This week I’m coming in early. Tomorrow I am going away for a little holiday for the next week and I am hoping to spend some decent time away from the internet and socials in general. Some peace and quiet.. As of the middle of this week the quarantine has officially ended in Lithuania. Good news for us here, everyone celebrates. Hope the situation will get better in the rest of the world too soon. Stay strong friends! The end is near!

As for this week I have kept myself pretty busy, was actually told that perhaps I overworked myself a bit with exercise and social commitments. Could be true as I do feel exhausted and this Friday night I chose to spend in bed with a mug of hot tea. Life.

Monday. Reformer – as per usual. Had my second vaccine. Ouch. Considering that I donate blood and needles don’t scare me this shot is definitely one of the unpleasant ones. Why is that?? Also managed to completely break my wooden sunglasses. Moral. They last only two years, since they are made of wood and literally decompose as you wear them. Very cute though. Anyway I bought a new pair, this time plastic, hoping for a longer lifespan. Did all this shopping with my sad friend, she gives great advice on things and I just wish she would take mine on her situation for once, cause it hurts me to watch her suffer like that. The evening was for sister time and catching up with mama on the phone. She is a bit stressed due to the corona virus cases in her neighbourhood.

Tuesday. Reformer private. My trainer always makes me sweat, I think she enjoys watching me have another shower by doing exercises. Also we have some nice conversations while at it. I kinda feel like I’m in therapy when we talk. It feels pretty good, I won’t deny. I think therapy in general is so so useful and should never be stigmatized. Later on I messaged my friend, who I had one of my first quarantine hikes with and never talked to again for a while, to meet up and walk her dog. So we did. It was nice catching up. I decided to incorporate more people into my life, just because I do have all this time and I missed having real life connections. 

Wednesday. Reformer ab day. Ouch. I am making good progress though. The summer has come again and it was so so hot, we went to the lake with my Monday friend. Luckily we have quite a few of those taxi distance away from the city. We spend good five hours grilling ourselves on the sun there and I finally went for my first non tropical swim this year. Refreshing! In the evening we met up with another friend and went to the little concert. We were so tired after all the sun it was a bit hard to enjoy it. But – concert! They are finally making the appearance. Happy for that. 

Thursday. Reformer. Quick turn around at home after it, because my friend was coming to pick me up with his 97 peugeot cabrio to go to this art exhibition in the lake town of Trakai. The ride itself was fun, the exhibition was interesting and the time we spent by the lake was relaxing. I felt so at peace after all this, that I literally passed out on the couch at home for the most glorious late afternoon nap. I needed this so bad.

Friday. Reformer for one of the hardest classes so far. She did us good today. Another shower right on the reformer. Went to do my nails again and planned to go to the lake with my sister. As fate had it the car we took had a problem with its tire and our trip was cut short. Luckily we didn’t get hurt, courtesy of a kind young man letting us know as he was driving by. Anyway we ditched the lake idea after that and walked to the river beach we visited few weeks ago. Now it was in a full summer swing and I even had a very non Keto ice cream as a treat. My sister finally took a dip in the river and caught some sun rays as she was so sad I could go out and do things while she was working from home all week. Life is good. Also I had an issue with my neckless my sister gave me as a birthday present last year and the shop called me today that they will replace it, so I got the brand new one today. So happy for that!! In other news my new friend from the party has been pretty sweet this week taking me around town for some evening car rides. 

All in all this week was pretty social and pretty packed with things to do. I am so looking forward to some easy time by the beach next week. Also midsummer night celebrations are coming!! Excited! I feel like I am getting a bit of my oomph back.


  • Electric scooter. Been taking it to get to my reformer classes every morning. So much fun and a great preview of what’s driving will be like. At least I hope so.
  • Driving theory. Almost done with the whole book. Will be registering for the exam soon. Fingers crossed!
  • Being driven around and having casual tea or coffee with a view.
  • Cabrio!!
  • My brother passed all his exams with top marks. So proud!
  • Walking the dog and watching my friend teaching him good habits. So interesting!
  • Reformer and my trainer. That girl is great!
  • Spending less time on the phone.
  • Afternoon nap!!!

Cheers with a glass full of oomphed up elephant!