Every week it feels less and less of a quarantine in my part of the world. Bars, gyms, shops and various other activities are running back up. I would say it has some sort of stillness about it, like calm before the storm. Considering what is happening in the US, apart of the pandemic, it seems that the storm is yet to hit the rest of the world too. Honestly, I feel a bit ignorant recollecting my week, because it looks too positive and almost normal and that I do not deserve it. I wish some normal for everyone. Love to all.

Monday. Reformer. Lunch with a friend from university. He got financing through for his first feature. So happy for him. Directing is a very long and winding road in this industry without all the drama in the world. I am so so glad he gets to do it regardless. Also on the same note, he is planning to shoot a self funded short film and asked me to help out. It’s a BIG yes from me. In the evening we played table tennis with my usual friend.] in our local park. Perks of being neighbours. Also I am really starting to like living in one place.

Tuesday. Reformer. New studio. A lot of walking. Facial and crop top shopping.

Wednesday. Day off from sport. Picked up new face masks – aka one of our film colleagues has a clothing line/studio and offered to provide all the local crew with face masks they could use on set. So we picked up ours today and mine says “script” on it. As per my department. Now all I need is work.. The rest of the day we spent at the park with few more friends.

Thursday. Reformer. Registered to study for driving theory. I decided that if there is one thing I accomplish this year, that will be my drivers license. 

Friday. Morning call with my Mexican pen pall. Got me in the mood to try and wake up earlier each day as it was so nice to see the city so at peace. Reformer class. Went to the cafe to do some studying afterwards and from there on we carried on through various outdoor cafes and bars until about 1 am, when we wrapped our night on one of the highest points in this city, eating a kebab and watching the skyline. You really don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend to do romantic stuff with someone. Just get a friend.

Saturday. My sister went off on a date with this guy she has known for a while now, but only been on 3 dates. Well this was the fourth. Anyway, it was a spontaneous decision, so I felt a bit like she ditched me. I ordered a box of donuts and made us cocktails, when she decided to run off… I ended up playing Sims and watching the Space x launch. It was exciting to witness history in the making. Although I did feel pretty lonely. I realised that I don’t remember what it’s like to be dating someone who lives in the same country or even city. 

Sunday. We finally went to tidy up our grandmothers grave. It’s been in the plans for a while. It was me, my sister and my brother. When this gran passed away, I was 5, my sister 7 and my brother 2. I wonder if she ever though what we are going to be like all grown up. Would she be proud? Would she be surprised to see three of us together looking after her grave? I don’t have many memories of us together, but those which I do are very very special to me. Second half of the day we spent doing bbq at my moms house. It was a nice sunny last day of Spring. 

Gratitude list:

  • Family.
  • Friends.
  • Good weather.
  • Reformer pilates.
  • Health.
  • Car opening services. We got locked out of the car on Sunday and I had to call a guy to come and help us. First time it ever happened in my presence. Pretty interesting experience.
  • Got interviewed on the street about life in quarantine on Friday night. Hope those who would want to hire me here know now that I am in this country.
  • Rocket launch. I wish I could have seen it with my own eyes.

Cheers with the glass full of loving and very much equal elephant!