Hello friends!

So, I had this posed sitting and waiting to be uploaded for a week now, but thanks to a very slow or non existent internet I couldn’t do it hence I am one week late. But.. this what I would have said..


I am a bit late, but well the Premier inn where I am staying this week has the slowest internet ever. One thing UK is really lagging behind with is a decent wifi connection. In general actually reception outside major cities tend to be so much worse it’s unbelievable.

Anyway, enough about that. I have started work this week and it has been really good. I am a bit surprised to be honest, as I had some reservations and concerns, but they were definitely not met on this job as yet. Everything seems to be going according to the plan, kind of and everyone is actually very nice. Professionally, I do have a lot of things to do, but I quite like it, work keeps me busy, but more importantly I feel needed and appreciated. I guess that’s what we need at the end of the day. The meaning, as Viktor Frankl would say. 

In other news, UK will be ending its lock down in about a month so I am super looking forward to the driving lessons and possibly going to the gym again. Ahh.. Little things.

I feel like I could write so much more, but I worry that it will be too much rambling all about the same. So there you go:


Monday. Day 1 of 93 is done. Honestly didn’t realise until today that this is the number of our shooting days.. It is long! My longest job to date. Well the day itself went pretty nice actually. I woke up super early to catch a train from London at 6.42am and was at the rapid Covid testing place around 9am. The test indeed was super quick and in another half an hour I was free to go to the shooting location. We had one big scene scheduled for today with two of our main cast, so it was pretty exciting. Very good first day. The location is beautiful by the way, hard to describe it, but I am sure when people will be watching this, no one will be able to tell that this is in the UK and not in Cairo. Magic.

Tuesday. Day 2 done, 91 days to go. Another good day actually. The weather shows signs of upcoming spring and I love it. I spent some time just standing outside in the sun today enjoying the fact that I am no longer locked in the room. I haven’t yet met all of our crew, but so far everyone seems really nice. Of course there are also few friendly faces from one of my previous jobs and its just so nice to have them around. Oh also, there is a guy in a camera department who I have worked together at the start of my script supervising journey 6 years ago. We did a short film for my friend together. Small world! Oh and once again I’ll repeat myself, but I really like our cast, such nice people.

Wednesday. Covid test in the morning. We are doing the rapid tests on this one, so results come in in 20 min. That’s pretty cool. Also because I will be having a lot of those tests I was given a loyalty card. That’s funny. Another day in the mansion. The location is beautiful. I was told that it was built for one of the princes of India during British colonisation. Sort of as an exchange for his country he got this massive English looking mansion from the outside with the authentic Indian palace interior. 

Thursday. Big day. Extras, actors and all that. I am liking our lunch set up here though. We get 30 min for the hot food and it’s as close to the “good old days” as it can be. It is a buffet style lunch with a seating in a heated up marquee. All the little things make such a difference.

Friday. I am tired. It’s a good kinda tired though. I feel like I am being useful and listened to. Also I have a lot to do as we are shooting 2 cameras with an additional 3d one popping up sometimes. Job is challenging yes, but it is actually fun. The scenes are interesting and shots look beautiful. It’s gonna be a good show I think.

Saturday. Impromptu road trip to the beach with few of the work friends. A successful quest to find the fish and chips and a ton of photos, because why not.

Sunday. Lazy Sunday. My sisters birthday, so had few calls with the family and my Mexican friend.


  • Back at work.
  • Actually working.
  • Rapid Covid tests.
  • New colleagues.
  • Actors, sets, scenes. Honestly it seems like such fun scripts to shoot.
  • Day out on Saturday. So much fun!

Cheers with a happily employed elephant!