I am no longer in Berlin and it has actually been awhile. I left very quickly and in a rather weird emotional state. I stopped writing my gratitude diary on my last day there just because it felt like too much. Now looking back at it, well yes it kind sums up very well how exhausted I was. What you will see below it is just few lines I did in my last week there. Honestly I am very happy about my time in Berlin and wholeheartedly can say that I would go back. 

Ah yes I did write something about the people I met there when I was on a plane back to Lithuania. I shall upload it too later.

For now. Love, hugs and all that.


Monday. It was a good day. We did our callsheet and more. Those last two days we are shooting at a studio where a fake ferry has been built. Also today we had direct continuity to the scene we shot on the very first day of this block. So yea I had what to do. Also 3 cameras, I was buzzing when I got home, won’t help me with my sleep, way too excited.. 

Tuesday.  Busy day. But this is usually my favourite day of the whole shoot – the day before last. The day when the end of the job is right around the corner so it is filled with the excitement of the achievement. The day when you look at all of your colleagues with real appreciation. The day when everyone actually is very happy and that happiness is contagious. The day went very quickly. As did the job.

Wednesday. Last day. It just flew by. It always does. There is way more sadness and bitter sweet happiness on the last day. A lot of promises have been exchanged and hugs given. It was sweet and sad. Thank you all. Thank you Berlin.

Thursday. Woke up 3 times in the night in panic thinking I have to go to work and I overslept.. Actually flying back to Lithuania today. White wine has kept me company since passing all the security checks so that’s something. Otherwise I am a bit emotional. Wrap does that. It really does not get easier.

Friday. Last night I checked into a hotel in Vilnius where a friend of mine is already staying. She booked us a spa getaway weekend starting today. So this is where we are travelling today.

Saturday. Relaxing according to the schedule is nice. Especially after having to obey to one when working. I noticed that having “active” rest helps to ease out of the mad work timetable. But then again this is only day 2 of what is supposed to be a time off until March.

Sunday. Just when I felt that I could stay longer and sleep it off in those gloriously comfy beds we had to leave. I am spending another few days at a hotel and then I will move into my friends apartment till the end of January. Also have a flat viewing tomorrow. I booked it while still on set in Berlin. Europe is kinda small it seems. One day you live in Germany in few hours you are some country else trying to buy an apartment.


  • Berlin.
  • New friends.
  • All the love we got to exchange in our last week.
  • Christmas is just around the corner.

Cheers with a glass full of German elephant.