Oh hello!

So today I was pretty useless. Went to bed so late last night and had to wake up so early today. Really messed up my sleeping pattern this week. 

Oh well. The week did fly by. Now that I was not told to isolate it was so easy and nice to be staying indoors. Weird how brain works right? Tell me that I cannot do something and I will really want to do it, now I practically isolated myself just because I am a bit of a hermit.

Covid wise I don’t even know what is going on anymore. The good thing which came out of it so far is that I became way more social on the phone. I always pick up if someone calls me and actually initiate calls myself. That’s definitely a good thing for me.

Unfortunately, due to being at home for most part there are not many photos documenting that. Probably that’s also a good thing. Noone needs to see me lounging around with my laptop.

Well here you go my little breakdown of week 6 in Manchester:

Monday. I woke up happy today. I had a very long and rather drunken video call with my Mexican friend last night. That might have something to do with my happiness levels. Also I am more at ease. The only plan today I gave myself, was to go into town and try to choose hiking boots. I have done that. Couldn’t buy them as they did not have my size in the store today, but as I told the shop assistant, it’s an excuse for me to leave the house and come in the next day to pick it up. Also I have received my provisional drivers license! I am so happy! Kinda glad I have no work now, so I can concentrate on my studies. Silver linings hey?

Tuesday. So I had a plan for the day, but somehow everything fell apart. I went for the pilates class and due to the place being double booked I had to leave. I wanted to register for the driving classes, but ended up signing up for the theory exam next week. (New goal, crash course it till that time) Had a very nice meet up at the local bar with my colleague though. We came back to my place for some more cocktails and homemade pizzas. It was nice girly time. I missed that.

Wednesday. Day at home for most part. Almost feel like I am isolating, but somehow knowing that I can leave the house makes it so much better in my mind. I started studying for my driving theory exam which I will be taking next week. Sent few emails to my university and college to get official letters to prove that I have lived in the UK long enough to be entitled for the settlement status. Had few nice long calls with my mama and friends. Everyday I thank this technology which helps me to stay in touch with everyone. I think there was a meme going around online saying something in the lines “imagine if this pandemic would have happened in early 2000s, we would be stuck at home playing snake on our Nokias 3310”. Also had a pilates class in the evening. Great way to end the day.

Thursday. Studying studying studying. Few calls with friends once again. Cooked some Keto dinner and well this was it.

Friday. Had a phone appointment with a nurse about the booster vaccination for Hep B. I thought I had to get one now so it would be valid forever, but it turns out that I can wait until I actually have to travel somewhere. That’s good, so no rush basically. After went for another pilates class and now preparing to study some more. Also work has sent us emails that we will be tested next Wednesday (the day of my exam actually.. of course) before we return to shoot on Sunday. Looking forward to going back to work, but now my schedule seems so packed with all the studying I have to do, I feel the time will just fly by.

Saturday. Ok, so after all the studying I immersed myself into researching possible travel for Christmas time as I won’t be able to go to my family and I do not burn with a passionate desire to sit in Manchester on my own. So until about 4 am last night I was researching Cuba. That would be something. As it stands now there is no isolation going there and coming back to the UK so hopefully that doesn’t change.

Sunday. Morning pilates, practicing some back bends and studying all day long. My driving theory exam is coming up soon. Feel kinda ready now. In the evening had a 5 hour video call with my Mexican friend drinking cocktails and discussing possible Christmas break meet up in Cuba. Yea.. pretty crazy if that was to happen.


  • My provisional drivers license!!
  • Studying all day long.
  • New home, warm and cosy.
  • The Autumn this year is magical! Loving all the colours and the leafs.
  • Pilates. Always a highlight! Doing some advanced moves, feeling like an acrobat.
  • Girl night out/in. So good. Also the area where I live now is well cool.
  • All the phone-calls video chats and online socialising. Brings all the love closer.
  • Manchester feels more like home now. Having this free off work time really helped with that.
  • Exam coming up. Yes I still cannot believe I might be a legit driver soon!

Cheers with a glass full of educated and almost driving elephant!