So far this year is as unpredictable as the last. It seems that with my line of work you can really not know what to expect even when the so called production schedule is issued. Few changes happened this week and for know it looks like I will be staying in London at least until early May.

I spent part of this week in Mexico, which now feels like million years away and another part being locked up in my isolation room in London. The later part feels like it lasted way longer. I think during this pandemic I have already done almost 2 full months worth of the proper not leaving my home isolation. All this got me thinking about VR head sets, which is a bit ironic, because almost 4 years ago now? Cant be sure I worked on a movie which was all about people living in VR world, because it wasn’t safe to leave the house. That’s the link to the movie, if you ever come across it: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7400998/?ref_=nm_flmg_scdp_4 I think it is only available to watch in the US, can’t be sure.

Anyway, life otherwise is ok, slightly missing enthusiasm, but I think that’s normal given all the uncertainty and the post holiday blues.

Stay healthy and safe!


Monday. Last day in Sayulita before returning to Mexico City. Working from a rather cute beach town bar. Day in the office as good as it gets.

Tuesday. Covid test before travel. Glad I had my friend to help me out with bookings and translations as no one seemed to speak English well enough. Not that I expected it, just glad I had him explain and fill out all of my forms. Pilates in the afternoon and a last dinner together at home.

Wednesday. Pilates early in the morning, packing my life away in the afternoon and an evening flight to London. This time just a regular economy flight. Glad my life fit into 2 23kg suitcases each.

Thursday. London. New home in the hotel around Uxbridge. I’ll be spending next 10 days locked up in my room here. Glad it has a big window.

Friday. Mexico feels like one big dream. Mostly, because I slept a lot after I came back. Yeaaa, jet lag plus isolation depression is a real thing.

Saturday. Sleep sleep sleep, few calls and take away food. 10 days can’t pass quick enough. At least the weather seems to be good in London. The spring is here. Favourite  activity of my isolation is looking through the window at the carpark and the junction. I miss my driving lessons. Hope I manage to resume soon and finally pass my driving exam.

Sunday. Pulled myself together today, kind of. Ordered some groceries to fill up my mini fridge, tidied a bit and ate. Yes I kinda skipped few meals in the past few days while recovering from jet lag and the sadness of being back. Edited some photos for my overdue Mexico diary post and relived the happy memories. Recharging mentally for the new chapter in London now.


  • Mexico trip.
  • Rather smooth travel back to London. A lot of question and documents to fill up now in order to be let into the country. 
  • Massive window in my isolation room.
  • Sunsets over London.

Cheers with the glass full of isolating elephant!