Hello! So, I am a little late.

This has been sitting in my notes ready to be published, but honestly I was either not home in the evening or completely shattered. Prepping is draining, but I would not have it any other way, so without any further ado this is what I prepared on Monday, but passed out before I could publish.

Another week in Thailand down, 20+ to go.

So a lot has happened last week it seems. The biggest thing was that Si got fired. Yes, Si my friend who I was looking forward to working with and who’s complains I have been listening to the week before. To be honest I wasn’t extremely surprised as he was feeling rather openly frustrated about the job, so perhaps whoever took that decision saw that too. But of course for us it is pretty crazy as we are supposed to start filming next week Monday and our new DOP doesn’t arrive until Saturday. I have never been on a job like this. Interesting.

So yes this past week I was listening to a lot of drama and still somehow managed to stay calm and rather positive. It is what it is, a shame of course, but I feel strong. A positive thought which came out of this is that I am more than ever determined to start directing.

Ah yes this week me and Annie went diving. Thailand is the place I passed my open water years ago and it is the first time I am back here diving since. I was a little nervous as I haven’t been underwater for a year, but it is like riding a bicycle and as soon as I was under it all felt good again. I took lots of photos and now cannot wait for the next time.

At home everything is still a mess…

Peace and love to you all!


Monday. Another Monday another day not leaving my room. I needed that after the week of socialising I had. Last night we had a very inspiring chat with Si. For once this week he was actually giving me a pep talk on my career and creative expression. So yes I woke up pretty happy, had a swim and a quick session in the sun, dinner with sunset and local roosters, edited some photos from last week, wrote a blog and talked to my therapist. Lately Mondays became my “Me” days and I love it.

Tuesday. Woke up early for the Pilates class at 8:30, walked exercised and was planing to swim before work, but as I was at the breakfast Annie and Simon swarmed around me and told me the happy news of our shoot being pushed. So I did not know what to do with my self as there are still no shooting scripts and I went to the dive shop down the beach and booked us for the trip on Saturday. Cannot wait! In the evening I had food with the sunset and the roosters again. In bed early, because I am over 30 as a friend of mine said.

Wednesday. Pilates at 10. Food shop after. Production meeting at 3pm. Evening by the beach, some cast joined. So the cast told me that they have heard that Si is very unwell and might be leaving the job. I was very surprised by that, because I spoke to him yesterday and he was perfectly happy taking his time in the spa as per doctors orders. He had covid few weeks ago so it seems that he hasn’t fully recovered yet.

Thursday. Woke up for pilates at 8:30. Si has been sacked. Sad, shocked a lot of emotions. We went with Hans and some of the Thai crew to see him at his fancy spa. Had a nice time actually. He seems happy to go, hopefully this is not just a facade.

Friday. Shooting scripts came out! Had a lesson with cast about pronunciation and a dinner in the evening for one of our producers birthday. Si’s sacking drama is all everyone is talking about. Obviously he is still here and I talk to him daily about it too. It doesn’t feel real. 

Saturday. Diving day!! Spent the whole day on the boat. Did 3 dives around the islands of Racha Noi and Racha Yai. Beautiful. Three very different dive sites, one fantastic feeling. There were 40 divers on the boat in total, that’s a LOT. I have never been on the boat this busy ever before. In the evening there was a very awkward birthday party of our two main actresses on the show. 

Sunday. A bit of pool in the morning. A trip to the mall in the afternoon and few drinks at the pig in the evening. Si’s last night here. Doesn’t feel real. Also it was one of those few moments then Hans, Si and me were together and it was so bitter sweet, because of course now he is gone and our trio is down to two. Such a different feeling this Sunday than the week before. 


  • Diving!
  • Shooting scripts are out!
  • The shoot got pushed by a week.
  • Si being sacked. Not a highlight, but worth noting. Never been on a job where the dop would be kicked out a week before the shoot.

Cheers with a glass full of mega calm elephant!