I am mega late again.

To be honest now I look at the headline and cannot believe that it has been 7 weeks in Thailand for me already. Although when I think about the filming it kinda makes sense, but we have only been doing that for 3 weeks, so yea I am dazed and confused. 

So the highlights of my last week was my sisters baby girl, shooting on boats and seeing a whale shark. Also I have a little new mantra now, which goes somewhat like this: my work is so full on, that when I am not working I want to feel like I am on holiday. And you know I am definitely going to stick with this. Some of my happiest memories to date are from when I was on holiday in Thailand years ago. So now I am channeling all the holiday free spirit vibe to enjoy my time off here to its full potential.

Hope all of you are doing well. I am pretty exhausted so I will keep it brief this week and attempt to sleep before 10pm. Let’s see.


Monday. Today is the first day of filming in Krabi. We are in this idillic beach, doing idillic things. I went for a swim during lunch and was just looking out into the nature in awe, the landscape here is something. They have those rock formation islands dotted around and that just makes you question the evolution and history. I am lucky to be able to experience this. Also in the afternoon the storm came and we had to finish earlier. Sea storms stopping our shoots this time also funny, because in Morocco it was sandstorms.

Tuesday. The biggest highlight for me today is that I woke up to the news of my sister having a baby around 3am my time. I tired to stay up and get live updates, but today we were starting early and well… Her bf sent me a bunch of photos and I kept showing it to everyone. I have turned into one of those people. But yes that’s so true all of the sudden when I saw the resemblance of my sister in Leonora and her name tag with our last name on it I was just bought. I never thought I could love a baby I have never met this way. I have never thought I could feel this way in general, life is wonderful.

Wednesday. Continuing with what we haven’t shot the day before. The morning went quick, the weather was in our favour and the girls were happy. They had to jump into the water from our character boat and that’s no easy ordeal when you think about it, but I feel like once you do it successfully the adrenaline keeps you running for the rest tries. That was not what we did though, because – schedule and we continued on the boat with a different scene. So what happened after has never happened to me on any job before. One of the actors basics told of another actor for being unprofessional and unhelpful in front of everyone. Apparently it was a long coming dispute, which wasn’t properly addressed before and it just escalated. To make matters more interesting the storm came early and we were “evacuated” to the shore. Then Annie fell down the stairs on her back while being on shore, so ironic. Had to be taken away to the hospital, luckily nothing is broken, just very sore. In the evening I had a FaceTime with my family and met the baby girl in “person” she is so cute!

Thursday. On the boat out in the blue waters today. I had a well needed rest last night so today feel much fresher and ready to take on the day. Yesterday after wrap we had a nice chat with Hans overlooking the garden of our new hotel, there was also some sort of ceremony going on for about 5 minutes, pretty symbolic. But somehow today felt more peaceful because of it. 

Friday. I was woken up by my passion to go to work, as per the cheesy quote I have on my first IPad. Or more like I forgot to set my alarm up again before bed as I passed out from being so tired. We had another full day on the boat. Camera boat in the morning, chasing the hero boat and then continued with the yesterdays sequence. We wrapped 5 min early, but the DIT needed to go through the slate numbers with me so we worked during our journey back home. In the evening the production organised for us to go into town to get some food. That was nice actually, we ended up in this bar called “Upbeat” till about 2 am and a very much Bangkok style took a TUK TUK home while singing tunes from my Blue playlist on Spotify. It is getting rather popular you guys so let me know if you also want the link to get on those same festivities with me.

Saturday. I woke up at 7am for my pick up at 7.10am to go diving. I was tired or maybe even slightly tipsy from the night before. I had a flaming sambuca shot and those I stopped years ago after one particular night I am glad I can barely remember. Anyway. The diving. We went to Phi Phi again, but even though we are logistically closer from Krabi than from Phuket it still took us the same amount of time. A bit of a shame as we only did 2 dives as well. My divemaster was a marine biologist from France, so it was very interesting to see his point of view on the underwater world. Also there was a 13 year old kid who just passed his open water, it’s impressive for him actually, but it was a bit of a nightmare for me as we were way too big of the group at very different experience levels. At the end of the 2nd dive we popped back up to the news that the other boat saw a whale shark. Everyone was upset and then the unexpected happened. As the last divers were getting out of the water they said they saw a whale shark just next to us, so literally the whole 30 people jumped into the open water just with masks and maybe fins to try and see it from the snorkelling depth. As did I. So finally after the 79 dives I saw my first whale shark, right on the surface looking at me. Due to all the rush and excitement I didn’t take my go pro with me, so the photos here are not mine, but, I was very close to the dive master who took it so it’s pretty much my POV. Cannot believe it. 

Sunday. I slept. Finally as much as I felt like. My bed is actually very comfortable here, but I haven’t spent enough time in it before this night to actually notice it. I took Hans and Danny with me to Krabi town today, I needed to get my nails done and they had to work together uninterrupted. I figured that doing it in other than the hotel environment for them must be quite a good alternative to feel less like at work. So as they worked I did my nails, walked around, got a desert and a coffee, FaceTimed my sister with the baby and when we got back to our area got the massage. Oh yes so I have met a French guy on a boat yesterday, we exchanged instagrams and spent the evening chatting too. He has asked me out for a dinner tomorrow. I have not been on a proper date for ages, so I’m quite looking forward to it. The catch here is that he is leaving on Tuesday so it literally is one date only. Hope it’s good!


  • 18th of April baby Leonora is born, making me her forever cool aunty.
  • Whale shark!
  • Shooting on boats.
  • Tuk tuk rides.

Cheers with a glass of elephant on holiday!