I am overdue with 2 weeks worth of diary, but this week has been a blur if I am totally honest. I am realising that wifi in Europe is really quite bad and all this rave about how good it is in Lithuania is actually true. I feel like that’s definitely one of those things we do Do well. 

Anyway, so all of my digital struggles aside, I feel good. I have been ignoring my therapist for a week now and it is mainly because I only work and sleep. Yes few times I even had to make a compromise with a shower. I know.. But it is kinda brutal at the moment. Constant moving, spending just one night in a hotel and then moving again, constantly packing and unpacking. I am tired. But, definitely not depressed as there is just no time for that. 

I am happy and grateful for all the positive changes within me and having this whole year to see more. I love working in Europe, I love travelling and just being at peace. A bit of a routine does bring peace. 

I had a nice call with my mom today and for the first time ever after we have talked about different relationships in my past and so on, she said that I shouldn’t stress if I never have children. That is definitely not my goal, to have children, but I always thought I would have them, however I was never sure if that’s just my upbringing talking or was it a genuine desire. Anyway I thought it was quite interesting that my mom said that I shouldn’t worry about it, because now I feel like she doesn’t expect me to and that is a bit freeing. 

OK, so that is life and in work related things, it has been good. Everything is going smoothly, no hiccups, everyone is nice, technology works well and as I lately like to say, after Morocco everything feels like a holiday, not work.

But I hope you are all well too!



Monday. Travelling again. This time to Hamburg. Two nights only. Tired. Was such a long day, I ordered some Thai food and passed out in my hotel bed with the lights and clothes on.

Tuesday. Boat museum locations pretty fun day. Beautiful sunrise, shooting in narrow corridors, a bunch of small scenes all shot out of continuity, a bit of a hassle, but we made it and I was feeling rather proud of us and myself. Good day with we celebrated with a glass of wine and dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant after wrap.

Wednesday. Last day in Hamburg. Half day shoot, a little sightseeing at the opera house and the rather quick drive back to Berlin. Same hotel as before, glad to settle down again for more than a day.

Thursday. A super early start. Also it is getting colder by a minute it seems. But today we filmed in one of the oldest film studios in Europe, or so I was told by the local guys. It was pretty cool actually and I only had a chance to see the tiny corner of it. So yea, pretty impressed. I am hoping for more work in Germany in the future. 

Friday. Today feels like I should not be working tomorrow, but hey ho. The gods of schedule decided something else. I slept 4 hours last night, because the new script for today came out, well you guessed it. Last night. Also as I was getting ready for work, I realised that I left my whole bag of dirty laundry. 2 weeks worth of work clothes to be precise, in my last hotel in Hamburg. I swear things like that never happened to me before covid. I don’t know, but I feel like I was so much sharper before I had covid. It’s either that or I am exhausted.

Saturday. 6th day at work this week. Again waking up at 4am and getting home after 6 pm. Also all shops are closed on Sundays in Germany so went off to buy some food and thermal clothes. Ah yes my dirty laundry I left in Hamburg turned up today. Hurray to that!

Sunday. Pilates in the morning. I love finding new studios wherever I travel. This studio is very close to my hotel and uses gratz pilates equipment which I haven’t tried before. It felt really good actually, had a bit more of a “medical” feeling to it as it seems to be built to resist all sorts of battering to it. My instructor is called Michaela and was very very nice. I don’t know what is this nonsense about German people being cold and unfriendly, I have felt and experienced quite the opposite. You just need to switch your mind to German a bit, the language does make a lot of sense as well as the people. Safe to say I like it here.


  • Berlin.
  • German language. I like how structured it is. 
  • Pilates and Michaela. She invited me for dinner next week after the pilates class.
  • Work. Nice to feel a bit settled.
  • Colleagues. Everyone is just so nice.
  • Calls with my mom. 

Cheers with a glass full of exhausted, but peaceful elephant!