This year I am in Norway. In the cabin in the woods to be more precise. Once again I am on a film set surrounded by people I didn’t know 3 weeks ago. Also it is a double birthday, it’s two of us this year on set. Never had that before, actually pretty nice to share the day.

But this post is not about that. I have looked through what I have written on my birthday last year and on the one before and one before that and I want to cringe. Every year it seems that I think that I finally have all the answers. So my biggest lesson this year is to finally embrace the fact that I don’t and it is ok. Also I think that I feel myself so much better, all the stuff they say about turning 30 and no longer caring what people think about you is so true. I think when I look back at myself in my 20s and now, I am more sure of myself and life seems so much easier it really is a joy to live it.

OK, but for the sake of keeping track, this is what I’ve done since turning 30:

Finished a job in Manchester, wrote about rejection and love. Traveled to Dubai, met up with my pen pal. Romance built on expectation. Back to the UK, then Morocco, surrounded by 40 horny men, joking of course, but there was a lot of reflecting on family, having children and settling down and what that means for me. A little work fling, which I have never done before. Travelling between work just for me, no more “boyfriends” I have to go and see. Sense of freedom and liberation.

The bottom line is, I have grown. As my favourite quote lately would say. All you need is one step. You don’t have to have a full plan or a staircase in front of you. You just need to take a step. One at a time.

Cheers with the glass full of elephant and birthday cake in my mouth.