So today marks the last day of my 10 day isolation. Wau that felt long!

Also tomorrow we finally start shooting this ever changing project.

I wish I had more exciting news to tell, but I literally spent the whole week in one room looking at my laptop screen and through the window. It is a good view though so that’s something.

Hope you’re all doing fine, getting your vaccines done or at least staying out of harms way.



Monday. Isolating and working from my hotel room. Had a script read through on zoom today. Finally saw part of the cast, they seemed like a nice bunch of people. Looking forward to meeting them on set soon.

Tuesday. Isolating, working, sleeping.

Wednesday. Had to reorder my Covid travel package as it hasn’t arrived. For something this important to enter the UK, I am surprised how poorly the system is being run. Took me days to figure out what has happened and why my tests have arrived. Apparently my payment didn’t go through, but no one cared to let me know.. I don’t know, maybe I am overreacting hare, but you know, I am basically locked up in one room, so I feel like I have a right to be edgy.

Thursday. Highlight of the day was the Covid test I had to do on myself and then walking outside for the full 20 minutes to get it posted.

Friday. Production meeting on zoom. Cannot believe we start filming on Monday. Time just flew!! And of course as per usual still don’t have all of the scripts ready. Will have one hell of a weekend getting it all ready in time. Also got my first negative Covid test result from my test yesterday. The turn around was super quick. Pretty impressive.

Saturday. Did my second Covid test today. Hopefully will get my results tomorrow so I wouldn’t have to do another test before work on Monday. Imagine if that comes back positive! OK, no, don’t imagine that..

Sunday. Work work work. Managed to get ready in time for the shoot tomorrow, but I was really cutting it short. So obviously it is a pandemic and all so due to Covid we are told that carpooling is not allowed, but guess what, for me to take a train from London to the shooting location is perfectly fine. Yea.. I see no logic here too.


  • Working from my room and looking through the window.

Cheers with the glass of isolating elephant!