I have had this ready since the end of the week, but moving around didn’t let me upload.

So the final week of Norway has come and gone. It was such a special adventure, a short and sweet experience in the completely stunning surroundings. I kept saying that everything looked insane, but because it really did. It was just picture perfect every location we filmed in, there was always a mountain or a fjord just around the corner. I am so glad I had a chance to do this job. 6 day weeks were a pain though and sadly didn’t allow for too much rest or time for exploration, but I would come back in the heartbeat and hopefully when that happens we will have a full weekend. 

Thank you for tuning in on my Norway diary, I am still not sure where I will be after, but I will keep the diary going non the less. At the moment I am flying back to Lithuania, but I have only booked the stay there until Friday, as my next job might get confirmed and I have to leave again. 

But the bottom line here is, that if you ever considered Norway as a travel destination, but were not sure, go and do it. It is literally the future in the most beautiful and safe surroundings.

Love to you all!


Monday. We were back to one of the old locations today and this place always has some crazy weather. We went through massive storm, wind and rain, followed by sunshine and double rainbows in the space of one working day. Pretty impressive. Didn’t help with our shoot though. Continuity nightmares. In the evening there was a social gathering in the form of a private new James Bond movie screening. I was too tired to attend and did something else instead. WhatsApp was down so couldn’t talk to my mom, but as far as I know we were waiting for her PCR results to come back. 

Tuesday. I woke up a bit tired, but only have myself to blame. We are at new location today one hour away from the hotel biggest local town as I am told. Also probably the easiest day of the whole shoot, doing one sequence of a guy coming into a building and assassinating another unsuspecting person. So there isn’t even much of a struggle. Maybe just for me to keep my eyes open, because I am sitting in a cosy chair right in front of the screen with a heating on in my vest. All I need is a warm cup of soup and I am out.

Wednesday. New beautiful location. We simplified 3 scenes so essentially had one easier scene to shoot. However, the location was a remote beach so taking all the equipment in was a challenge, but since my kit is only an iPad and a backpack with powerbanks I was done with one run and spend a lot of time just sitting on the rock and waiting. Also the path to the set was covered in literal sheep poop, so yea, one of those days when in order to go to work you have to go through shit.

Thursday. Day 27 out of 30. Started with the very last scene of the film just before the sunrise. Ah I wish I did not have self inflicted sleep deprivation, but one thing I am learning is that I need to find time to live a little when working and so I did. In a form of playing snooker at the local sports bar in this village. Had no idea it was there, but there you go. It was fun and now I am tired, but pleased. Shooting last scenes always takes so long just because everyone always wants options for the edit. A lot of emotional pauses and bla bla bla. Not the most fast paced stuff to keep me alert and awake. 

Friday. Tomorrow is our last day. Also I realised that due to schedule changes we have 29 official shooting days not 30 and today we are on 28 of 29. Ah.. Last night we went to play pool aka snooker at the local sports bar again and honesty I completely spaced out and forgot that I am here for work, that I have to wake up early the next morning, it was just a bliss and the moment. Such a nice moment. The day at work also wasn’t too hard, just finishing off the fight scene we started yesterday which completed all of the scenes for our main actor. Clapping and saying goodbyes really brought the feeling of the end. It is indeed near, like this top I once had said. 

Saturday. Last day. Again, emotional, sad, happy, all these usual feelings which come with the completion of a job. I also have some personal thoughts and feelings I dwell upon and that’s alright. I think it is so important to be honest and open with yourself. Anyway. Today we are literally setting a house on fire as the last trick of the film and it is exceptionally windy so let’s hope for the best.

Sunday. In the end everything went well at work yesterday and there was a wrap party after. Nothing crazy, but I spent it just the way I wanted it with the company I wanted. What a way to end the job. Never gets easier, no matter how long I have been doing it, the weird sense of loss following the wrap persists. Ah also remember the Berlin gig, so they want me to come in asap to cover block 2 script supervisor who is off sick. Not sure it can work out yet as I have some medical appointments myself after this, but let’s see.


  • Norway. Stunning.
  • I have learnt more Italian on this job than Norwegian. As the company making it was actually all Italian.
  • Love and friendship.
  • The amount of fish I ate on this job. 

Cheers with the glass full of Norwegian elephant!