Dear, diary and people who read it.

Hope you are all holding on well. What’s the pandemic situation over in your places? Have you gotten used to the new norm? Are you still struggling and maybe need someone to chat too? I am just one click away, don’t be shy or afraid. Talking to a relative stranger might be something you actually need right now. Here I am – your stranger. Just saying.

My week has been rather mellow. I set some little goals, but mainly take each day as it comes. I started tracking my sleep this week and that has been very helpful. I eat in a more routinely manner and generally avoid overwhelming myself with what “ifs” and “whens”. So far it has been working for me. I am definitely happier and more relaxed.

The weather in this part of the world became very cold. At one point it even snowed! In May! Like what?? 

What I am trying to say is, that even though our pandemic regulations are being eased little by little, it is definitely not over and I am far from returning to the work I love and the life as I knew it. That is OK though. 

I invite you to look into my day to day and see for yourself, that even though a lot has changed, it is still possible to find new things to get excited about.

Monday. My usual blog day. I went through the photos from last week and once again relived all the happy memories. I think this part of my pandemic routine has brought me the most stability and peace. All of the sudden even in the darkest of weeks it managed to help me see the positives or at least got me off my couch to take some new photos to add here. Also the night before I had my first video chat date with this guy I met on Tinder a week ago. It was sweet and just a little bit awkward – basically as you would expect from a first date.

Tuesday. I spent the day finishing off the assassins creed game while my sister went on a date with a new guy. Love in the time of corona is real. Seems like establishing or maintaining relationships is what people crave or miss the most in those strange times. She came back rather pleased from it, although I think the guys was kinda arrogant and talked too much about his various businesses and the money he is making. Seriously? Why do girls like arrogant guys anyway? There is a big different between confidence and showing off. 

Wednesday. So one of my little life dreams was learning to play a piano. When I was a kid my mom told me that I have short chubby fingers and the instrument is not for me. She had a point, but I always loved the sound of it. My sister happens to have a keyboard so I finally gave it a go using Simply Piano app. It was fun and I actually played with both hands! Surprisingly it felt a bit like playing a video game and I am good at those, so here you go, short chubby fingers not that useless after all.

Thursday. I played more piano and remember how I said that I tend to set some goals. Well the prime example coming right up. I saw a recipe for a cauliflower mash (aka. Keto mash potato) on instagram and set out to the shop to get all the ingredients to make it. It turned out great and I felt like the person who is making her dreams come true.

Friday. Some more piano in the morning, before going to meet my girlfriends in town. Our outdoor bars and cafes are open again, so we took the opportunity to meet up and be supportive of each other through all the turmoils of the pandemic life. It was cold though and all the places close at 10 pm, so we did few walks to keep ourselves warm. I also realised that if I live my regular life I manage to fill up my activity meter with no problems or any extra efforts. Honestly I forgot what it was like.

Saturday. My grandpa had his 82d birthday earlier in a week. He lives on a rather remote farm house completely alone, now that his wife passed away weeks before the lockdown began. We decided to go and visit him, considering that we all felt healthy and he was desperate to see us. It was a nice family reunion moment. He was not the best parent to my mom, but he is definitely a very interesting person. His new hobby now is making youtube videos. He is so into technology and everything what’s new it seems he was just born before his time. He hasn’t made any videos which would be public yet, but I am definitely looking forward to see what he will come up with. 

Sunday. I wrapped up the week once again in a very chill way. Mostly at home, with one short trip to the supermarket to get some shrimps, as now I felt like making my other little goal come to life and prepare creamy garlic shrimps with cauliflower mash. In the late evening (due to the time difference) I had my second video chat date with my Mexican penpal. Just after midnight I passed out in the bed which I share with my sister without even setting an alarm. The week must have taken it all from me.

Gratitude list:

  • Family.
  • My brother carrying me around.
  • Video chats.
  • Girls night out.
  • Food and cooking.
  • Tracking my sleep.
  • As of 18th of May gyms are reopening. That means Reformer Pilates!
  • Peace.
  • Home.

Cheers with a glass of never half empty, but always half full elephant.