My last entry in this diary is a double feature as I was so busy I did not have time to sit down and post.

Or maybe this is just an excuse, because I was getting a bit emotional.

Well, thank you so much for sticking with me through my regular and non film related life here in Lithuania. My stay was definitely longer than I anticipated, but then again, such is freelance life, always unexpected I guess.

When I look back, I had an amazing summer with friends and good weather. I am really glad how my friendship with Ruta have progressed, how I picked up my relationship with Margarita and even Ausra and of course I’ve met Lukas who has now become a part of my life just like our cute photo on my wallpaper on my phone.

If I could go back in time I would not change anything from my time here and this brings me joy. Looking forward to my next adventure which will be Budapest, so see you all there.



Monday. The morning was sunny and beautiful. Lukas left just before I had to go to my 10am Pilates. He is going to be away for a week, a bit sad of course since I just got used to him being back again. I do not deal well with people leaving me. Perhaps that is why I choose jobs which make me leave places. I met up with Ruta and we had a nice stroll around town. She noted few things about my relationship with Lukas which I think is true, but I probably can’t even do anything about. She said that Lukas does not know 3 big things about my life, which are: – how much money I earn, – how much attention I get and – how much I travel. Lukas knows me in my holiday at home mode. Our relationship does feel to me a little like a holiday romance, because I do not feel like I am in my real world. Which is a bit of a paradox. But yes after talking to Ruta I realised that as much as I like him we might need to have a conversation eventually about the logistics of the relationship. I realised now that I have been avoiding it all in order to enjoy the moment. 

Tuesday. Pilates at 10am, because for most people it is a day off today. The rest of the day I spent going through photos, writing and talking to my mom on the phone. It felt like a very productive day. 

Wednesday. My day off from exercise and I was so tired! Actually I am tired of cleaning my flat and doing other home things. I miss hotel rooms with maids and food which I do not have to cook. I miss not having to think of anything else just work. I miss seeing new things every day. I miss sun and warmth. Well. OK I will have some of it soon, once I’m in Budapest. My mom with her husband picked me up today and I spent an evening with them I went through some of my old boxes with books and dresses and brought them home. Was very excited to find my mushroom picking book and this little homemade book my friend Emma made for me what feels like a million years ago.

Thursday. I had pilates at 9 am. It is Rutas real birthday today. She messaged me this morning to say that she accidentally broke her little toe last night. I offered to go to the hospital with her, but she managed to get an appointment at her local nhs or what we call them here poliklinika and was at my place midday. We had coffee and cinnamon buns which she likes, played overcooked together, watched some love is blind had ramen and went out for a few drinks. Our friend Margarita was doing her leaving drinks on the same day. Anyway. SO the day was full so full, but so so good. We went on to our last stop bar Paris in the end and bumped into some colleagues/ friends from work. It was actually a very very nice night.

Friday. I did not sleep a lot. Still woke up early enough for my 9 am pilates class. Got home had tea/coffee with a friend who stayed on my couch. Funny, when I was at Lukas’s friends party last week one of his friends reminded me a lot of my this friend, so I feel like I have almost manifested this chance meeting. Anyway at 1pm I had eFit class and my mom came over to hang out with me. We had a super nice day eating a lot and watching Disney movies. So happy we got to do this before I leave.

Saturday. I had the longest sleep. Crazy, but so so nice. We had a little call with Lukas last night. I missed him, but also the week seems to have gone incredibly fast. Today is Rutas birthday party. I promised her I will wear my sparkly dress, but I am not feeling it somehow. The darkens and coldness of the approaching winter is looming over too much. 

Sunday. After Rūta’s party I wanted to sleep the whole day, but my mama called and reminded me that we planned to go to the cemetery today. So we did. By the time I got home I was shattered. I napped for few hours and Lukas came back. YaY! I missed that boy.


Monday. Today I start my last week in Lithuania. Emotional, but also exciting. I had Pilates at 10 as per usual and eFit class at 3.30pm as per never. It is my last class before leaving. In the evening me and Lukas went to WordPress photo exhibition which is visiting Vilnius at the moment. It was very cool as well as the venue it was in, also so close to home! We walked back and started watching SAS together. A very wholesome evening. So glad to have him back.

Tuesday. Pilates at 9am. I am feeling pretty strong. For the past 3 weeks I’ve been doing it 4 times a week so I’m definitely noticing the results. A bit of a shame I’ll have to pause it for the next 5 weeks, but hopefully it won’t be too bad once I’m back. It’s actually a pretty nice feeling to know that I will be back soon, just in time for Christmas. Ah so today I had a call from a Lithuanian producer from the job Rūta is on asking if I could cover their sick script supervisor. I agreed, but then kinda hoped that I wouldn’t have to, because I actually have things to do and organise before leaving. 

Wednesday. Had a nice long sleep! No emergency cover work for me in the end so today we proceeded with our date plan. Lukas cooked dinner for us, which was delicious. Then we went to the cinema to see the Lithuanian film my friend Domas really wanted me to watch. 

Thursday. Another day, another exhibition with Lukas. This time it was a mixed art installation and photography. Interesting. We walked through the old town holding hands and it was all cute. Nice way to end my stay in Vilnius, that’s for sure. Oh also I was asked to time the script for my next job today, so I also did that. 

Friday. My last Pilates class at 9am. Final bits of shopping and I went to see this VR experience art thing at one of the malls. It was something! Made me wanna get oculus even more now. In the evening we had another cosy night with Lukas. He is getting pretty sad about my departure, but handling it well. 

Saturday. My last carefree lay in for a while. Had breakfast, finished watching aristocats and started packing. Had a coffee and a cake delivered to help me with motivation. By the time Rūta came over I was done and Wau, I am actually really proud and a bit impressed how well organised I was this time around with the packing and the suitcases. We had a few drinks and then Lukas arrived, so we played together overcooked for a bit and Rūta left. My flight tomorrow is so early that I am not gonna get much sleep, more like a nap anyway, so I didn’t even try to go to bed early. 

Sunday. Woke up at 3am after going to bed at almost 1am. I don’t like such early flights, but having Lukas to help me with last bits, like taking the trash out and taking my suitcases down was such a blessing. I am on my flight now, tired and a bit sad, yet exciting to start. My flight to Budapest also had some adventures. Basically because of the fog in Budapest my plane couldn’t land so it was diverted back to Poland, I only learnt about that as we were almost back to where we started as I was asleep. Funny. So in the end on the second try to land in Hungary we made it, but it was just after 2pm instead of 10 am. Exhausted to say the least. 


  • Last weeks in Lithuania.
  • My time with Ruta and Margarita.
  • The whole day hanging out with my mom.
  • My old books and dresses.
  • Lukas.
  • Finally arriving in Budapest for work.

Cheers with a glass full of complete elephant!