I wrote this few days ago, when I was still in the beach town of Mexico overlooking the starry sky having drunk quiet a few cocktails… It shows, but, the point still remains true. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! ❤️


“If he is funny.. laugh…!” Joey from The one with Monica’s boots.

But for real. Now with the Valentine’s Day coming near I have noticed a lot of those so called “challenges” being done by couples, where they share details of how they met, who made the first move and so on.

I admit that I am a bit of a “hater” when it comes to that, no particular reason why, maybe I’m jealous? Insecure? Probably. Anyway. One of the common things between all those challenges and the couples I have noticed is humour.

Sometimes I’d look at a couple and think why is she or he with him or her and when you actually break it down. The relationship works not because of looks, money or status, but because they make each other laugh. Laughter is love and love is laughter. Together. 

I have been laughing a lot lately and it makes me feel so much love that all those cheesy challenges seems so appealing. I am not crossing that bridge, not in public anyway, but yes. Happiness is only real when shared and when it is shared it is multiplied.

So don’t hate on the cheese and on the happy this Valentine’s Day. Yes you should express your love for one another every day not just on this day, but don’t excuse your insecurities of being romantic and jealousy of not having anyone to be romantic with by hating on the happy and the laughing. Don’t be me basically.

Because I tell you, once you have someone to laugh with, there is no time for hate left. 

Live laugh love.

Cheers with the glass full of happy elephant!