Another week has come and gone. I am a little late with my weekly post again, but you know. No pressure. Now that all the holidays are over it feels like I can finally start with my actual time off. No obligations to other people, I feel like I can finally do life again. Looking forward to all that.

Taking pleasures in little things like cleaning the apartment, making my bed, doing laundry and dishes. Also my PS4 is with me again so I can actually game again, just the way I wanted. I am not a particularly social person, as in, I need breaks from everyone to be able to enjoy people again, so gaming helps with that a lot. 

So yes, not that I have done all the house work I sit here creating a new Spotify playlist for my time in Lithuania which largely consists of German music. I have managed to keep up with that after Berlin so I am glad. Bring on 2022.

Hope the new year started well for all of you! Stay safe, healthy and dream big!



Monday. I finally started writing again. 

Tuesday. Had a call with a bank lady, we signed mortgage documents today. The official purchase signing with the layers will be tomorrow. In the evening I was invited to the girls night out with champagne with few of the girls I met when working on a commercial. It seems that my goal of having more female friends works. Ah yes my sister arrived from Spain today as well. She is so pregnant it was very very cute! Her belly, I couldn’t stop touching it.

Wednesday. Today I signed the documents for my first ever apartment. Can’t quite believe it!!!

Thursday. I spent the whole day at home playing assassins creed and not leaving my bed. I needed that. Can’t believe the year is almost over. It seems that I can’t believe many things these days. Life goes so fast.

Friday. Tried to wake up early, but that didn’t really happen. Did a big shop for food again to take it to my moms house for the New Years Eve. My sister and her fiancé came over for the evening and we celebrated 4 different New Years. First one was in Moscow, then Vilnius, A Coruna and Canary Islands. Apparently in Spain they have a tradition to eat 12 grapes as the count down to the New Year begins. You are meant to think of a wish for the next year with every grape. A lot of quick chewing involved. Fun tradition, I think I will repeat it. 

Saturday. I spent the night on my moms couch again followed by a lot of food once everyone was awake. I think I am ready to go back to my clean keto after all this festive eating. 

Sunday. Got a little covid scare in the morning when few of the girls I had champagne night out earlier in the week tested positive. I did a test and once I was given all clear I went to my moms house again and we had another little gathering, now with the grandpa and a childhood friend with her husband and a baby. Simple and sweet. I need a break from all the festivities though. Also I need to start organising all the doctors appointments. Somehow the time off I have does not seem that long and I will be back at work before I know it.


  • New Year.
  • Family.
  • Officially bought my own flat!

Cheers with the glass of a peacefully quiet elephant!