I have just placed an order for a few deserts to be delivered to my place. I intend to put Netflix on, get a glass of warm milk and eat a piece of raspberry cheesecake. 

I followed my therapists advice and did daily mindfulness walks last week, hence there are some photos from my go pro. Overall my spirits go a bit up and down, but purely because I run around various doctors appointments and do not chill.

OK, I will stop with the intro, because it seems I am not capable of writing it positively enough. What is it with my mood swings?

Hope you are all well and healthy!



Monday. Had a dentist appointment this morning to fix my last faulty tooth. All went well. Local anaesthetic in the mouth feels rather odd especial when it starts to ease off slowly and you can kinda move your mouth again, but not fully. I was making various grimaces with my mouth in front of the mirror and made myself laugh, so bizarre how only half of the mouth can go into a wide smile and the other barely moves even though it felt like I was moving both of them. I image that is how botox must feel in the face. In the evening I had a call with my therapist and we agreed that I will go for a daily mindfulness walk and take some photos as I said I was a bit disappointed with the lack of my photography.

Tuesday. Had the pilates class in the morning, took some photos on the way. After had the last appointment for my face treatment and dealt with the calls from the bank and my real estate broker about my new flat in between. In the evening went to see a play with few of my regular girlfriends. The play was called “Lungs” and it is based on Duncan Macmillans play I believe of the same title. Mainly it was about a couple deciding to have a baby and whether it is worth having one in this world full of natural disasters and overpopulation. My personal take away from it was that there is not much of a point, but after I talked about it with my mom, she dropped some of her knowledge on the topic, since well she had 3 of us. According to my mom if you decided to have a child you owe it to him or her to bring it up to the best of your ability, but it absolutely does not entitle you to anything that grown child may or may not bring into your life as his/her a parent. I suppose that is why she managed to deal rather well with the fact that all of her children at some point moved abroad and were not there next to her 24/7. After the play we had a few cocktails with the girls and I got home to continue my research of the best mirrorless camera. I am looking into getting something better to up my photography game. Let’s see what I can find.

Wednesday. Pilates in the morning. The winter has come back. It is white and slippery everywhere. At midday I had an appointment for acupuncture. Did not have one since I was a highly asthmatic kid. This time I decided to try it to help with my anxiety and insomnia. It went very well and I actually felt like I snoozed for the whole 30 min with the little needles pricking out of me. After that I met up with my pretty friend and we had a walk through the town, just chatting and being mindful. When I got home I read few chapters of my book and was so sleepy at 10 pm, not sure if that was the walk or the acupuncture, but I drifted off to the most restful sleep I have had in a while.

Thursday. Woke up early and fresh. Got ready for the pilates and went to exercise. After I managed to get my oven working and cooked a duck. Well I stuck it in the oven and 2 hours later I had a meal. Missed doing things like that on my own. So I also had few appointments with doctors today. One for my asthma and one for my eyes as I felt that my eyesight gone worse. So as it turns out my asthma needs a bit of help so they put me back on the regular medication. That is fine, I low key excepted that. What I did not expect was for the eye doctor to tell me that I am in the early stage of retinal degeneration in my left eye. She said that I have discolouration and so called retinal pixels are not yet dead so potentially there is a chance to recover. She prescribed me vitamins and glasses to help with the glare from the monitors for work. Of course from now on I will have to keep checking my eye to see if it is getting worse and at what rate. I have done some of my own research now and it looks rather scary, so I won’t do it anymore, but yea.. Straining my eyes might have caused for it to happen, so I need to rethink how much I choose to work at such intense proximity to the monitors if I want to keep my eyesight basically. A bit shitty news obviously, but I will be hopeful. 

Friday. Productive morning cleaning up the apartment, doing laundry and all that. In the afternoon I had one more dentist appointment, this time it was actually cosmetic and I did teeth whitening, not sure I really needed it, but wanted to try. Then I finally found a place where I can get a photo for a visa to be taken, so I managed to get the last bits needed for my application sorted. Phew… Oh and I had another walk with a friend and we went to the cinema to watch the new Kingsman movie. I was pretty bored during it, not worth straining my eye for that.

Saturday. I had an acupuncture appointment in town. Had a walk to a clinic afterwards to get one more Pfizer shot. Technically I didn’t even need it, it was just a formality in order for me to get a certificate that I had 2 jabs and Thailand would let me in… I was feeling rather faint in the afternoon and my mom told me to get some donuts and a glass of warm milk. So I did and even snoozed a bit. After that I watched Encanto. Wish all of my family was in one place.

Sunday. Today I just feel exhausted. Probably because it is late already and I spent the whole day at my moms being social. It was nice, we cooked and watched YouTube videos together and had a bit of an adventure trying to get my brothers car out of a pile of snow. It was a good day, but I feel a bit weak after my second jab yesterday, had weirdest dreams last night and still try to be very cautious of food which is anything but white. Teeth whitening is such a hassle.


  • Have been cooking at home all week. Nothing major, but still, enjoying it a lot.
  • Mindfulness walks.
  • Pilates.
  • All the health checks.
  • Friends!
  • Reading and actual book. Usually I listen to audiobooks, but it is so nice to feel the real book in my hands for once. Ah yes also it is in Lithuanian, I have not read anything in Lithuanian since school I think. It’s always been English.

Cheers with a glass full of aware elephant!