Honestly, I have been feeing a bit guilty calling this my quarantine diary, when there are not that many quarantine regulations left here and I feel like I am living the life. Government is debating to end the quarantine altogether, but with some “special rules” in place which would mean shorter working hours for bars, restaurants or other gathering places. It makes me feel a bit weird. As if the rules in society slowly have been changing and now if we are told to go home at midnight (most bars closing time here) we will. I know, I know there are more important things in life than going out, but what else will we have to start compromising on? Just a thought.

Also I have been a bit absent the past week, hence I will pile up 2 weeks worth of diary here. I can’t quite put my finger on the reason I skipped one post, but take it like a black square everyone has been posting on their socials last week. 

Anyway, so without any further ado here it comes, short and sweet:

WEEK 12:

Monday. Reformer – aka the staple of my every day routine and the reason I get out of bed every morning. My friend registered me to get vaccine done for tick-borne encephalitis, so I had my first shot. There was no cold winter last season, so apparently all those ticks multiplied and are eager to spread some fatal diseases. I’ll have to get a second shot in 2 weeks. After that we took a bus to the town centre and spent some time in this super cosy outdoor cafe by the park, where I used to feed ducks when I was a toddler. I like this city. Memories on every corner. Also I finally made some progress on my driving theory studies.

Tuesday. Reformer. Piano. Theory. I was feeling a bit tired after the vaccine and my arm was throbbing, so took it easy. 

Wednesday. Reformer. Girls night in. It was relatively calm evening at one of my girlfriends flat. First time visiting her since she moved in. Cosy. We watched some Netflix, drank some tea (yes, no Champagne or mimosas) and talked a lot about our experiences living in London. We did not know each other back then. Yet the way we started was very similar. I guess only those who tried to make it there being as young and naive as we were will know what I mean.

Thursday. Reformer. Still feeling a bit drained. I feel like I’ve been socialising to the max and what I am learning about myself that I can’t handle that very well in this kind of intensity. I really need some mental breaks. The weather has been glorious though! 

Friday. Reformer. My 5th class this week. Also got me feeling fatigued, not sure I’ll push myself again next week. Sun was out so we went out with my sister and another friend who is kinda stuck unemployed here as I am. Good day overall.

Saturday. House warming party. Been waiting for it the whole two weeks I think, ever since my newly engaged friend invited me. Ah the flat was beautiful with the terrace the size of his actual flat. Well done him. Can’t believe he is younger than me. Made me think that I need to pull myself together a bit. Also should have gone into making commercials too, could have bought my own flat too perhaps. Anyway. It was a nice evening with a bunch of people I didn’t actually know that well. It doesn’t happen often in my circles as film people tend to only have other film crew friends. It was pretty refreshing to not talk about work for once, especially now since we don’t have anything going on.

Sunday. Was a hangover day which I spent with my brother driving around various villages. He was a bit upset and needed a break. Quarantine is hard on the mental stability I notice. Everyone seems to be a little bit more on the edge and dramas just happen out of thin air. Honestly, I have been feeling pretty useless due to my lack of work and responsibilities, so I have take up the role of a listener and advisor on myself and although it was voluntary I feel it draining my last reserves of positivity. Not good. Maybe I was just a bit tired.

WEEK 13:

Monday. Reformer. It was hard. After a weekend of being out and about and 5 classes the week before I couldn’t quite nail it. The rest of the day I spent driving around with a new friend I made at the party on Saturday. It was really hot summery day so we did a lot of local summery activities, which I now realise I didn’t photograph enough. Also it might have something to do with my depleted levels of energy, cause even clicking the button for the photo gets hard.

Tuesday. Reformer in the morning and a trip to the seaside straight after. The weather in the capital was peaking with summer, not so much by the coast though. The plan was to go there for one night and just do some cycling around and breathe the fresh air. In that retrospect we succeeded. The new friend showed me around and it was super sweet. Also bumped into my friend from work there who decided to relocate to that seaside town for the summer while no filming is happening. She got herself a job as a ranger. How cool is that?!

Wednesday. After a fun filled day the day before we were pretty tired. Good kind of tired though. Did some walking through the dunes. So nice to feel the sand under your bare feet and the smell of dunes! Nothing beats that – home.

Thursday. Reformer. Some studying and a little electric scooter test ride with my sister. Since I’ve been gone for few days she missed me and it was nice to catch up and do something together. Of course I was too lazy for that at first, but I am so glad when she pulls me out and we actually do something fun together. As we were out in the town the massive storm cloud appeared and we had to do a very quick run from it. What a way to master the scooter. Managed just in time before all the sky erupted. Yay us. Gave me so much adrenaline!

Friday. Reformer. Another morning with my sister and a little date night with the friend in the evening. A lot of walking and talking. Finally visited this rooftop bar I wanted to get to for ages. Fun fact, or maybe actually not so fun in my case (the day before I spent good half an hour just calling various places without much success), but as it turns out now, you need to prebook restaurants or bars for Friday nights, because it is that busy! Quarantine what?!

Saturday. Camping trip. Few weeks ago in some of my travels with my sister we stumbled across some pretty places north of the country by the lakes and though it would be nice to camp there. As coincidence would have it my new friend had one planed with his group of friends this weekend so I tagged along. Another bunch of brand new people for me. I usually feel fine in situations like these or maybe I think that I do. It was all fun and nice, but I guess my unemployment kicked in and I got a bit sad that I can’t go back to my regular work life as those people do. Ah yes, earlier in a week I had an email from my agent saying that the production which we haven’t finished shooting in Thailand will resume late August. Something to look forward to. It’s not all that bad. I am probably just having a bit of a down moment and need some film people to cheer me up with the shared misery. 

Sunday. We drove back and as I returned home I was welcomed by my sister and a friend who had a sleepover while I was gone. I was so so tired, my sister made me some breakfast and after I had a shower the friend brushed my hair. No one has done that for me in ages, it was so sweet. I love that girl and I love my sister. In the evening I tagged along for some car washing. For some reason I really like the process, so relaxing. If I ever finish studying for my drivers license and get the car I’ll be washing it all the time.

This concludes the summery of my two weeks. Not sure if my next post will be under the quarantine diary, because as of the 17th of June it will be officially stopped here. Not sure how I feel about that, but we shall see. Fingers crossed no wave 2.

Gratitude list:

  • Family.
  • Nature.
  • Friends, old and new.
  • Summer.
  • Reformer.
  • Drivers license.
  • My agents.
  • Job prospects, no matter how far and distant.
  • Health.
  • Being driven around.
  • All the nice little moments of attention.

Cheers with a glass full of slightly tired, but recuperating elephant!