As week 5 slowly came to the close there is so much on my mind. Being away from home does take it’s toll. Also where is my home in this world anyway? For now I can just say that I know where I was the past week and that is that.

Monday. We queued up for the ferry from Gili Trawangan to Lombok. There is no specific time for the departure of the boat, once there are 40 people ready to leave the boat takes off. The price was very friendly. 45000 IDR for 3 people. About an hour later we docked at Bangsal bay and rented some pretty nice scooters. First things first and we journeyed to Mataram to apply for the visa extension. I didn’t realise that extending your stay in Indonesia will be a bit more complicated and will take few more days than the usual visa run in Thailand. Anyway we had all the papers printed and ready, proper shoes and trousers with a shirt for the bf, so our process went pretty quick. We were told to return in few days to pick up our passports. Good. We had planed to spend those days travelling around Lombok and splashing in some waterfalls. Next stop was a cute little place just a bit north of Tetebatu. Very secluded authentic bungalows overlooking the rice fields. Highly recommend if you are ever there and don’t mind occasional lizards or spiders going about their day in your presence. We did a little spontaneous trek through the rice fields to the nearest waterfall hidden in the cave bellow it all. Nice refreshing swim followed by an hour trek through the local villages back to our hideaway. The hosts of the place were kind enough to get us some local red rice wine for the evening and OMG. It was something special!! Hooked for sure.

Tuesday. We set off on 80km journey through the mountains to Seneru. The little village sits at the semi bottom of the north side of the mount Rinjani. Whoever wants to trek it usually starts there. Unfortunately for us it was off season and the trekking to the summit is not permitted due to weather conditions. We felt them while scootering through the mountains too. It got cold and rainy and I don’t even want to imagine what was happening at the top as we got drenched and frozen just by passing through. Funny enough as we were descending we literally saw a “border” of dry asphalt marking the warm zone. My guess is that we drove through some mean cloud over there. Pretty poetic if you ask me. The home for the night was not as pleasant as the one before, but had some pretty beautiful views of the mountain and one of the waterfalls in the area. Once again we trekked to see both of those. The main one is considered the biggest on the Island and to reach it they recommend you take a local guide with you. To be honest it was a pretty straightforward hike in terms of navigating. The only challenge was actually climbing over some boulders and crossing the mountain river. The waterfall itself was pretty epic. I couldn’t even reach it as it was so strong I got wet and almost blown away just by standing few meters from the actual falling water. We met some local guys there too, who were very eager to chat and take photos with us. Also they brought some Durian which they kindly shared with us. The fruit is just getting into season now and is famously known for its bad smell. It was my first time trying it. Interesting taste and perfect company. I think they come there often as they were jumping through all the rocks like pros and were way ahead of us on the way back. We spend the evening in the local restaurant and I finally figured out that I should take more photos with the GoPro as the quality is pretty impressive!

Wednesday. We upped our kms and managed 130km all the way from the north to the south of Lombok. We booked accommodation just outside the tiny village called Ekas. Basically in the middle of nowhere. The guy who runs the place said that just a few years ago there was no electricity in the whole region. Now they are still working on paving roads and that made our scooter travel that bit easier. However as we followed google maps to find the famous “turtle beach” we kinda got lost and found a bunch of other beaches and a cliff. Sadly my GoPro was dead by that point, but then again you should really enjoy with your eyes first. In the evening we chilled with some more local jungle juice and an interesting conversation with the guy who runs this place called AQH – awesome quiet happiness bungalows. 

Thursday. It was the day for us to pick up the passports, but we decided that we will do it the next day and wanted a shorter travel, so we only went as far as Kuta. We stayed at a relatively nice place with an awesome infinity swimming pool overlooking the foresty hills. It was beautiful. We finally started practising Acro yoga agin! A bit shaky, but go us! On that happy note we decided to stay another extra night on Lombok and I found this yoga place called the Gypsea yoga at Senegigi, which should have been perfect as it is on a way back to Bangsal bay.

Friday. Passports at the immigration center. Check. Lunch at a very local vegan place. Check. Gypsea yoga place. Check. Sunset on the beach. Check.

Saturday. We did a very short journey to the port town and got back on the boat to Trawangan. This time however we paid 67 000 IDR for 3 tickets due to some foreign tourist tax. Weird, but ok. To be honest I found the whole port place a bit scammy as they are probably so used to tourists that they don’t care about being rude or dismissing me for being a female. Anyway. All I wanted was to just go home. Weirdly Trawangan felt like home now. Nice feeling. Little prince and a fox moment for sure. We arrived back home pretty early and it gave us plenty of time to arrange a dive with our usual dive school. It felt very nice to be underwater again. The visibility got so much better while we were away! We did a dive site called Meno wall and saw plenty of life. Turtles just chilling or swimming about their day, octopus just hanging there and of course a lot of fish! Beautiful dive. Beautiful day. 

Sunday. Woke up pretty late as the new season of Chilling adventures of Sabrina came out the day before. Wish I could have worked on it. Did some AcroYoga with the bf. You really do need to practice it everyday to keep the skills fresh… For now we are trying to catch up with all we have learnt during our yoga retreat. Afternoon was spent with Bfs friends who arrived on the island for a one night visit. Local food, fresh coconuts and the little stretch of the island which we haven’t walked yet was accomplished. Also having someone visiting really made me feel like we have settled here more or less. It was a nice cosy close to a pretty exciting week. Lombok was great and now I cannot wait to explore more of Bali and maybe do some reformer Pilates while we are there.


  • Rice wine or locally known as jungle juice! Wau! My preferred is the red one, but it is pretty difficult to get hold of. Very local and native to the region of Tetebatu.
  • Durian! If not perfectly ripe tastes a bit like an onion with a very creamy aftertaste. Definitely interesting.
  • Magic hour in the rice fields! See photos. I am in awe.
  • Don’t trust google maps or in remote areas. It lead us some weird ways. Beautiful, but definitely challenging. Proceed at your own risk.
  • Diving! Can never get enough of that. Also underwater photography! Wish I could change lenses! GoPro is not so good for fish portraits… Tips?
  • Waterfalls!!

Cheers with the glass full of travelling elephant!