Here I am. Coming in a bit later this week. The new “post quarantine” life has been pretty eventful. So eventful in fact, that I needed an extra day to sleep it all off and recharge. I am sitting here in my sisters living room dealing with all the taxes and contemplating how I did not have a single year since I started freelancing that paying taxes would be easy financially and mentally as a result. Seems like every year there is something new to get me thinking that next year will be better. That I’ll be doing my taxes when I have enough put aside and will be in another employment to not even notice the sums going out of my account. Still I would not change my career choice, but not gonna lie, stability and security would give me more comfort, especially in these strange times.

On a happier note, I did have an exciting week, where I took some time of from my phone and just enjoyed real human connections. That was nice. You’ll find the summery bellow.

Saturday. I went on a trip, which started with a visit to my dads home town. At least I think it was, since we don’t really talk, so I am not sure. The little town is just over 300 km from where I live now and I haven’t been there properly since I was a little girl. It has changed a lot I am sure. German influence is pretty visible and they have a little port with boats! I love boats so even just that would have done it for me. Also for the first time in a long time I went to the church, like a proper small town church. Honestly, I was not very impressed by the service delivered, as it felt more obligatory and “dry” rather than inspiring and moving. I have filmed in many churches before and those ones felt more charged with positive energy even with film crew walking around laying their equipment than this one with people who were meant to be true believers. Maybe they weren’t. 

Sunday. We took a boat from the little port, which took us 2 hours to this sea side town I have visited for a day last week. The weather this time was much better. We had bicycles rented out so navigating around to the place we were going to stay was quick and easy. I decided to take a very chill approach and for most mart spent the day swinging in the hammock under the pine trees listening to music. It was sooo relaxing. In the evening the group of us had a little party by the beach. Fun with rum cocktails, sunset and conversations. 

Monday. Was a beach day. Keto went out of the window the night before with me munching on a panini at 2 am. Oh well, my Keto took a holiday too I decided. So after the beach we went for pizza and beer. If you’ve read more of my blogs you know those are like treats for me so yea.. Food for soul as I say. In the evening we chilled at our hostel accommodation with more rum cocktails, music and conversations. It stated raining around midnight so the night was rather modest.

Tuesday. Midsummer night day. First half was raining cats and dogs. Still warm though so very refreshing and summery. Evening cleared up and we went to the mini concert at this place called Rabbit garden if you translate it into English. Cosy place, more rum, sunset on the sandy beach and midnight sing along in the dunes with the group. A lot of fun and very chill. What is this life really??

Wednesday. More beach and hangover before catching a boat to get back on land. Barely made it. Also managed to get my sister a little present before leaving, so was very happy about that. Had the cosiest nap on the boat with my head resting on metal rails. Yea, I can sleep pretty much anywhere if I am tired. 

Thursday. A quick pit stop at home, to do laundry and repack for the weekend. Got back to pilates for a private class. Got all the alcohol out of my system for sure. I am so not used to drinking this much anymore and don’t want to start. None the less I had a good time. Staying of my phone was such a good idea. For some reason girlfriends around me have so many boy problems it really makes me think that it is all in how you perceive things. If you let it get to you it will bother you and you won’t be able to move on. Sometimes you just have to make a choice and choose you. In this scenario I chose myself and took some time off.

Friday. Pilates in the morning and another trip to the country side for a big family gathering. Yes we are aloud those here now. I was told that normally they get around 150 relatives in that one spot, this time I think it was about 50. Still it’s crazy for me to imagine, because it is literally only 6 of us. A bit jealous really, cause it was pretty nice to see all those people connect knowing that they are all family. First night in the wild nature was relatively quiet. I went to bed early and woke up when the sun warmed up the tent enough for me to start sweating in my sleep.

Saturday. More family arrived and we even had a little gathering with a priest. My second visit to the “church” in two weeks. What’s going on? One thing I liked what he said was the reference to God creating the earth in 6 days and taking the 7th day to rest. I could relate to that in terms of taking the rest day after all what is going on in the daily life. I know I am technically not working, so as most still, I think, but I it is important to switch off for at least a day to not even think about the things which can preoccupy your mind during the week. Especially so now. The more free time I have I notice, that my mind wonders and not necessarily in good directions, so pressing the pause is a must. A kinda cliche realisation I know, but oh well.

Sunday. A long journey home after a rather boozy night. I am going on a detox for a while after this week. Overall I am happy, but tired. Really felt like I had a holiday, which is nice. I cannot believe that July is just around the corner. It feels like it was March just a week ago. Again, if I don’t think about the future the life seems great, so I am trying to keep it that way. Not sure how healthy is that and maybe there is a better way to deal with mental stability and health so I am all ears for your ideas.

Hope everyone is safe and healthy. Sending you big hugs and love.


  • Being out of reach.
  • Sea, sand dunes and sun.
  • All the new people.
  • Trip by boat.
  • Hammock!
  • Cheating on Keto.
  • Wild nature. It’s been a while I camped without any bathroom facilities..
  • Bicycles!!
  • Nights on the beach!

Cheers with a glass full of “off the grid” elephant!