Hope you are all well! Thank you for stopping by. SO. I have just finished a call with my online therapist and I must say that my opinion on having one definitely has changed for the better. You certainly don’t have to be crazy or, whatever the society likes to label it with, to find one to speak to. I suppose I spend a lot of time thinking things on my own and because usually people don’t speak to themselves out loud, those thoughts are never verbalised and in order to understand things better they should be. I hope I make sense. So yes, I found it useful to verbalise my thoughts and would totally recommend.

Anyway, back to work and Berlin. Ah I actually like the city a lot, it is turning christmasy and the German markets are popping up everywhere. It really is magical. Kinda makes me look forward to Christmas at home now even more.

Last week we had few covid cases at work, I was not affected by it luckily, so I could return to work as usual. We are over half way through the job. Started shooting the last episode in the series and it is intense. All indoors, which is such good news considering how cold Europe is getting at the moment.

In other life news, I practiced pilates again at the studio I found and it was lovely, my body alignment really needs help, so having a professional looking over me is a massive blessing. 

Oh yes I had some creative ideas this week too. Not gonna disclose it now, but in the future for sure. That’s just a little check in to keep myself accountable and maybe for once I complete something I have started.

Stay healthy and loved!


Monday. Tired. Couldn’t fall asleep last night and ended up having only 3,5 hours of sleep. Someone in catering got covid so just before luch they got sent home. Production ordered pizza for lunch.. I ended up having just a salad, cause keto.. so I was grumpy and hungry. Once at home it was straight to bed.

Tuesday. It is supposed to be our last full exterior day. Cold so cold! Little goats on set and a food truck as catering, because well, ours is infested with covid and isolating.

Wednesday. Today at 5am I woke up with my alarm to go to work and because I was super sleepy I opened my email just to scroll a bit. It helps me to wake up – the annoying phone light. Anyway, I saw an email through my tired eyes that there is no filming today as someone from the crew tested positive for covid. I wasn’t sure how to feel to be honest. I couldn’t fall asleep right away so ended up scrolling through a property website for almost 3 hours before passing out. Had to go and get a covid test at the office today and didn’t do much else after. Had a call with a friend and just saw another email, that we are returning to work tomorrow. Hurray!

Thursday. I was putting mascara on my second eye when I got a call from the director that we are not shooting today again. Well that was that really. I went for the hotel breakfast and read my new rupi kaur poetry book. I love her writing. Then I decided to go for a walk, it was a pretty mellow day weather wise and it was just nice to get out and not stress about work or the lack of it. I ended up going to the German film and tv museum. It was pretty cool, I was the only visitor there which was great covid wise and experience wise actually as it isn’t a huge place so could get crowded I imagine. Very informative and modern museum, so I enjoyed it a lot. After that I bought some Christmas presents in the gift shop for the family and went to the cinema, which was just the opposite. The only English language film they had on at the time was Eternals, so I went to see that. I actually enjoyed it more or less, don’t think it deserves that much hate. Oh yes after all that I got a call from Production saying that I didn’t get tested today, which I know that I didn’t, because I didn’t know I had to. So Yeaa a bit annoying as I had to take a taxi to the airport to get tested there and drive back to the hotel all at 8pm, so I was done by 9.30pm, had to wash my hair and get ready mentally to go to work tomorrow. Let’s see how far into my morning I can get until they tell us to stand down again.

Friday. So we are back at work! Well I’m here now, In a rather beautiful location which is a hotel/ restaurant and being used as such for our purposes. It looks pretty Christmasy and is warm. Nice to be working indoors again. Also I get two day weekend as well which is exciting! Let’s see how the day goes. A lot of gruesome stuff we are shooting today actually. Last time I shot a massacre in Morocco I was thinking about love and relationships, because why not? Or maybe my mind is just wired in a strange way. Let’s see.

Saturday. A super productive day off. Went exploring Berlin, saw the new Ghostbusters at a cinema, had a steak for dinner and went for an evening Pilates class. But the best thing of all was that I suddenly just felt better about myself and my life choices, whatever they were. It’s rather stupid and not really news at all, but I saw this quote on Instagram about relationships and how, when you like someone, you have to look at yourself in the situation and check if you like yourself. It made me realise that sometimes I get so carried away with the fact that I finally like someone that I forget to like myself. Anyway, it’s not a new information, but I needed to rediscover that.

Sunday. Chill day at home aka the hotel, went down for breakfast again as I woke up super early. Was sore from the active day yesterday so popped out to get a massage. It was good and just a little bit odd as my masseuse was a rather young guy and you know how touchy massages are right.. anyway he gave me a loyalty card afterwards and I didn’t have a heart to tell him that I’m only visiting Berlin. I had few long phone calls with home and discovered a flat which my mom will go and check out next Thursday. Who knows maybe I will be a homeowner sooner than later..


  • Berlin!
  • German language, I think it’s beautiful.
  • Exploring and having days off.
  • Cinema, ah how I’ve missed it.
  • Pilates!
  • Rupi Kaur “Home body”
  • Feeling generally better.

Cheers with a glass full of growing elephant!