Hello, beautiful sunny spring day from Lithuanian quarantine. As of today some of the outdoor cafes and restaurants are reopening. No gyms, but I hope we will get there soon. I am sitting on my sisters living room floor with the laptop having just spent an hour chatting with a friend about his “date” on a weekend. I got all the romance vibes from him and feel pretty pleased. Love in time of corona has a very romantic tone to it. Ahh. Anyway on a less lovey note, this week went super fast. I spent most of it glued to my laptop writing/ editing this script for a Lithuanian show. It was supposed to be submitted before weekend for re-evaluation with producers to get more finances into it. Hopefully it passes. On even less exciting note we are still in the mids of the pandemic. Honestly by now it almost feels like a norm. Is it weird? Is it strange that I got used to being told to stay at home and obeying? Is it ok that I feel like I have to wear a mask or keep distance from people? It take 3 weeks to create the habit and another 3 for it to settle, does it mean that I have been re-educated?

Hope everyone is well physically and mentally. Sending you all the positive vibes. ❤

Here is what I have been up to this past week.

Monday. So my insomnia is back. I couldn’t fall asleep until early hours of this morning. It messed up my plan to work. Instead of stressing out, we went to the supermarket a little bit farer out in order to get more exercise. Great idea. I made a psyllium husk pancake, put on an episode of Our planet and got to work in the late afternoon. Spirits are positive. My sister introduced me to a Geocaching app, which is a real life treasure hunting game. We will give it a go. I love treasure hunting and burying various treasures so lets see how this will play out. Also underwater world ahh.. I love all those Attenborough shows, cannot wait to dive again.

Tuesday. Last night we went in search of goecatching treasures. They are much harder to find than I thought! Example being, that the easiest one we found so far was 3 meters up on the tree. I am afraid of heights, but I tried to climb. Unfortunately my sister was giving me opposite of a pep talk and I ended up stopping half way. Oh well.

Wednesday. A lot of writing and guess what? Tinder. I wrote an additional blog post which I haven’t published yet about tindering in the time of corona, but honestly all of the sudden the hook up app became some what a place of impossible long distance romance. 

Thursday. I keep having dreams of Camino de Santiago. Also I’ve been sitting and writing this script project. The director has a meeting with producers this weekend to see if it will go through. This really has inspired me to write something of my own. 

Friday. The last push to finish all the writing. The weather is finally beautiful again. Not too warm, but sunny. I spent some time on the balcony listening to my favourite Spotify album: “Cinematic chill out” and attempting to read a bit of this book I bought in Thailand about Thai/Burma rail road of death. It almost feels like normal life.

Saturday. I went on 24 km hike with an old friend. We haven’t seen each other in over a year so there was a lot to catch up on and the hike simply flew by. I took some photos, which I upload on my instagram with a hashtag “one walk a day” in reality it’s “one walk a week”. Yea.. I guess the only place I am some what brave enough to be honest is here. There you go. In the evening me and my sister danced to Spanish music drinking wine and making a cheesecake for my moms husband. Can’t thank quarantine enough for my refreshed relationship with my sister.

Sunday. Today we celebrated my moms husbands birthday. Celebration is a bit of an overstatement, but well. We gave him a bunch of lottery tickets, cause he is really into it. Who knows, maybe something unexpected will come out of it. Honestly this week was good. I did a lot of writing for my director friend and for now I am free of that project, so can finally do something of my own. That’s a good thing. Perhaps that’s Beatles in the background putting me into a bit of a sad mood, but overall this week was a success.

Gratitude list:

  • Spring.
  • Sun.
  • Family.
  • Cheesecake
  • Spanish music.
  • Tinder
  • Facetime
  • Scriptwriting.
  • Romance.
  • Clean hair.
  • My sisters cooking.

Cheers with a glass of elephant for many more successful weeks!