This week has come and gone super fast. If I would not have written at the top of the page that this is week four of the quarantine, I think I would have forgotten by now. Time became a bit of a blur. But in general I do feel a little bit more uplifted and hopeful. I mean the lower you roll down the hill the easier is to see which way up is. I think that’s me saying that I am coming to peace with us all rolling down the hill together. Emphasis on together.  Be safe, be healthy. Sending you love.

Monday. Successful day catching up with some script writing I have promised to help. The day went quick by the laptop. Took few drops of valerian root to ease into sleep. Had a very vivid dream including pigs. It was actually a very positive dream, pigs were happy as I was playing with them. I did wake up in positive spirits. 

Tuesday. The day started slow and unpromising, however the outside was sunny and worm. The hints of approaching summer. Me and my sister went to the near by park for a quick stroll and played a bit of table tennis. There were more people around, but everyone was keeping a distance and wearing masks. The table tennis game was probably the most exercise I have gotten since getting here almost a month ago. After that my brother came to see me as I promised to help him clean his car. It was quite a task, as he got it from my mom and her husband who kept smoking inside for years. We went to one of those self service places and had loads of fun soaping, rinsing, waxing and hoovering it. I mean I don’t think I ever enjoyed cleaning the car this much. Few hours later we drove to a little town where all the lakes are and sat looking up at the moon. It was huge and bright! Also I haven’t spent any alone time with my brother in years so that was nice. We listened to some eurobeat (something my brother likes) on my JBL as the car doesn’t have a sound system on a way to our sisters apartment and that was me for the day. So far definitely one of the highlights of this quarantine!

Wednesday. Woke up with muscle pain in my legs. Like really? This isolation really makes me see how quickly body weakens if I don’t move it in a regular way. Crazy. In the light of this realisation I sat all day in my pyjamas playing Assassins creed and exploring ancient Egypt there. Great.

Thursday. I once again woke up super late. Tried to get hold of my brother to go for a walk, but he didn’t respond. Ended up working on the script. Productive day after all. Did laundry.

Friday. It was kinda cold and windy. We went for 10km hike towards the north of the city to visit a lake. During summer this place is packed with teenagers and families with small children. However now it had ducks courting one another. Interesting change. We sat there for a little bit and hiked another 10km back home. Bring on. The easter food. Now we are ready!

Saturday. Did some essential food shopping with few additional bottles of wine. Had a cheeseplater with wine at home watching the mask of Zoro and both fell in love with Antonio Banderas all over again.

Sunday. Quick Easter food preparations another movie, few online chats with family. Technically my mom doesn’t celebrate Easter now, because she is an Orthodox and Easter for them comes next weekend. But in the light of the pandemic we decided to celebrate family gathering whenever it will be possible. I am still overdue with my birthday, Christmas and New Years celebrations. Ah also my friend had an amazing idea to restart the New Year when the virus is gone and invited me to celebrate a New Years Eve with him in Portugal.

Gratitude list:

  • Washing a car with my brother.
  • My brother.
  • Easter preparations with my sister.
  • My sister.
  • Hikes.
  • Spontaneous photoshoots.
  • My camino friend Marc.
  • Facetime.
  • Mama
  • Online delivery service.
  • GoPro photography.
  • Fruit tea.
  • Fresh air.

Cheers with a glass full of Eastery Elephant!