This week is special in a way that I was not noting anything specific day by day, but just sat down now and had to dig through my memory. Not an easy task as it turns out. The less I do the trickier it is to distinguish  one day from another. Anyway. The time in quarantine does seem a little better now. I eat good food, I have a nice roof over my head, good company and plenty of couch activities to keep me entertained. All in all I have it pretty good. No more valerian root before bed, just plenty of various loose leaf teas all day long and no more news. What’s your recipe for staying sane?

Monday. No bells and whistles. Majority of the day I spent escaping into the world of assassins creed origins.

Tuesday. So apparently there is a massive fire in Chernobyl forest which causes radioactivity levels to rise and radioactive particles to be carried by wind wherever. We were advised to stay at home as much as possible on top of our quarantine restrictions and get some iodine pills. Great.

Wednesday. An additional PS4 remote control I ordered last week finally arrived and me and my sister spend the day playing some nostalgic Playstation multiplayer classics.

Thursday. A bit of work a bit of play? Honestly can’t really recall what I did on the day..

Friday. Went for a walk with my brother and sister. A lot of fun. I appreciate having siblings so much. In a way I have this pandemic to thank for being given this chance to spend more time with them. I used to think that we are so different, but now I am starting to see more and more similarities. That brings me a lot of warm feelings and even thoughts about having multiple children of my own.

Saturday. Hangover day and more ps4 with the sister. The night before we shared a bottle of German wine and made a cauliflower crust pizza. My cooking skills during the quarantine are really put to the test as I finally have a chance to do all those Keto recepies I have been saving on instagram for years travelling with work with no kitchen.

Sunday. It’s Orthodox Easter, so we went to see our mom. No hugs or kisses, but it was still a very warm moment. Staying at home is pretty challenging on the mental health and even though the covid19 seems like a more imminent threat, I don’t want to loose my loved ones to a depression of loneliness. Also I had a dream that my mother had bought three gravestones for my sister, me and my brother to use in the near future. Kinda creepy if you ask me. So I really felt like I should go and see her.

Gratitude list:

  • Family.
  • Roof over my head.
  • Good food.
  • Loose leaf tea!
  • Outdoor car cinema is back in Lithuania after 18 years. I haven’t had a chance to go yet, but its perfect for quarantine now.
  • Kitchen!
  • Spring.
  • Facetime!

Cheers with a glass of simple elephant!