Good morning! I am sitting here, sipping on the almond milk hot chocolate, which I just made from scratch with some erythritol to make it Keto and feel good about myself for that. This week we had a government announcement about lifting the travel ban for our neighbouring countries as of 18th of May and reopening gyms. Good news, made me very happy, also my fellow colleagues in Sweden said that they are getting back to work too now, so the glimmer of hope is real. I have been very bad with my sleeping routine this week, but now mostly due to the fault of my own and a lot of chatting. In other news, my sister had zero tinder dates this week.

Monday. Started with a happiness lab podcast (if you don’t know what it is, check it out in, it’s great) and a kettlebell pilates remix work out. What a away to start the day. I started having cold feet before my “date” as dating or boyfriends are at the back of my non existing agenda. Well I should have not worried too much, the sparks weren’t flying and we simply had a very energised 2.5 hour hike through the ups and downs of the park. (See photos bellow. Also taking a photo is a great excuse to stop and catch your breath without showing how unfit you have become during the lockdown). Evening was with my sister and she did not bake me any post date cookies.

Tuesday. First half was dedicated to the wellbeing course and catching up with friends. In the evening we drove to watch Polish film Corpus Christi with my brother. My sister with her friend was in another car next to us. I love going to the drive in cinema, the staff guiding your car to the spot is so welcoming and friendly, always waving and smiling with their eyes. The film made me think of the place I grew up and it was nice to have my siblings around to discuss it after, as they felt the same.

Wednesday. Rather slow start. Went out for a walk with my sister. She showed me another new beach spot in this city. Like really? We had a little picnic and were surrounded by hungry coupled up ducks. Love was literally in the air. We got ourselves a scratch card and a fortune cookie each. I won back my 1 euro and my sisters fortune was better. You can’t have it all.

Thursday. There was a photo competition at my sisters workplace where people had to share their working from home experiences. We did a photoshoot for her in different “costumes” in front of various fun locations on TV as if she was travelling there from home. Pretty fun and we got to be creative. I think she has a good chances of wining.

Friday. My sister had her birthday on the day when they announced a lock down in this country. She didn’t have a party and it was a pretty confusing time for everyone. I wasn’t even back in Europe yet. I wanted to give her a birthday present now, especially since I now knew what she really wanted. (At that time I was planing to get her a hoover. Yea I know.. Dyson it would have been, but a hoover non the less) Anyway, so today we decided to go in search of a perfect bicycle. We have done some research already and narrowed down some desirable options. As it turns out the bicycle sales are skyrocketing during the pandemic. Gyms are closed, that’s how people exercise now, we were told. Anyway, long story short we got her a nice Cube bicycle and she was super happy. We went to have a celebratory lunch in one of the outdoor restaurants open now and it was great. If it wasn’t for sanitisers, masks and social distancing stickers everywhere, you’d almost think that the pandemic is over. In the evening I had another drive in film booked. This time French – Le Daim. (Spoilers coming) It’s about a man who is in love with his leather jacket and turns to crime trying to make sure that he is the only person wearing a jacket. Moral? Not sure there is one or you even need it, but my take away was, that you can work towards the most impossible dreams regardless of how crazy they seem. I wouldn’t turn to crime myself or recommend anyone to do it, but you know what I mean.

Saturday. I went for a walk with a friend. She was hurting from a very recent break up. We walked and talked. Honestly, in the moments like these I just wish I could magically take the pain away. No one this good deserves the treatment she got. I am angry at him and the society which helps men like this think that it is ok to manipulate and lie to serve your own selfish needs. How can I help my sisters? Any ideas? I am all ears. Later that night a long time friend from school came for a “girls” night and we were watching videos from 10 years ago living in London together. That cheered the spirits up for sure. Time flies and I am glad to say that we did not seem to have wasted any of it.

Sunday. After a bottle of whisky the night before, the day started very slow. I had a ticket to the drive in cinema to see Spanish film – Madre, but have made a decision last night to give it away on facebook. One of my old classmates reached out and I gifted it to her. She is an expectant first time mother and was super excited as this might be their last outing before the baby is born. I felt equally as excited, just because I knew I made her happy. Did you know you can grow to be more emphatic? I didn’t, until I’ve heard it here: (that’s the podcast which got me hooked for the past few weeks – The Happiness lab). Highly recommend! On this literally happy note I write “Bye” until next week.

Gratitude list:

  • Family.
  • Spring.
  • Feeling the love.
  • Smell of fresh rain.
  • Being able to give.
  • Drive in cinema.
  • Health and life of everyone around me.
  • Music.

Cheers with a glass full of strong and united elephant!