Oh friends!

I am a week behind with this diary entry. Not sure what’s got into me since usually I am pretty excited to sit down, edit some photos and put the final touches on my diary entries.

Well, I suppose this has been just one of those months in a year, where I just let go and turned into this squashy slime, with no plan, just living in a moment. Hmm yes I know rather weird metaphor.

So without any further ado. This is what I have been up to in my last to weeks in Mexico.


Week 3:

Monday. Charger for the laptop emergency. So my Mexican friend forgot the charger for his laptop at home. So today we embarked on a mission to get him a better SIM card for this region, so he could take his work calls without relying on the wifi here. Yea.. I am so not used to that, since European wifi is super reliable as well as the phone network. My Lithuanian SIM card works perfectly fine even on the rather remote hiking trails of Spain, we are spoiled. Anyway, after all that has been accomplished we went for a a ceviche dinner. It is my new favourite thing from now on. Basically it’s kinda like a fresh seafood cocktail. Super nice. We shared shrimp, fish and squid and all of them were super fresh. Love love love. Ah yes also, another day another sunsets. They are also pretty magical here. A bit different from what I am used to, but still, it’s the best thing to do in the evening.

Tuesday. Beach day at the Pointe beach. Sunset, fresh coconuts and a late dinner for some of the best seafood tacos! Literally next door to where we live. Ah we ate so much I felt like I was 3 months pregnant. No regrets though. Food is very good here. My keto diet has to wait as there is just so much I want to try. Although I think if I really wanted to stick to it, Mexican food is rather accommodating. That’s for the next time, I have a feeling it is not my last time visiting Mexico.

Wednesday.  Pool day for me and a super nice sunset at the beach bar. So the charger has arrived and he had to work all morning to catch up. Meanwhile I was lounging around the pool, sunbathing and listening to the new audio book – “The power of now”. I feel like my mind and soul is still recovering from all the stress of Manchester so even books like these are not so easy to listen to. Now I am writing this and well the realisation hit that next week I start the prep for my new job… I don’t feel quite ready yet. I know I should be very lucky to be booked on such a big and rather long job, but my heart is on the fence about it. Well let’s see how I feel in another 3 weeks, this is when the actual filming will start. By then I might be longing for work to be honest.

Thursday. Last day in the beach town. Good food, beautiful sunset and a very spontaneous beach party. Ok about that I feel a little bad as it was pretty irresponsible covid wise. Also hungover when you’re 30 hits different…

Friday. Flight home was hard and I deserved it. My Mexican friend was super nice though, carrying my backpack and all. Another milestone reached for sure.

Saturday. Our first full weekend in Mexico City. All of the museums I’d like to see are closed so we walked around in the greenest and biggest park here. It was pretty, but well, I have lived in London for many years so I am a bit spoiled with city parks. In the evening we were hanging out with the neighbours, they are this Mexican and Swiss couple who met online many many years ago, when long distance dating meant letters. Super romantic actually.

Sunday. I made a Valentine’s Day post and then we had some sort of an argument. Ironic actually. But there is a nice phrase in Lithuanian which in the end was very fitting for the situation. In English translation it sound a bit like that: “you argue only when you want to make peace”. It means that we only argue with people we care about and want to make things better, if you don’t care about the person, there is no need to argue. 


Week 4:

Monday. My first official day back at work. I’m embarking on a new story journey and I am actually excited about it now. Working from home in Mexico does feel rather nice too. The colleagues I’ve met so far are very helpful so that’s a good start.

Tuesday. Work work work. Time difference with London is a little uncomfortable as I have to stay up really late or wake up super early to be able to talk with someone, but oh well. That’s the price I am willing to pay. Also had a Pilates class today. Life feels pretty nice. 

Wednesday. Pilates in the morning and work work work after. I also booked my flight back to London. The UK have updated their quarantine rules so now, once I land I’ll have to isolate for 10 days and do 2 covid tests on day 2 and day 8 of my isolation. They call it covid test package and it has to be booked and paid for before the flight. Extra 210 pounds on top of the flights.. travelling became that extra bit more expensive. 

Thursday. Work in the morning and some food and drinks on the roof in the afternoon. We booked flights to Puerto Vallarta for a longish weekend. Originally we wanted to go to Cozumel, but as it turns out this weekend there is a massive storm there. I think this is not my last time in Mexico, so I can wait with my diving there.

Friday. So I woke up to some work news. Originally my job was supposed to start in Morocco, then it was changed to start in London for 4 weeks and Morocco to happen in April. Well now Morocco is stood down for unforeseeable future due to covid travel restrictions for people travelling from the UK. To be honest I half expected that, so no stress. Flight went well and our final destination for today is Sayulita.

Saturday. Sayulita is this pretty seaside town on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Today we watched a super beautiful sunset by this rocky part of the coast. Very meditative.

Sunday. We embarked on a hike to the Monkey mountain today. It was a 20 minute taxi drive from Sayulita and another one hour hike through the jungle and up the mountain. It was a super nice hike and we were pretty excited to be physically active too. Well on our way back we decided to depart the mountain through another route as it would have taken as to the nearby beach. The plan was to see the sunset there and then call the taxi to come and pick us up as it was about 5 km from Sayulita. Well as we came down from the peak we quickly realised that all the beach side where we were planing to see the sunset has been privatised and guarded up by those barbwire fences. So no beach. Oh well. To make matters a little bit more exciting there was also no phone reception. It seems that it is a common thing in Mexico, as the phone carriers operate by areas and in order to have a decent connection in Sayulita we should have bought a local SIM card. Well. We ended up walking home taking our total that day to 11km. I didn’t mind that honestly, although my friend later on said that he was slightly worried for my safety as I obviously do not look local and might have seemed like a good target to be picked up from the side of the road as we were walking back. Hmm.. Not sure how legit that is, it is either he is being very protective, which is sweet or he knows something as a Mexican what is so alien to me as a foreigner who is essentially used to Western European safety standards.


  • Not really a highlight, but wanted to mention that my London friend who had a micro stroke in September was put on the vulnerable list and as a result got offered to do a covid vaccine. So, she had it done few days ago and according to her the side effects where rather harsh. Fever, headache, insomnia.. 
  • Being in Mexico.
  • My Mexican friend and a rather perfect travel companion.
  • While in Sayulita. A ton of American tourists. Honestly I can remember the last time I have seen so many people on the streets just living their life.
  • Golf carts. Again in Sayulita. Seems like every tourist is driving one. It seems kinda lazy to me at first, but actually, since the golf carts are run on electricity it is kinda of a green option to get around. Much better than scooters or mules, which you can see elsewhere.
  • Fresh seafood! Definitely a highlight!
  • My “ghetto” photography. So that is not a definition I came up with, but rather was described and you know what. I know those are not postcard perfect snaps and I like it for it, my term for it would be more of a POV photography.

Cheers with the glass full of overdue elephant!