5 weeks in the glorious Norway. Feels like so much longer even though it went past super quick.

The film we are shooting is almost done and although there are some crew drama it does not seem to reflect on screen. I am glad I took this job, somehow it gave me a bit of the closure on the Moroccan adventure as well as some personal growth I think. 

For most part we spent the week in the woods, at first I was obsessing about mushrooms, but by the end of it I just wanted to be out. It is actually pretty tiring for continuity to shoot in one location for days on end especially when shooting scenes at random, as there is always something to double check as the action takes place over multiple days. Looking forward to switching it up a bit next week.

Norway is beautiful, I know I keep repeating it, but if you have the money and chance to see it do. I am not particularly religious, but it is pretty impossible not to believe into something greater than us when you see the stunning nature which is literally everywhere.

Love and health to you all! Until the next week!


Monday. First day in the woods of what is supposed to be a full week. It was surprisingly warm and boring actually. We didn’t have much dialogue today, just men walking and then running through the forest. Easy. Ah yes there was a police dog in the scene as well so that added a little bit more excitement. At the end of the day I went to the store to get some supplies for the week, had a quick dinner and spent the evening setting up my new iPhone which arrived today. Finally. It feels like it has been coming in pieces, because when I thought that I got it last week it was just a charger, then the case and the protective glass came in. Finally it was the phone today. 

Tuesday. It’s my birthday. Another year another new location, the day was actually super nice, sunny, not too complicated for it to be hard and not too easy for it to become boring, just perfect. I had my new phone, taking beautiful photos and sharing them with everyone who messaged me today. I felt so much love it was very very nice. I even had some cake. It was a double birthday by the way, first time like that on set especially, made it that more special. Good day really. Had a conference call with my family and talked to some people I haven’t talked in a while, it really was one of the best birthdays. Thank you Norway.

Wednesday. I was a bit tired today. Another day shooting in the same cabin is a bit tense, since we are covering different story days in the same space and that’s just a lot of checking and extra checking. Also my guys here like to take down props after master have been shot, so it’s another thing to look out for as I am not always aware and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. So when you watch movies, don’t blame the continuity if something magically moves in the scene, it is usually a DOP making his exposition perfect. In the real life news, I had a super relaxing evening. Skipped dinner and had a super nice long shower, followed by some writing and a little date after that. 

Thursday. Perfect morning. One of those scenes when you need just a little bit of magic and luckily the film Gods provided. So a little context. We are filming a man running into the wolf in the forest, them sharing a look and the wolf showing the man the den to hide in. Human actors have trouble with direction sometimes and now imagine a semi wild animal. But yes as I said, magic happened and literally on the very first take.

Friday. Today I am feeling the flip side of being an empath. There is so much drama and anxiety I just feel it all even though I woke up pretty happy. Also we are shooting a very emotional scene today and that doesn’t help either. Last day in the same forest though so that’s great. A funny moment happened during the scene actually. So we are doing this emotional conversation where one of the actors was pointing with his finger to the scar on her face and you know having this intimate moment. BUT, during one of the takes she moved and his finger ended up hitting her mouth. We all giggled, a bit of a stress relief that’s for sure. In the evening I had to do some real life stuff, because yes that doesn’t stop. I stand behind the film crew strike in the US right now, I so hope that they will get what they are asking for. They so deserve it and maybe, just maybe it will create a ripple effect and UK industry will follow with the rest of Europe at least. That’s a dream. Imagine having life after work and not feeling like a zombie. Ahhh.. I get goosebumps just by thinking about it.

Saturday. New location today. A beautiful sunny morning by the side of a very scenic road. I am happy, but a bit tired. I am already thinking about what I will do after this, but at the same time it’s a bitter sweet feeling once again. Today we had lunch at the campsite by the lake and once again the views were insane. After lunch we did one shot on another road and moved to the third and final location. Shooting on a little motor boat. I love company moves, always feel life a road trip. OK on another real life exciting news the director who I did the Bangkok job few years back has messaged me about his next project shooting in Thailand once again, but this time in the islands. Just like we wished we would last time. He said he is trying to gather our old gang and do it together again. It sounds like a dream to me. Would love to do it with him and the old crew as well as Thailand. 

Sunday. I slept a lot. Finally made it to the breakfast at the hotel and went back to bed. 6 day weeks are hitting me. Shame as I wish I would have explored more of Norway. In the evening I had a video call with my sister and mom. My mom wasn’t feeling very well and we asked her to do one of those rapid covid tests when on the call with us. Yeah.. well it was positive. So now I am a little worried. My sister also is supposed to come home to see my mom and now obviously she won’t be able to. Shame shame, I almost forgot covid existed.


  • Norway.
  • Forest and mushrooms.
  • My 31st birthday. Double birthday.
  • A bit of romance.
  • Company moves.
  • Magic moments on set.

Cheers with the glass full of older and a bit wiser elephant!