So to be honest with you I have not been feeling perfectly well in my mental space the past week. All this limbo business is not for me. I like to know how long exactly I will be staying in certain places even if that is only for few days, but uncertainty is worse than constant change. Hence you will see the lack of usual photos.

Anyway, other that that I have arrived to my new work destination few days ago, which is Germany, so I shall see you in my German diary after this.

Few good things did come out of all this travel and limbo situation. I actually had my first solo city break holiday and now feel like I would like to do more of it. I kinda have a goal now to visit all the European capitals. Also I have registered for online therapy, like a real adult, who should talk through her feelings and anxiety instead of pushing it under the carpet. Thanks to my therapist I pushed myself to get a bit more control over my life for the things which I can in fact control, like my diet and exercise. Also now since I am in Germany I decided to practice some German on the Dualingo app, so that will be something new I can control, but more on that later I guess.

Overall Rome has been great and I would like to come back, preferably for a job. So who knows.

OK. Hugs and kisses to you all my online friends, hope you’re all healthy, loved and loving.


Monday. Extended my hotel till Friday. Hopefully this is when I am finally going to Berlin. Had an interview for the job in Thailand next year it went super well and it gave me a massive confidence boost. Somehow a job 5 months from now seems more ready to have me than the one I am supposed to start shooting next week. Anyway, had a late afternoon pilates class and a rather peaceful evening filled with conversations about life. Rome just like Norway makes me think about life or maybe that’s just because I spend a lot of time on my own.. hmm.

Tuesday. Pilates in the morning. Emails emails emails. Berlin job asked me to get a PCR test before I arrive. Still no news when they want me to arrive exactly. All I know there is an important meeting on Friday which I have to attend via zoom and I can’t be on a plane then. I hope they sort it out. Had a nice stroll through Rome today and another glorious homemade past. I feel like I have done my fill of carbs for a while now, looking forward to being back on keto as this is,  just it for me now. Feel like I need a nap constantly.

Wednesday. My sleep cycle app gave me 100%. To be fair I felt it, in the morning that is. Later on the production in Berlin finally got in touch saying that they booked flights for me for tomorrow. Still haven’t received the final draft versions of the scripts. Anxious, but, last night in the moment of darkness I registered for online therapy and was matched by the time the morning came. Started chatting to my new therapist and just being able to “rant” to someone felt rather relieving. My Roman friend came over to say his goodbyes as well. He is off to another city for a shoot as well. I do like that boy, even if nothing comes of it, I’m learning to appreciate human connections no matter how short they may be. The rest of the day I was working and living in the email world. A bit anxious, but then again travelling/packing always makes me feel that way, no matter how often I do it. 

Thursday. Finished packing and onto the next adventure I went. My sister asked me how many countries I have visited this year and Germany will be my 8th. At first I thought, well not bad for the pandemic, but actually it’s probably the first year I have traveled this much period. Blessed and super grateful about that.

Friday. We had a zoom production meeting this morning. Few things became clearer about what is going on, but somehow I have been feeling rather isolated from the rest of the crew. Well I feel like a new kid coming in, cause essentially that’s what I am. I got the callsheet today and it said “day96” OMG that’s a long job to be on from the start! My whole Moroccan shebang was 88 I think and I felt pretty dead by the end of it and now, to start the next 28 days in the shoot with the people who are already on day 96.. I better bring some serious fresh energy..

Saturday. work work work and a little wonder around the hotel. I’m right in the Center of Berlin, so many people, crowds actually! Rome wasn’t like this at all, this is busy busy, also reminds me of London a little.. I’m eager to start though.. 

Sunday. Travel day to somewhere. Don’t know much, but yea… 3 hours north of Berlin will be our first leg of the shoot. I think we will be there for about a week and a half, then back to Berlin. A bit of an intense way to start a new job, cause I can’t even unpack fully, but well. Bring it on!


  • Rome.
  • Pilates.
  • Friends.
  • Online therapy.
  • Getting a job in Thailand for next year.
  • Travelling to Berlin.
  • Berlin.

Cheers with a glass of self analysing elephant.