I am late, but with the perfect excuse of actually being back at work and filming nights.

Last week before the shoot was once again a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but I went diving on Sunday and it made it all feel better. I am hiding my head in the water literally and I am not ashamed. Working towards that inner peace and giving myself the time away from it all when I need to.

In other news, my sister is on holidays now before the baby comes and although she is due in two weeks the baby is kinda fully grown so it could be anytime now.

The war is still raging on. I limit my news intake for aforementioned peace, but yes it is horrific, inhuman and it scares me to think about the future.

One week at a time.

Love to you all!


Monday: Game time. Shooting scripts have landed so prep prep prep in full. Desk time till about 5pm, then a quick change into my new co ordinated red suit and off to pilates. It was three of us there today, me in red, one guy in blue and the instructor in black. I am loving those small classes, feels like we are doing private.Having a walk in the dark is also super nice. I am getting used to Thailand and Phuket. My 4th week here. Crazy. After it all I had a call with the therapist and told her the whole Si sacking odyssey. I was actually feeling rather sad today, because of it, but the walk, 90s tunes and pilates helped with the mood. Ah also edited some photos form the dive trip on Saturday and it was awesome.

Tuesday: Office day. Morning of grind at the desk and production meeting in the afternoon till sunset. Perks of the office being in this resort, I can literally sneak out with the magic hour and sit and watch the sunset with my after work dinner.

Wednesday: Pilates at 10 am followed by manicure for my broken nail and quick walk, shower and hop in a van to be take to set for the test shoot. Ah test shooting was actually nice. I was not appropriately dressed, because I was rushing and did not think it through. Oh well. We were on our main boat with a mini crew, which still consisted of at least 60 people. Apparently our crew is 200+. WaU! So one of our top 7 cast has arrived today and was present for the testing. She is lovely. We had some food and drinks at the Pig after everything and that was also really nice. I have never been so social on the jobs before. Whatever it is that is keeping me calm, sane and social, I want it to continue.

Thursday: Last day of march! Had pilates booked for 10 am, had to cancel it, because meetings. Was hoping to attend the class at 6pm instead, but meetings. All good though, it had to be done. I ended up using the gym in the hotel for the first time. Was so pumped up that I wanted to walk for an hour and just listen to some music and answer some voice messages. So I did. Went back to my room and tidied the shit out of it. I needed to sort it. Mess didn’t really bother me in my 20s, but now, I just want things in their places again. I feel like I could be a mum now.

Friday: Pilates in the morning and then a trip with Hans to look at the set for Monday. All glass windows, challenging, but exciting, set like this is a statement. All we need is for it not to rain on Monday. In the evening I met up with Simon and Annie and Finch for one drink and 6 hours and 25 tequilas later we were in the pool with the cast playing volleyball. Fun Fun Fun.

Saturday: So last night we had an accidental party at the pig till the early hours of Saturday into the pool at 3 am. It was fun, but today I am paying the price. Having said that, I still ended up going to the gym for a walk and few deadlifts. In the evening there was another this time official crew party organised by Hans for the start of the job. I personally had a bit of a strange experience there as for some reason I fell into few very intense conversations with women and it got me thinking. I have been saying that I want to have more female friends and all of a sudden now I am surrounded by women and not just women who want to be friends, but women who actively hit on me. I realise now that I have no idea how to manage that, as I have not experienced that before. Women are way more persistent than men when they want to get you, maybe that’s how we end up getting things. So yeas anyway I realise that I need to learn how to say no before I end up in a relationship with another woman.

Sunday. Just got back from another diving trip. This time around Phi Phi island. Annie couldn’t come with me today so it was just me and my divemaster. Premium service really. I was a little tired form the party last night so had a good nap on the boat. The sea was really choppy at first, but got better as we got closer to Phi Phi. I have met a very lovely Russian girl Elena who was also diving on her own and we spent most of the down time together in the sun. It was so nice to leave the hotel and spend some time away from work. Now I just really want to continue diving, cannot wait for another weekend.


  • Dreams! Weird vivd dreams. Dreamt of few of my colleagues from SAS in Morocco. Messaged one of them and actually had a nice little catch up. 
  • Diving. Phi Phi!
  • Starting the shoot on Monday! Whoop Whoop.

Cheers with a glass of underwater elephant!