I say supposed, because anything can happen, we have been adjusting our scenes and shooting exteriors inside due to sever storms. So as this emoji 🤷‍♀️ perfectly demonstrates.. Also I’ve been sleeping very well those past couple of days. The cough medicine helps with sleep for sure, but no so much with the actual coughing fits I tend to have. Oh yes also an article about the film we are shooting came out yesterday. It’s been a while I’ve done a film so felt a bit special.

Saturday. Many things happening today. The major one being that as of today 4pm, Norway is ending all its covid restrictions and is officially ending its pandemic. So happy for them. Also super crazy, but the future king of Norway with his wife came to visit our set today. Apparently they are close friends with my director here. So yea I met them too. After work the production organised a little party for everyone. We took a boat to another small island to go to the restaurant. It was such a nice change. There was a concert happening as well. It was so so cold, but people kept dancing and singing outside by the stage non the less. Apparently the hashtag for the day was ‘we are back’ Norway is celebrating.

Sunday. Lazy lazy day. Spoke to my family finally. My sister is pregnant again. This time one baby and seems that all will go well. Almost been 3 months. they had 4D scan and everything. Excited for her. Will have to start planing more time in Spain.


  • Norway and all the beautiful locations.
  • Crazy weather and rainbows.
  • Norwegian king to be visiting our set.
  • Becoming an aunty. 
  • Sleep, dreams and rest.

Cheers with a glass full of positively rested elephant!