So as I am being driven home I decided to check in for the last week. Car ride home is about an hour one way on top of our 11 hour day as is.. Tired is the word. But having said that I will miss Berlin. It is such a nice city and I am loving Germany in general, I think filming here over summer must be very nice. Oh yes of course if there would be no covid too. I must say that after everything I have been through with this pandemic I am pretty relaxed about it, as in, whatever happens to me happens, all I can do is to put my best effort and the rest is out of my control. Helps to ease my anxiety, that’s for sure.

This week saw us doing some extra hours, because we lost 2 days due to the covid stand down and the production cutting additional day of shoot without really shortening the script. So yea all this work now is cramped into our remaining days adding extra hours on our already long days. Funny I thought this will be a chill job, but it never is.. silly of me. 

In real life news I am excited to go back to Lithuania and have some time off. Berlin looks very Christmasy at the moment, puts me in the mood for sure.

Alright! Stay safe and positive!

Big love!


Monday. Such a busy day. 3 cameras 3 different scenes with 7 min worth of dialogue. Jumping between all of them and shooting out of order to accommodate the lighting of the location. 3 different conversations happening at the same time and a lot of eyelines. A lot of concentration required. My brain was cooked at the end of the day. But you know, cooked is better than raw. I prefer medium rare if that’s a steak, but probably the same would go for my brain. I like having intense days on set, not every day of course, but it’s nice to shake things up.

Tuesday. So, a little shake up ended up being a brutal day at work. Be careful what you wish for.. shooting out the location aka having to finish all the scenes in one place before moving to a new place is always intense as random pick up shots pop up. Yeaa brutal is the word. 

Wednesday. So tired today. Consequences of yesterdays work as it was another intense day. An hour of overtime and still haven’t finished the day.

Thursday. It’s getting harder every day. Another long day, so long it seems impossible. Also I have a flat viewing at 7.40pm Lithuanian time. Which is 6.40pm Berlin time.. and I know for fact that I won’t be there on time.. hopefully not too late though.. Funny because at the moment of writing this I’m already at work and that time is exactly 12 hours from now.. glam film industry. 

Friday. Yesterday killed me. We went over by 2 hours of shooting and I could feel my eyes throbbing in my head. Today we had a later call and a new location, which was an hour way from the hotel, so technically I had an extra hour in bed, but practically will be back home 3 hours later than usual.. I reached a new level of tired, because as I was on my journey to work I could not remember if I put my organic cup in or not this morning. I just couldn’t recall it. I know you might think it’s gross, but – life. Ah yes also the flat viewing didn’t happen yesterday as someone who had an appointment before me offered 10k over the asking price and they sold it to him/her. Not meant to be.. So. Work wise we are at this beautiful old mansion shooting some flash back scenes for the episodes which were supposed to be finished months ago. That being said, it happens more often than not. The key struggle today is that we are replicating this house being somewhere on the top of the cliff and in order to do that we have to use either blue or green screen outside the featured window to add in the view. However for some reason the costume which was selected for the actor she does not like and the other two options are either a green dress or a blue dress and until that is decided we don’t know which screen we need to put up outside our windows. Funny right? Just so you know switching screens takes time, definitely longer than changing the dress. Also why oh why do they have only these two coloured options??? After work one of the actors invited me to join him and few of the crew out for drinks at the outdoor bar. I went and it was really fun, people, bonfire, mulled wine and non work related chats. Berlin is great.

Saturday. In the end the working week went well. I was so exhausted by the end of it though so was just sleeping all day long today. Went for Pilates in the evening and went back to bed. Life.

Sunday. More sleep and Pilates. We were asked by production to not go anywhere on our days off due to increasing cases of covid in Germany. Not really fair and is definitely mentally challenging as it seems we only work and isolate. Reminds me of Manchester last year all over again.. 


  • Berlin.
  • Making friends and studying the language.
  • Realised that I didn’t take a single photo with my GoPro this week.. yea must have been so busy I even managed to forget about it.

Cheers with a glass full of slightly overworked elephant!