Hello and welcome to Hungary.

My first time here ever. Working through my European countries according to plan.

So my first impressions are rather positive, even though it did take some time and an actual walk outside of my hotel and the studio space to really have any idea what’s what here. 

At the moment of writing this intro I am half way done with my second week which has brought some surprises, I won’t mention them here, but well it will change my experience a little, so I am really glad I had this week to look back at and think that I really need to appreciate present moments more.

The photography in todays week is really all from the same one walk. I had a beautiful day and by the end of it I was feeling rather uplifted and in ove, but I suppose a long FaceTime call with my boyfriend had a lot to do with it. 

Anyway, no spoilers, so I end my intro.

Fingers crossed for the better weather!

Love to you all!


Monday. My first day at the new office. We are based in one of the biggest studios in Budapest. It really does seem massive. Today I pretty much spent the whole day introducing myself to all the new people and saying hello to those who I already knew. It was rather pleasant. I do notice that with age and my time in this industry I grow to be a little more reserved and I am actually enjoying not being too social. Not sure how wise it is, since there is a producer/ director here who my agent specifically said I need to impress if I was to get to work on the rest of the show. Well we shall see. I actually had a different idea last week for the way I would like my career to move forward and that idea is to start putting myself forward to direct second units of other shows. I can definitely see myself doing that as normally 2nd units include a lot of continuity, which is what I do now anyway, with a little step up to the creative side. It seems like such a natural transition for me I am surprised I did not think of it before. I guess I have finally grown into those pants.

Tuesday. Another day at the office with a slightly later start as I will have a later finish. The shooting script is not ready, because it really doesn’t matter how big the job is those things are never on time. So I am dealing with all the special tax requirements for Hungary and post production work flow. Never had so much interest from the post to talk to me before the shoot and to see all the examples of my paperwork. That is quite nice actually. Ah yes I also started reading the book Lukas wanted me to read, as it meant a lot to him as a young adult. It’s a book by Hermann Hesse called Narcissus and Goldmund. I did notice some parallels there from the characters to Lukas, but I am yet to see whether there is a deeper meaning behind him wanting me to read it so much. Ah yes I also had a crazy dream about my friend being pregnant again. I had a similar dream last year before she found out she was pregnant with her 2nd daughter and now this. I messaged her about it and we came up with a spontaneous plan for me to come to London for our mutual friends 40th birthday. We used to be very close back in a day and that homemade book I found few weeks ago in between my old books are from my friend with the birthday. Again could it be manifestation?

Wednesday. Another day in the office has come and gone. I am not made for this, I find it so boring. Luckily I do not have to do that often. In the evening I had the anti harassment training, had a chat with a friend, got a bath and read a book. Feeling rather uplifted after all this. Tomorrow we have a camera test day shoot so that’s something. Also the shooting script is promised to go out so fingers crossed.

Thursday. We had camera test day, which felt like work finally. Also a good opportunity to meet some of the people I will be working with. I kinda starting to want some friends here, to show me around and translate stuff, because this language is hard! I got to see some of the sets today which were pretty cool! Also I left the office earlier, because the script once again was not yet ready. I was told it will come in the evening, but I waited waited and nothing happened. So I ended up going to the mall and smelling my way to the nearest lush and stocking up on some goodies. Had a glorious bath with all the extras afterward at home and went to bed pretty happy. I miss Lukas though.

Friday. It’s the end of the Friday and my first working week in Budapest. I have not seen much of it to be honest and the weather mostly has been horrible. Perhaps because of it and the fact that I need some time to get used to a new place I am not yet loving it. But today in it self was very good. I managed to finish my prep way before than I thought that I will, I also made a little plan of where I want to go and what to see tomorrow, so I am excited about that. Bring on the weekend! One week down 4 more to go.

Saturday. I woke up rather early, the sun was shining and according to the weather app it will stay like this till 1pm. I headed out with my camera, a backpack and a book. It was so nice to finally leave my hotel. Baby steps. Also finally had a call with Lukas, it was so nice to see him being happy to see me. Very cute actually. I forgot what it is like to like someone that much and to have that someone like me back. It is a beautiful feeling. Anyway I also talked to my mama as I was walking around town and it felt like we were visiting it together. Very good day overall. Ah yes Lukas said that there is still a chance that he might visit me, so I should not write him off. Alright. I am all up for it.

Sunday. After the day out and about yesterday I decided to stay in and get mentaly and physically ready for tomorrow. First shooting day yay!


  • Finally working
  • Exploring Budapest!
  • Taking photos.
  • Catching up with family and friends.
  • Spontaneous trip to London being planned!

Cheers with a glass full of adapting to the new place elephant.