I know I am a bit late with my week 10 update, but guess what, the life got in the way. Yes yes, I finally managed to get some “life” into all the lock down equation. Overall my spirits are pretty high. The higlight of this whole week was the ability to go to my Reformer pilates studio and exercise. I have missed it so much and so did my sore muscles. I am finally happy with the routine I am establishing. Honestly, I was in fact pretty busy with exercise and feeling tired after it so I didn’t get out much for photos or even tracking my day to day, so I will attempt to remember now what I actually did last week. There you go:

Monday. First class after sooo long. The studio now has only six beds, because, social distancing and more classes, to accommodate the missing beds. The first day back was amazing, felt like going back to school as everyone wanted to chat about their corona virus experience. It really felt like a nice communal gathering. Of course everything was super sanitised and all. Also for the first time ever I bought myself a pack of private classes with my favourite instructor. I want to get back into shape after literally couch surfing for 10 weeks.

Tuesday. My first private class. Super nice, so positive and ouch the pain of sore muscles. How I have missed it! I have been gathering some music for my walking from the studio back home (which takes about 40 minutes) playlist and with the help of my sister and my new Mexican friend I now have a decent list which makes me feel like I’m catwalking through the music video.

Wednesday. Another morning work out. I cooked creamy garlic prawns with cauliflower mash and it was amazing. In the evening I met up with my old uni friend, who recently moved into his new flat and got engaged. We had a nice evening chatting about love and his story. It was super cute and I am so so happy for him and pretty impressed how this excessive hairspray user with shiny silver trainers in the first year grew up to be a respectable rather well groomed husband to be. That’s life I guess. Also he invited me over to his house warming in few weeks. Cannot wait! 

Thursday. Day off from exercise, cause wau.. Played some more piano. I’ve been doing it pretty much every day. So happy about it.

Friday. Morning work out and a laser sessions in the afternoon. Finally got a chance to come back to my favourite laser place in Lithuania. After this session I was told that I can be back in 6 months. Technically I am done. Yay. My sister came with me so she started her laser journey just now. I guess one year to go for her too. In the evening I met up with my friend and we did a really nice and slow “pub crawl” through the bars and outdoor cafes. Everything is only open until midnight, so the night was pretty short. Non the less a really nice and welcome change.

Saturday. We got a car with my sister and went exploring as the weather finally got nice and warm again. It was glorious. I love discovering new places where I thought I already knew everything. In the evening I had a long video chat with my Mexican pen pall. It’s becoming a thing and I like it.

Sunday. Relaxed day at home. Very relaxed. Spent the evening watching sunset in Portugal via video call with my camino friend Marc, it was super special. I love that guy.

Short and sweet and full of friends and reformer Pilates. It’s almost as if the pandemic is over. How I wish that was true.

Gratitude list:

  • Pilates.
  • Family.
  • Friends.
  • Unexpected trips.
  • Food.
  • Beauty treatments.
  • Video calls.
  • Girl nights.
  • New love and engagements.
  • Being healthy and loved.

Cheers with a glass full of reformed elephant!