Hello! I’m in a car Vilnius to Nida again! This time I’m going for a little girls holiday to the same beach place I’ve been to twice already. I just can’t get enough of it! The past week was rather eventful, but I think the biggest change was in my mentality towards the future and job prospects. It seems that my hopeful approached had brought some positive outcomes right away. If all goes well I might once again pack my life into the suitcase and go off on another adventure. Fingers crossed this is the turning point for 2020.

Monday. Reformer class which didn’t happen. It’s a sign that I need to slow down for sure. I spent the day in the world of word press, reading other blogs. There is so much good content out there! So personal and touching really. I was hoping to meet up with my brother and go to the lake, but the weather turned cold this week. Also my sister went on a date with her racing buddy/ primary school classmate. If there is any guy from her past dates I am routing for, that’s him. I don’t really know him, but I got a good feeling about it. My sister honestly wasn’t even sure if that was a date, but maybe that’s even better for her at this point. Taking things slow, getting to know each other. Yea teenage romance is not gone haha.

Tuesday. Reformer class in the morning. My phone started playing up so I spent half a day trying to swap the data between my usual old phone and my work phone. I realised that I take keychain passwords for granted and should really try and remember or write down those for myself somewhere. The highlight of the day was that my sister signed a preliminary contract for the cosy flat we went to see last week, which means.. We almost kinda bought a new home! Exciting.

Wednesday. Private reformer class. A lot of sweat and laughs. Bumped into my actress friend at the studio too, had a sweet little chat, that girl looks so glamorous exercising! She really does belong on screen. When walking back home I was beaming, everything around me looked pretty and honestly I missed feeling this way. At home my sister also got some good news from the job interview she had last week. She was successful. I am so happy for her. She had such an eventful year (moving out, getting a divorce, buying  her first home) and now this job, which means promotion so all is really good and more adventures awaits. I am glad I am here to witness it.

Thursday. Reformer class as per usual. Wasn’t feeling 100% and slept a lot during the day. 

Friday. Reformer class, manicure and pedicure after. Later on sister time preparing for her trip and sorting out paperwork for the flat. Got contacted by my agents for the job in August. So it seems that the Thailand shoot is moving to London. Cannot wait! Also got asked to do some script timings for the same show,  because due to covid most shoots have to happen indoors where it’s easier to control the environment, the few last episodes got new rewrites to accommodate it. This is definitely a one memorable show to be a part of!

Saturday. My sister was invited on a kayak trip and took me as her rowing partner for the day. We joined some 30 people who do this kind of trip annually for the past 10 years as a tradition. It was much better than I expected. The rowing part was a bit challenging at times as there were fallen trees over the river and quite a few times we had to get out of the boat to push through. On the other hand all the new people were super welcoming and friendly. I realised that for the past month I spent a lot of time in groups with “strangers” and that’s kinda fun in a way. Improving my social skills for sure.

Sunday. Woke up a bit hungover, ordered some take away and started working on the script timings. Ahh good times! I missed it for sure. So looking forward to seeing the old crew and cast! On a completely random note this director I have shot with before messaged me saying that he is in my city. I assume he is planning filming here again. So we will try to catch up after my little holiday.


  • Positive spirits.
  • Naps.
  • Reformer.
  • Kayaking.
  • Meeting new people.
  • Buying a flat!!!

Cheers with a glass full of semi employed elephant!