Good morning, friends from the internet! Welcome to my summarised life under the quarantine of 2020.

It’s a beautiful spring morning here in the Eastern Europe (we like to call it either Northern or Central as if it makes any actual difference to its geographical position). The sun is out, the air is fresh and my ketone levels are hight. How do I know you ask? Well, I feel like I could walk a marathon and then whip up some cookies while dancing to some Spanish tunes. It might have happened already or not, no telling as I am still buzzing and the days keep rolling in. Anyway, I gave into my sibling pleasure and in about few hours will go for a walk with a stranger I’ve met on Tinder few days ago. Honestly, the only reason I am doing it is to get my sister off my case for not going on dates, cause she has been on so many already and we want it to be a shared experience. Do you think it’s strange if my sister would have come on my date too? Well she did, so she won’t, but she also agreed to come and pick me up after few hours. Yay.

On this happy note let’s proceed to my diary part of last week. It was actually a rather good week. I’m starting to nail this whole quarantine life I think.

Monday. So my sister went on a date. She tends to do that when the weather is nice and this is how she gets her daily walk in. Pretty clever, in a mean time, I was sitting on the balcony watching her leave while sipping on my fancy tea listening to an audiobook. Win win situation really. I also made it a thing to bake something delicious for when she is back from the date. So this time I made some Keto Chocolate chip cookies. They were awesome and so was her date apparently as she didn’t want the cookies after all. I had a face time chat with my friend Marc, made plans for another chat on Friday with another friend I haven’t talked to in ages and bought tickets for a drive in cinema for me and my brother to go to on Thursday! Talk about productive! Also drive in cinema?! Oh yes, it’s back and it’s legal!

Tuesday. My sister talked me into going to the mall with her to do some shopping as she has nothing to wear for her dates. What a circle of paradox. Anyway, it was actually very nice and I am so glad she is dragging me out to do stuff, cause I would have probably melted into my carpet by now. So we got some take away coffee at the mall. Most shops were still closed, but those which were open had added security, like sanitisers and gloves, also additional staff was taking our temperature. It’s very unusual for this country to care this much about hygiene, positive change! The changing rooms were closed in most stores so you can only buy if you know your size or like to risk it. I wasn’t feeling like either so left empty handed. Well no, with almond milk latte and it was everything I imagined it to be. We aimed for an early night in bed and both read books before sleep. I was listening to mine, which is the Elton John bio. Very good listen! So engaging, that I couldn’t fall asleep until early hours of the morning.

Wednesday. Woke up super tired and had to cancel my plans with a friend as I was just feeling like a zombie. Drank a lot of tea and kinda started to feel a bit better. Also found this course on coursera called the Science of well-being and decided to enrol. It’s free and I though that, this is what I need. To learn some science! (Thank you Big Bang Theory!) The same lecturer has a podcast called The happiness lab, I listened to that too. Feel happier already. Thank you!

Thursday. Fun day doing some shopping with my sister. I got myself a new perfume. I know it is completely unnecessary, but I always feel like comfort for me comes through those little things nobody else knows about, like hot extra clean shower, pretty underwear and a nice sent following a flick of my clean hair. In the early evening my brother and I drove to the airport which is now being used as a drive in cinema venue for the film festival which had to be canceled earlier due to Corona. We watched the Parasite and it was great. The whole experience was amazing, and the film was really good and I was so glad sharing it with my brother. A perfect date if you ask me.

Friday. My sister and I got ourselves a car, from the car sharing app. (If you don’t have it in your countries, this is a perfect business idea right there! It was a huge success here and so convenient for the users too). Anyway so we got a little car with the cabrio type roof and drove around the town. I was taking photos of everything feeling like a tourist. I haven’t actually been out much since coming back from Thailand so it was so so exciting. We had a little picnic by the river bank and watched people fish on the other side of it. I have some rods tucked away at my moms place, maybe we will get those out too at some point..

Saturday. Ah so due to the drive in cinema success on Thursday I booked tickets again to go and see The Square – Swedish film, today. This time it was a late evening showing. The weather got super mystical and foggy, was really beautiful, the film was good, not as good as Parasite, but I enjoyed it. The whole drive in cinema aspect is so romantic in my opinion and it being in the airport is such an exciting bonus. Can you tell I love it? I hope it’s here to stay, really. It makes me want to get my drivers license asap.

Sunday. Chill day at home, chatting to some new Tinder matches and having some actually nice conversations. My sister went on another date. This week I think she only been on two, so she was eager to stretch her feet. While she was gone I made some strawberry butter cookies. OMG those just melted in my mouth. I deliberately made only six of them this time so I wouldn’t eat too much, and boy what a good call that was! Haha. I did some reading for the Happiness course and listened to few more episodes of the podcast. Feeling happy and at peace. 

Gratitude list:

  • Sister.
  • Brother.
  • Drive in cinema.
  • CityBee (the car sharing app)
  • Keto cookies.
  • Elton John audiobook.
  • Marcs love in time of corona drama. Have so much love for that man, he deserves the best girl really.
  • Kettlebell exercises. Yes I got myself a kettlebell and now my bum burns.
  • Home cooked meals.
  • Tinder friends and fun conversations.

Cheers with a glass full of peaceful elephant! May it visit you too!