Two weeks in one again. Time is going so fast, that is crazy. I am finally starting to feel a little bit more at peace and settled. Being in one place is a rather comforting feeling. I’ve missed it.

To be honest the last two weeks were rather action packed with friends and family and a lot of various activities. I am glad I am following through with my plan to try and see new things. I should add photography to it as I have stopped taking photos with my GoPro for some reason. I would love a better camera, a bit tired of the wide angle lens. 

In other news, I had a job offer in Budapest, technically I could have made it work just before Thailand, but decided not to push myself. I don’t usually turn down jobs, but I suppose I started prioritising my health. So mature.

OK, so just because the rest will be long I am keeping the intro brief. 

Hope you are all healthy and loved!


Week 4:

Monday. Had a facial today and went to the museum with my sisters bf. There was a new photography exhibition dedicated to various celebrations and photography of such events. There was a big section on weddings. Very interesting. My search for inspiration is going well.

Tuesday. For some time I have been thinking why I need a man in my life. It is a genuine question, not out of spite or anything. I am trying to understand what could be a mans role in a healthy mutual relationship, since I did not grow up seeing any examples like that. Anyway, so today I managed to get the plug in my sink stuck to the point of no return. Also I had my nails done earlier today so sticking my fingers in the guts of the sink is not something I wanted to do. As I was doing it, I had to take a photo of my sink from underneath and go in blind referring to the photo for direction and trying to figure out what I have to push for the plug to pop up. After I figured it out and pushed the right thing, I have learnt that the pull rod is disconnected from the plug so the only way up is through the pipes. It took me some time to come up with an idea of what I could use to push upwards through the pipe. Truthfully when I started writing this my sink was still stuck and while writing in despair I figured it out. Obviously there is a chance that if lets say I had a man at home he might not have known how to do it either so the process of ” unstucking” would have been the same, but now my conclusion is that the only reason I was hesitant and would have asked for help, is my new shiny nails. Having a partner in this situation would have given me comfort and reassurance that I won’t chip my nail varnish. Could I be moving in the right direction with my philosophical questions for the mans purpose? 

Wednesday. A little shopping day with my sister and her boyfriend. I got my little niece to be her first toy. Organic linen hand made horse. So cute. I wanted to get something for her for some time, but wasn’t sure what, so I am so glad I saw it and fell involve. In the evening we went for dinner with a friend and her new boyfriend. Well he isn’t really new, but it was the first time of me meeting him. So yea, I was like a 5th leg of a cow. We took some photos together and they were all cosying up with each other and it was just me and the tree in the background. I don’t mind though.

Thursday. The same friend from last night invited me to join her on a double date at a cinema instead of her boyfriend who couldn’t attend, 5th leg of a cow once again. BUT, the other couple was actually my primary school classmate who I haven’t seen for 20 years and his girlfriend. A bit of a funny coincidence. The film was a documentary called the Jump about this Lithuanian man who jumped over from Soviet fishing boat onto US boat in the open sea. Such an inspiring story and I was shocked I have never heard about that man before. As it turns out he became rather well known when he managed to get to US in the end. Ah yes in the morning I went to the shooting range with my sisters boyfriend, my first time actually using a gun, not something I would normally do, but I am all for trying new things these days.

Friday. I had a dentist appointment in the morning. Last night I accidentally chipped my tooth on a popcorn. Irony, it was a first time in a very long time, that I actually had popcorn… Never again. Also had another legal appointment at the lawyers office for my flat. Almost done. My mouth was still half frozen from the anaesthetic, it was ok at the lawyers, but after we had a family dinner booked. Anaesthetic wore off only by the end of the dinner so yea you can imagine, I was a bit of a drooling dinner guest. Ah, yes also, I bought two books today by Erich Maria Remarque, I used to love reading his books as a teen and about 10 years ago they got re-released in this old school uniform book cover style and since then I told myself that I will buy this new edition for my home library once I have my own home. SO, this is the time, rather symbolic. 

Saturday. Another busy day with people. My sister came over to my place for sushi and to play sushi go with her boyfriend and this friend with the new boyfriend. It was sort of a going away lunch as the sister and the bf are flying back to Spain today. In the evening my uni friend/director came over to catch up as I haven’t seen him since summer. We stayed up till 1 am talking about film industry it was fun.

Sunday. Slept in. Finally. Looking forward to not leaving my house. A friend came over and we talked and played playstation together.


Week 5:

Monday. Was supposed to have another appointment with a dentist, but it got canceled. I decided to stay in bed for the rest of the day. So chill. I needed that. I ordered some food in and decided to put on something to watch on Netflix just to watch something with the food. Oh boy, I chose the series called Manifest and got completely hooked, so much so that I only went to bed at 3am…

Tuesday. Another full day at home just watching Manifest and having take out. Oh yes in the evening again I crashed a double date with the same people as my friends boyfriend wasn’t available again. So we went for a night time tour at the old prison. Spooky, but very entertaining!

Wednesday. Went skiing with my two girlfriends. We took an instructor as I haven’t actually done any skiing since I was a child so my skills are long gone. It was a lot of fun, but freezing! We laughed a lot and it was so nice to do something like this together as we were all at the similar level with the same dream to have a skiing holiday in the Alps one day.

Thursday. Finished watching Manifest. Yes all 3 seasons. In 3 days, I have a binge watching problem. Clearly. In the evening we had a cinema planed with two other friends. This time it was another documentary about our journey to independence 32 years ago. There was a lot of archive footage and the movie lasted 4 hours, but it was so engaging I didn’t notice how the time passed. Such a good film. Very inspiring.

Friday. Woke up early and went to pilates. Finally! Cleaned and cooked. Keto here I come again. Properly. In the evening my brother came over to play playstation. It was fun. I find the time with him so rewarding, there is something so special about bonding with your sibling.

Saturday. My uni/director friend invited me to a little gathering to watch his new TV series he directed. It is actually his directorial debut doing TV so we were all very excited to support him. I enjoyed the series a lot. So proud of him.

Sunday. Woke up a bit late, because of a last night. My brother came to pick me up and we went to moms house. Did some roof fixing as there was a storm last night and tore part of it off. What is happening with the weather? Had moms dinner and started to feel a bit sick. What is happening to me? My brother dropped me home and here I am. Hopefully going to bed early.

Cheers with a glass full of creatively charging elephant.