A bit late this week again, because we worked on Sunday. I am tired. Nothing holy in this industry as my mama has said. Working on Easter. 

Anyway. The week actually went pretty well all things considered. Everyday I feel like it is a battle I am going into, but somehow come through in the end. So yes all things considered I am still in rather up beat spirits.

At the moment of writing I am sitting in our character boat, there is a storm outside so we cannot film and I just think how interesting my life is that I can experience sand storms of Sahara and tropical sea storms in this one lifetime.

In other news, I spoke to my mom last night and she told me that her kids at school (she is a teacher at a Russian primary school in Lithuania) are being bullied by some strange bitter man and other kids from Lithuanian schools. Kids can be so mean, just give them an excuse to be nasty and off they go. It saddens me to think that as a Russian speaker my mom will have an unpleasant life in Lithuania from now on and you know this is just a language, she is not even fully Russian or in support of any Russian military activities. OK, I stop.

Also at the moment of writing it is Tuesday the 19th of April and yesterday my sister gave birth to a healthy 3.8kg 51cm baby girl, making me a forever aunty for the very first time. Such a strange yet wonderful feeling. I never though I could love a little baby I have never met like that. She also looks a lot like my sister when she was a baby, so our genes are strong and present. 

So much love!

See you all next week!


Monday. Hot day in town. Very hot. Probably one of the hardest days of my career and that’s not only because of the heat. It was very noisy, the cast had a long speaking scene, but were pretty quiet and not very on point with their lines so it was intense. Trying to decipher the lines in the noise, help them and endure the heat all of those ingredients put together quite literally inflated my stress bubble. It’s ok now, I did a little stress release exercise which involved me singing out loud “aaaa” like at the doctors and it helped. Also I had a little cry. Luckily I was all alone, would not want my colleagues to see me like this. But yes it was all very therapeutic. I had a call with Miranda in the evening which also helped majorly. Having her on the line on Mondays really helps I am glad I took this leap with therapy.

Tuesday. We are at the rescue centre location. I call it a rice cooker. It is that hot inside. Luckily we are shooting exteriors today. The breeze is refreshing and after my yesterdays quite literally melt down today I feel good, grateful and blessed to be working in Thailand again, diving on weekends and practicing Pilates. The day ended at a new location, called boat avenue. It was a beautiful evening there, we were filming the opening of the Australian storyline. I know the team was a little upset that we didn’t quite catch the sunset light, but once again, all things considered we are doing well. My happy news today was that Karolina, my friend from high school whose wedding I attended in Italy last August (see my diary over there) messaged saying that they are coming to Phuket for their honeymoon at the start of May. Well they are starting their travels here and then will go to Bali. I got super excited. I want my friends to visit me, especially when I am shooting in such fun destinations.

Wednesday. My alarm was set for 5.50am. I woke up before it, put my Blue Spotify playlist on and danced to it in the shower. It was not the plan, but I saw that Britney announced her pregnancy on Instagram and it had a song “All that she wants” playing with that pic, so it set me on the right path for the day. I danced, I did positive affirmations, put a bikini on and packed my wet bag with all the work gear. Today we are shooting in the open water on our hero boat. This day had at least 6 meetings about it. It is a logistically complicated sequence to shoot, it is also the opening of the very show. Open water, a boat, helicopter, diving camera crew. As I got into the van I could feel everyone’s stress, but you know what, I was already positive enough to withstand and support. It is 9pm now. I just had food in my room. I treated myself to a steak and a glass of red wine. Today was something, but also tomorrow my pick up is at 5.25am. My nails are chipped, hair full of wind and salt, belly full of carbs and sugar. Luckily the mind is wondering in the tunes of the Atomic Kitten playing on my Emberton. 

Thursday. I am still on a boat, it is 1pm, but feels like the end of the day, because my pick up to work was at 5.25am. We just had lunch and got back. I am sweating like a pig, as my sisters bf would say. Oh well, at this point I really couldn’t care less, and it is actually very liberating to be free of fucks to give about other people opinion of yourself. We actually had a rather slow morning with the cast sailing from the beach to the boat for the scene. We were in the sun for 2.5 hours, it was hot and felt a bit disorganised. I felt alright actually, even though I was straight in the sun with no cover for most part, but one of the cast started crying and in a way, I understand. I am used to the heat and all sorts, but they are young. Anyway, we are about to shoot another big scene on the boat with our magic 7, hope it goes well.

Friday. Shooting in Kamala beach today. I love it here, so so beautiful. When we did a recce here almost a month ago I thought that this is this dreamy location I thought like working on when I went to the film school. The day was meant to be rather easy and comfortable and it was until an unexpected covid case popped up and we had to finish earlier. But you know what, after everything I have been through nothing bothers me anymore. In the evening we had a drink by the beach in Kamala and continued in the Pig afterwards. I went to bed relatively tipsy.

Saturday. Woke up early for my pick up at 6:30am to go diving. Was tired, but so happy to be doing something outside of work. I felt like I wanted to be antisocial and just recharge. So I did, although there were some nice people on the boat today and their energy was enough. I got home washed my kit, packed and had a call with my family. My sister is going to the hospital tomorrow to enduce her labour and on Monday the baby girl should come. Also I had some room service with a glass of Prosecco to celebrate the Easter. Nothing holy in this industry as we are working working working.

Sunday. Another day another beach. Also it is an Easter Sunday, but we are working half day today and then travelling to Krabi for the next 2 weeks of the shoot.


  • Week 2 done.
  • Diving.
  • Room service.
  • Beaches, boats and busy streets.
  • Sister about to give birth!!!

Cheers with a glass full of anticipating elephant!