Hello world, it has been a while!

To be honest it does not feel like 2 weeks have passed since my last post. It literally feels like I blinked and boom, the end of July is here. A lot of changes are coming my way and I once again realise that I am not so good with getting out of my usual routine. I mean it is exciting and all, but somehow I have found comfort in my quaranine’ish life.

In other news, our government are going to discuss the return of the facemasks tomorrow as covid cases started to grow again with all the travelling abroad people were aloud to do. Honestly, going on holiday abroad is such a selfish thing in my opinion. Can you not wait? Really?

Anyway, all that said I have been on a little holiday myself two weeks ago. I went to the same place I’ve visited before in this beachy island with two of my girlfriends. Second summer in a row, so hopefully it will be a tradition from now on. Love those girls, love that place and we got so lucky with the weather I managed to resurrect my Indonesian tan from last winter. Hurray!

The second week was dedicated to shooting my friends short film. My first film gig after the lockdown. Double hurray! We had some few locally famous actors and most of my friends on set as crew. So much fun, but majorly sleep deprived as we were running over for at least an hour every day… Didn’t do any writing then or photos as I was so concentrated on staying awake and doing a good job. My director friend has never worked with a script supervisor before so I really wanted to show him what I do and be helpful at that.

So without any further a do:

Week 5:

Monday. Holiday time! Did a private reformer class in the morning and carpooled to the beach island. The trip went pretty quick because I actually had to do some real work! To be honest that helped with putting me in a good mood for holiday. Just because I missed being needed in that way. In the evening we had a rather quiet walk around town and then bed. Also we were supposed to be staying until Friday as everything was fully booked, but on our arrival someone just cancelled and we were offered extra few days which we took of course.

Tuesday. Beach day! Had a little breakfast at home and walked to the beach which is not even 10 min away from where we are staying. Super close. The weather is perfect as it’s not too hot a bit windy so the waves are just right and fun to jump in. Overall a very relaxed day, listening to the sound of waves and wind. Happy. Evening we went out for a drink. Literally we just had one drink each and wanted our beds. We are wild! 

Wednesday. Another beach day in the ladies beach. I don’t think I’ve ever been to one before. We were relaxing, reading (in my case listening to an audiobook) and contemplating about life. I finally feel rested and positive enough about the future. Also had a bit of a relationship realisation. For a while now I’ve been saying that I do not want one as I am not ready, but now it sort of came to me that I have always been just “falling” into a relationship without thinking much if that is the person I’d want to be with in the first place. I know it kinda sounds sad. It probably is, but I also know that I have to own up to it and take control finally. I used to make pretty detailed lists of jobs and experiences I wanted to have and eventually I’d complete all those. I have never really thought about who I would want to be with in that detailed manner and that was a big realisation for me. I literally laid on the beach thinking of all the qualities I find attractive in people and I take it as a first step towards choosing and not settling.

Thursday. Did a bit of prep work for the friends film we are shooting next week. As we were sitting at this local sandwich place more friends arrived. We later on met them on the beach, but due to a bit of a rainy weather went home early. In the evening we joined them for the beach party. Our first party this week.

Friday. Beach day in the morning and a big night in the evening all the way to the next morning. The day before we saw new neighbours moving in just across the hall and one of my girlfriends left them a note under the door with her number. We felt like teenage girls at school and it was pretty funny until one of those neighbours actually called and we all met up at this concert we went to. We ended up going out to this festival to dace and greet the sunrise. I think all the sleep I have done prior gave me so much energy I felt so alive. Also a funny situation happened when I bumped into this guy at the festival who I have previously briefly talked to on Tinder and (as he reminded me) I never replied to. He was really friendly and it did make me wonder why I ignored him all those months ago.

Saturday. After the whole day and night on our feet we spent the day sleeping on the beach. Didn’t feel very productive, but it was necessary. In the evening we went to the beach to watch the sunset and share a bottle of wine. Did a little walk for some 1 am sandwiches and bumped into my favourite couple friends these days. Basically that’s one of my best guy friends who recently got engaged and his wife to be. Their positivity and love is so infectious the brief chat we had lifted my spirits for the walk home I did alone at already 2 am. Also I think that they are expecting. They didn’t confirm it, but also did not deny so it is good enough for me. I never though I will be this excited for a friends baby, but this really hyped me.

Sunday. We were hoping to stay one more night as the time we had over here was so much fun. However it was not meant to be due to accommodation and I managed to find a guy on this group chat forum to carpool all three of us all the way home. Sweet deal. So we spent most of the day by the beach where the vibes from the festival were still so alive you could hear the music of after party party blasting everywhere. Pretty fun vibe really. We also bumped into this guy from Tinder and his friends so they kept us company. I know I know how it looks when I write it here, but as I said earlier I am not settling anymore.

So this concluded my holiday. Just reading through it again made me smile, the time we had was so good!

Week 6:

Monday. A quick post holiday reformer class followed by napping and laundry. Holiday tired me out a bit. In the evening I went out for what I though will be a quick catch up drink with an old friend/colleague of mine who happened to be scouting in Lithuania for the next film. We had a lot to chat about and it was actually really nice, so we spent hours. Not very responsible of me, since I had an early morning at work next day, but oh well.

Tuesday. First day back on set. I was a bit tired, but happy, seeing all the friends and colleagues again and I just love the feel of film set and the atmosphere it creates. The make up artist friend was the same girl I was at the beach holiday with so we were both still “vibing” of that shared experience and it was great. The film itself is really ambitious and just by looking at the call sheet I knew we will not going to make it in time. Boy I was so right. We went over by four hours! I was snoozing in front of the monitor by the end of the day, not cool of course, but to be expected. I am here for a friend and a good time, which I had so I didn’t mind the crazy hours very much.

Wednesday. Almost half way through the film by the end of the day as it is only a four day shoot. A bit sad actually as I am really enjoying it. The actors are pretty sweet young guys, so fun to be around, also the script calls for them to be in towels only, so costume continuity is very easy and usually not that much make up continuity on guys anyway. Pretty easy day. We went over by an hour, but only because we needed some beauty shots of food, so it felt like shooting a commercial, not very hard, just a lot of repetition. My editor friend on this job is also doing catering for the late night dinner/snack and made some delicious pasta Bolognese. Bye Keto for this shoot, but it was pretty nice to be sitting in front of the monitor all cosy, eating pasta and laughing with my friends while also doing the job I love. Could not be better really.

Thursday. Action packed day. Fight scene and cutting around one of the older actors who was not very mobile and could barely stand let alone pretend to fight someone. Interesting experience, but we had a stunt supervisor who worked on game of thrones dragon unit with us so all that good. Go Lithuanian talent! Haha. No, but yes, that guy was really good and shots we did worked very well, the editor put them together as we were shooting. Perks of everyone being friends. He also made some amazing burgers at the end of the day. What a guy! I told him that if he wanted to start a food truck business I’d definitely invest and that’s true! My secret dream is having a food truck.

Friday. Sadly the last day, but also full of stunts, guns and action. We almost flipped a car over (on purpose of course) and filmed some cool looking action shots for the guys. It was a good last day. Once we wrapped the producer released fireworks and it was like a cherry on top of a really lovely cupcake or donut mmm. Also we had a little party at the shooting location and spent the night there. It had a sauna in it so we did some midnight sauna and swimming at the pond there followed by chats until 5 am.

Saturday. A bit slow morning, packing everything up, but once I was home I went for the sweetest nap. I woke up just in time for our official wrap party. Another fun summer night out and more talks about relationships. Funny those conversations seem to be haunting me. 

Sunday. We went to visit my mom. Mama cooked some mushrooms in creamy sauce which I have been craving for weeks. It was delicious. My childhood friend from the neighbourhood came to visit too with her husband and a toddler. We all had a nice time and I finally got some hugs from my mom. It’s been forever since our last visit and I cherished every moment. So much love!


  • Nida holiday!!
  • Friends!
  • Shooting a film!
  • Did not mention it yet, but also a lot of potential jobs coming through from my agents. Supper happy.
  • A confirmed job in London I’ll be travelling to soon.
  • Summer still here.
  • My siblings and mama. So much love.
  • Reformer pilates and my personal trainer.
  • All the new friends who made my experiences a bit more special.