Hello world! I took a taxi to my pilates class this morning and the instructor didn’t turn up.. some sort of a mix up with times we were told. Anyway, I walked back home to get at least a bit of exercise and now sit here looking over my whole week feeling grateful that I documented it as I was going about it. July feels as if it is in a full swing, I hear news from other countries reopening their bars and restaurants. Flights are coming back, but as far as I hear only within Europe. It all seems that the life is resuming. I was dwelling a lot on that the past week, with a deliberate attempt not to concentrate too much that my work is not doable yet. However I had a mini realisation, that I should in fact think about the future and will be whipping out my diary after I post this to start planing ahead what I can. Taking control, finally! On that happy note, this is how I got here:

Monday. Reformer day, laundry and a lot of naps. Had a super quick call with my Portuguese saviour. That man manages to make me laugh just by looking at me! I promised him my first trip abroad after the corona dangers are over. Can’t wait! Otherwise a very relaxed day which I really needed.

Tuesday. Reformer as per usual. Also last day of June so had to sort out my taxes. I know I should be grateful for being able to pay it with no problem, but the uncertainty about the work made me feel a dig in my bank account for sure. Oh well.. here is to some sort of income rolling in at some point!! Also I accidentally napped and then was lounging around the flat catching up with friends. Had an overdue chat with London girlfriend/colleague. Honestly I’m glad my lock down was here, but yea.. We had such a good time last Autumn working and carpooling to locations together. Fond memories.

Wednesday. Private reformer session with my now buddy/therapist trainer. So happy she helped me to get back my pre quarantine strength, now I feel like I’m just building up more, which is great. So in the bigger news my sister was debating the idea of buying a flat and today we went to view one. It’s in a pretty old building (imagine Chernobyl flats), but in a rather good location and the building itself is due for renovation. Overall feeling of the flat was very cosy and we both felt like visiting a relative or something, that’s how welcoming it felt. It will need some work done if we were to buy it, but there is no rush, as long as we get on that “property ladder” and stop paying overpriced rent. 

Thursday. Pilates in the morning. Some little beauty treatments after and another flat viewing. Honestly, I don’t even want to write too much about it, because that really was the example of how you don’t sell. The flat itself was ok, better location and would have stretched our budget, but people selling it were just rude. Let’s leave it there. In the evening my sister went on a date to play some chess and I went to meet up with my girlfriends. They told me that I seem bitter and kinda depressed.. yea well I took it as a green light to let it go and talk about my feelings a bit. In the end the night was very good. Glad we did it.

Friday. Pilates in the morning, a nice little walk back home, quick shower and adventures with my sister. She is going on a hiking trip in a week so we went to do some hiking essentials shopping. For one I am super happy and proud of her going alone (as in with no friends, just a group of strangers) on this trip, because she has never done any solo travelling before and for two, she has beaten me to it and will concur mountains before me! Jealous! Good kind of jealous! I had my second mesotherapy appointment today and also went to donate blood. Feeling pretty productive, but tired. Also, not sure how exactly, but I managed to complete my donation in 3 minutes, that is super fast by the way! I have noticed that blood flows faster and easier when I’m on keto and working out in general.. Wonder if there is any science behind it.

Saturday. Got woken up by my sister coming back home after 6am. Yea, she had a fun night and a very long hungover morning. In a meantime our brother came to pick me up and we went to do some clothes shopping for him. He is back working at the office so as he said, he can no longer turn up at work in his boxer shorts. So mature! Also Vilnius was celebrating American 4th of July and we had some events in town which we went to se after the shopping. I found out that my brother likes things neat and doesn’t like to get his hands dirty with food. Funny, because I never noticed that before. In the evening we had a very random group kayaking trip on our main city river. The group was a mix of people mainly known to my sister, but we all got along just fine. It was our first time kayaking at night and it was pretty fun. We reached the end just after midnight and were greeted by fireworks. These were probably still in celebration of independence, but were very well timed for us coming on shore. After that we spent another few hours chatting at one of the local bars which is more like a park. Got home at 4am, happy but tired. It was a first time after a long time that my sister and I would hang out late together like that. It was cool. I’d say a good sibling bonding day.

Sunday. Slept for most part. Did some writing and contemplating about life. Watched some Netflix and ordered take away. My sister was out cycling so I had a chance to be alone at home. It doesn’t happen often, but it was great. Nice and quiet. I practically didn’t use my camera this week and it was kind of on purpose. I had been feeling like I wanted to hide under the covers this week. Today, I had a real chance to do it so I took it. As of Monday I will be picking myself up. 


  • Siblings. Learning new things about them is always so exciting. Kinda like finding hidden pockets in your favourite jacket.
  • Kayaking at night!
  • Finally meeting my sisters chatting buddy in person after hearing so much about him. 
  • My sister going to participate in a car racing. So proud!
  • Us almost buying a flat!
  • Me feeling fit. For some reason when I was in Indonesia I started feeling very unfit and later my body confidence went down hill with the lockdown, so I was pretty pleased to see my physical strength back and I hope it will boost my mental feels too.

Cheers with a glass full of strong and mindful elephant!