Why somebody telling you “no” is a bad thing? Doesn’t one “no” mean multiple yeses somewhere else?

Well, ok, of course I understand. It does not feel good to be rejected. It shatters whatever little illusion you might have had and the end of things tend to be sad anyway.

I’ve been having this conversation with one of my girlfriends recently as she felt, well, basically rejected, by this guy. I mean I can relate as well, when I think of it, it started happening to me more often since I started putting myself out there more. (Makes sense right?) Kinda like positive test results for corona virus, the more tests you do the more chances are to get those positive answers. And there you go, not always a “yes” is what you want anyway.

Ok going back to the subject. Being rejected sucks, but at least it’s an answer right? Some sort of closure. I would even go ahead and say that it is rather brave to put yourself on the line like that and handle the “no”. It takes quite a strong g character I think. So look at all us who have ever been rejected, we are so very strong actually. 

I used to say, that I don’t go where I am not invited. Meaning, unless you obviously hit on me, I won’t go your way. It’s pretty sad, when I think of it now. Safe, but sad. If I would have taken the same approach with my career, I’d probably still be taping those cheesecakes on a factory line. People who don’t know you, cannot invite you over, simple as.

Ok, enough of my “wisdom”.

Feel the feelings guys! At the end of the day, if we are able to feel super down, it means we will also be able to feel super high. It’s good to have that range, more wholesome. 

Love to you all!

Cheers with a glass full of positively rejected elephant!