Merry Christmas everyone!

I’ve been in Lithuania for the past few weeks now, but it seems like forever as well as just few days. So much happened, but most importantly I think I am learning how to rest my mind. Anxiety comes and goes, but it is a process. I decided take some time off from writing and I am glad I did, just because now writing once again feels like telling an exciting story to an old friend. I have so many creative ideas bubbling, not sure what will come of it, but I am excited to see it through.

I had the cosiest Christmas and this New Year week will bring more fun, I am sure, as my sister is arriving tomorrow. Also tomorrow and Wednesday I am signing my official real estate buying papers or whatever it’s called. I can’t believe it. Eek!

Honestly 2021 has given me so much and I am forever grateful. It wasn’t always easy, but it is totally worth it. I know it’s cheesy, but it is true. 

Very Merry Holidays to you all! May the blessings be ever present. 


Week 1:

Monday. At midday I went to view the flat. I liked the area and the salesman. Didn’t like the price or the layout of the flat very much. But good start I suppose. Flat hunting isn’t easy here now and it seems that for the past month that’s all what I did in my spare time in the evenings. After I went to get my nails done and a quick facial. Getting ready for Christmas.

Tuesday. Had another beauty appointment booked during the day and after went to see my mom at her workplace aka. primary school. Last night as we were chatting she saw a flat she liked the look of online. So today we went to see it in the evening as well. To my surprise I liked the flat, the location, the price, the layout and the salesman. With a little nudge from my mom I decided to attempt to buy this flat. Basically I had to make an offer, sign the pre contract and wire a part of the deposit. It all went so quickly I couldn’t believe I’ve actually done it.

Wednesday. Still a little hyped from flat buying antics last night. Got in touch with my bank representative to make sure the offer they gave me in August for the mortgage still haven’t changed and I could buy this property now. Also went to get my very first covid vaccine in the evening.

Thursday. Woke up feeling a bit tired after the jab. Had weirdest dreams and my left hand hurt a lot! A friend of mine who we went to the spa with was in town again just before her travel back to London so we spent the day together completing what felt like literal quests. Ah yes also I got a call form a producer here in Vilnius asking if I wanted to help her out with a commercial for the next 4 days. I said yes.

Friday. So tomorrow I am going to work again. I am actually excited, because I haven’t done a job back home in almost 3 years, looking forward to seeing my old colleagues! Also will help me with my post Berlin blues. Oh by the way I have noticed that after the vaccine my mind gone back to its original pre covid sharpness.. or maybe it is just a coincidence, but somehow I feel that the weird mind fog I had has evaporated… hmm..

Saturday. First day at work and randomly my make up artist friend happened to be on the same commercial. So exciting. The director is fun, the crew is great as I knew they would be, so the day was a success even though we went 1 hour over. Usually commercials do that.

Sunday. Day 2 a bit more tough. Just because we had 2 hours of planed overtime which became 3.5 hours of overtime. Still pretty pleased to be going back to “my own home” after work and not a hotel room.


Week 2:

Monday. Day 3. Only 1 hour of overtime today. Easy breezy. Also I feel like I am ready to take a time off now and as much as I like working in Lithuania I had enough. Funny how quickly I changed my mind.

Tuesday. Day 4. Last day. 3.5 hours of overtime. Wrapped around 2 am instead of 10pm. Had champagne, hugs and exchanged thank yous. My friend drove me home and I went to bed happy. I am glad I did this quick job and now I am ready for Christmas.

Wednesday. Woke up late and my mission today was to get the facial in. Also had tickets to this Lithuanian opera on the beach thing. Courtesy of my colleague who snatched some last minute tickets. I took a friend with me to see it and it was super nice. We walked from the venue via my future flat and then ended up at a cinema where the 3d friend was joining for the Matrix premier. It was a wholesome day. Very chilly though, winter is here.

Thursday. Mission for the day was a pedicure. Success. Talked to my mom discussing all the food we were getting for Christmas and making lists. Also a success. After that I binge watched the whole season 2 of the Witcher. Yea me and series… There is no such thing.. Moderation does not exist. 

Friday. Woke up as early as I could and went to the supermarket to do the big shop. Few hours later I was at my moms with bags of groceries. Such was the plan. We cooked together and laughed and drank wine and prepared the Christmas Eve table and decorated the tree. It was great. We watched a movie afterwards.

Saturday. I woke up on the couch by the Christmas tree. I no longer have a room in my moms house so that’s why, but the tree is so pretty I was glad to be in the living room. We ate a lot today and watch more films. This is exactly how I imagined my Christmas to be. Like a child on a couch with sweets and movies and my moms hugs.

Sunday. We ate more and watched more films and shared our childhood stories with my mom and brother. I constantly get surprised how differently we remember our childhoods with my brother only being 3.5 years apart. It is a big difference for kids though, but yes it surprises me non the less. Oh one of my ex boyfriends messaged me today. We haven’t talked in 2 years. It was nice actually. Always glad to hear that people I cared about are doing well and it’s nice to know that well… I am not being hated.


  • Home. Lithuania. Mama.
  • Working in Vilnius.
  • Living in an apartment with my own kitchen and washing machine.
  • Buying my first property! Can’t believe it.
  • Christmas at my moms. First time in years.

Cheers with a very merry elephant!